We transform existing businesses and help create new industry leaders in the mobile space through our experience,...
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6 quick wins for enterprise mobility infographic


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Businesses are always on the look out for ways to increase the productivity of their employees. The mobile age has brought with it a wealth of enterprise mobility apps for this very purpose, but very few of those available provide a satisfactory user experience and don’t give the results that they should.
Based on our whitepaper, 6 quick wins for enterprise mobility, we designed this infographic that will give your company the tools it needs to see the improvements in productivity that it wants.

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6 quick wins for enterprise mobility infographic

  1. 1. WINS FOR We transform existing businesses and help create new industry leaders in the mobile space through our experience, technology innovation, UX design and reliable quality solutions. Meetr, built by Golden Gekko, is the next generation of enterprise mobile productivity solutions, supporting robust backend integration, intuitive Design/UX, enterprise greade security as well as flexible configuration and deployment. This being said, we understand each organization has unique requirements and built Meetr with the following flexibility: - Configure branding, app copy & more - Integrate with internal tools - Enable or disable individual features - Add custom features Our services include service concept design, UX/UI design, native app, HTML5, mobile web and backend development, quality assurance and distribution. With 1500+ projects delivered and 150+ clients we provide solutions for telecom, retail, CPG, media, enterprise, government, healthcare/pharma, transportation and travel. [x]Cube Labs: Symantec: key findings: Kensington: hones%3B-innovative-bungeeair-keeps-phones-and-content-secure.aspx Ponemon Institute/Symantec: Evault: MGI Research MEAP: Aternity: CIO Research Company: of organizations are planning to or already have implementated custom mobile apps. 70% The adoption of enterprise social tools would improve employee and business partner colaboration 86% of enterprises says that an immediate benefit of mobility is either operational and cost efficiency or an increase in productivity and sales. 53% 62,659 BUSINESS APPS 1.8 MILLION APPS of enterprises completely block non-sanctioned applications of employees say they access sensitive corporate data on their smartphones. of businesses have plans for a corporate store of mobile applications 70% Don’t reinvent the wheel or spend months on RFPs if there are tools and services that can fulfill your needs out-of-the-box. Newer apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools are reaping the benefit of high adoption and usage by focusing on ease of use. Agree on a set of apps/tools to be used, create a place (preferably a mobile site) where all approved and recommended tools can be found and, lastly, clearly communicate usage and password policies. The best new tools are not likely to be found by the IT or procurement department, but your own employees. Create an open forum about enterprise tools and employees will be more likely to adopt. A way to tackle measurement is to provide a simple business template for new tools that are being tested and measure the actual results versus the business case on a small scale. Over time you might want to evaluate how the tools can be consolidated into one simpler experience to make an even bigger impact for the organization. 22% 73% Over the past 20 years businesses have been deploying enterprise productivity applications and services that are generally poorly designed, boring, difficult to use and, unfortunately, don’t deliver any measurable improvements. This infographic will give you 6 quick wins for Enterprise Mobility, so that your company can stay in control, drive adoption and generate real improvement within the organization.