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SMAC Portfolio


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Over the last 7 years, Neobric has delivered business solutions across Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud use cases, for both startups and established businesses.

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SMAC Portfolio

  1. 1. Candidate engagement portal, to increase lead conversion in recruitments.
  2. 2. New hire engagement to New hire inductions, and harmonize engagement to harmonize inductions, and reduce time to productive reduce time employment. to productive employment.
  3. 3. App aggregation to provide interactive user experiences in retail banking.
  4. 4. Architecture for out of the box configurability in a multi instance product.
  5. 5. Customer engagement & lifecycle management pilot.
  6. 6. Virtual social communities for assisted living residents
  7. 7. Online decision making app for businesses (SaaS)
  8. 8. Talent match making and time sheet management for contract staffing businesses
  9. 9. Member engagement & collaboration portal, integrated with a worldwide audit system.