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Node.js debugging

  1. Pittsburgh Last Wednesday of every month 7-9pm Right here at LeBrew House!
  2. Nicholas McClay Designer and Developer @nickmcclay
  3. Debugging goodbye console.log()
  4. In the beginning there was ‘debugger’ To debug in console: node debug test.js note: 'debug' not '--debug', this is a different command we'll see later This hook to V8's debugger is what all Node debug tools bind to.
  5. Debug command highlights • Stepping – cont, next, step, out - What you think they do • Breakpoints – setBreakpoint()/sb() - Set breakpoint on current line or at statement – clearBreakpoint/clearBreakpoint()/cb(...) - clear breakpoint (duh)
  6. Debug command highlights • Info – backtrace/bt - Print backtrace of current execution frame – watch(expr) - Add expression to watch list – unwatch(expr) - Remove expression from watch list – watchers - List all watchers and their values – repl - Open debugger's repl for evaluation in debugging script's context • Execution control – run - Run script (automatically runs on debugger's start) – restart - Restart script – kill - Kill script
  7. Can’t we use something a little less… Arcane? Unusual? Ugly? 1990?
  8. Eclipse IDE Eclipse Node Debugger Walk Through: Eclipse-as-Node-Applications-Debugger Chrome Dev Tools + V8 Debugger: Warning, plug-in compatibility can be a nightmare! Aptana or other highly customized Eclipse based IDE's may not work.
  9. Eclipse advanced debugging To debug with real source instead of 'VirtualProject' files ools/wiki/FeatureDebugOnRealFiles Screen capture of setup xFFw7lkYg
  10. Webstorm IDE Happy Node.js debugging right out of the box! Coffeescript debugging coming in version 4.0!
  11. Other IDEs Komodo IDE
  12. node-inspector Webkit Inspector debugging front-end JavaScript debugger reused for back-end JavaScript, what a great idea! 1.) npm install –g node-inspector 2.) node --debug-brk test.js 3.) node-inspector 4.) Open browser to http://localhost:8080/debug?port=5858
  13. Final Thoughts • --debug vs --debug-brk • Remote Debugging • Long stack traces than-10-lines-in-a-node-js-stack-error
  14. Thanks! Questions?