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CRITEO based on NTT Communications to conquer the Asian market !


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CRITEO based on NTT Communications to conquer the Asian market !

  1. 1. Press Release 2011/11/10 Case Study JulienSIMON – VP Engineeringé–Mai 2011| Prepared by: NTT Communications/FranceCopyright © 2011 NTT Europe Ltd
  2. 2. CRITEO based on NTT Communications to conquer the Asian market !With 400 employees and an estimated turnover of $ 200 million for 2011, Criteo is one of the startupsthat experienced the greatest expansion in the last three years. Since the launch of its personalizedretargeting system, it is the inventor, Criteo has seen the number of its clients and partners growexponentially. The company now has 1,200 customers in 20 countries, including Price Minister, Ebay,Sears and Zappos.Criteo has expanded its activities in Europe and the United States, where the company headquarterswas moved two years ago. The year 2011 marks the implementation of Criteo the Asian market, witha first data center in Japan.To ensure the performance of this new platform, Criteo has chosen NTT infrastructure. Julian Simon,VP Engineering, explains the challenges of this new market and the reasons for the choice of NTT.The power infrastructure combined with the intelligence of algorithmsCreator of the system retargeting personalized, Criteo constantly refines its algorithms to provide themost relevant and effective for advertisers and users. If the principle of retargeting is simple - when auser visits a site partner Criteo, banners tailored to its previous sailing it displayed - its implementationrequires enormous computing power. Criteo not only to always display a banner, it calculates theprobability that the user clicks on that banner, decide whether the purchase of the space is profitableor not, and defines which banner is best suited according to the navigation of the Internet, the keywords typed and the pages visited products ....Every day, the process of prediction and recommendation done billions of times, and generatesmillions of qualified clicks. It only takes a few milliseconds to Criteo to create a custom banner."We are in a trade of immediacy, says Julian Simon. A banner that appears too slowly, it lost one click."To ensure the best performance, Criteo installs its computing platforms in data centers closer tocustomers and partners. Each new territory requires precise study of the geographical location ofcustomers and Internet sites.To ensure the performance of its solution, Criteo implements architectures with minimal latency andgood capillary network, to manage the international aspects and maintain excellent performance tothe end customer, the Internet. An R & D team is dedicated to optimizing system performance. Fromits five data centers around the world, Criteo treats more than 100,000 queries per second andanalyzes daily terabytes of data.Japan: a promising new market but complexIn Japan, e-commerce is highly developed, and mobile commerce. But the choice of partner is noteasy when a company has no representation on-site technical. Criteo therefore turned to the NTTteam in France to manage the installation of its technical platform. The deployment was fast and thestrength of the solution was immediately put to the test.The installation of the new Criteos platform technology in the NTTs datacenter of Tokyo has in factcompleted a few days in advance, exactly the day before the earthquake in Fukushima in March.But despite the magnitude of the disaster, no break was found, either in terms of network connectivityor power. "We were very impressed with the responsiveness of NTT. Field teams have kept usinformed very quickly, with a professionalism that we have never experienced before, "says JulianSimon.The choice of a permanentémoignage client | Prepared by: NTT Communications/FranceCopyright © 2011 NTT Europe Ltd 2
  3. 3. When selecting the criteria for Criteo are all based on the quality of the infrastructure of the teams."The choice of a data center engages you in several years, said Julian Simon. A change of partnersinvolved moving both complicated, risky and costly, both make the right choice from the start. "Criteo appreciates the trust that was developed in the early exchanges with NTT. The reputation ofthe provider had preceded him, but Criteo could judge the seriousness of the responses andengagement capabilities of NTT. Criteo also plans to make this deployment by NTT level ofexcellence to be achieved for future global deployments (model of excellence in engineering, projectmanagement and incident management).Last criterion, and not least the ability to NTT scalability. Given the success of Criteo and the ongoingevolution of its offer, it is difficult to predict what will be needed in 12 months. With its R & D culturestrongly marked, Criteo also admits to sometimes demands "exotic" that NTT was able to respond.To meet the needs of Criteo, NTT has developed:• The accommodation capacity of the technical platform Asian Criteo in Tier-4 data center ofOtemachi in Tokyo• A private link of 50 Mb / s between NTT Data Center in Tokyo and the technical platform of Criteo inParis• A private link of 100 Mb / s between NTT Data Center in Tokyo and the technical platform of CriteoCalifornia• More than 300 Mb / s Internet bandwidth guarantee in the Data Center NTT, TokyoThis successful project associated with the technical capabilities of NTT in Asia (data center-classtrading floor in many key cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing) Criteo opensinteresting perspectives for its development in Asia.Olivier Micheli, Managing Director of NTT Europe, France is proud to count among its clients Criteo:"The success of Criteo is remarkable and we are happy to support them in their conquest of territoryin Asia. "Jun Akanuma, VP Data Center: "We are pleased to have contributed to the expansion of Criteo inAsia and we will put the power of NTT in the service of this rapid expansion! "Julian Simon, VP of Engineering Criteo concludes: "The technical performance of our solution is keyto the success of our company and we are confident that the infrastructure of NTT effectivelyaccompany our development."émoignage client | Prepared by: NTT Communications/FranceCopyright © 2011 NTT Europe Ltd 3
  4. 4. About CriteoCriteo expands the search budgets of the largest ecommerce advertisers across 20 countries. Everyday Criteo generates millions of high-quality leads by serving relevant ads to people who have leftclients’ websites without completing transactions. Criteo is measured purely on its post-clickperformance. Criteo offers a turnkey pay-per-click model including extensive real-time bidding tools,keyword level optimization and even an in-house creative studio. For more information, please visit NTT Communications CorporationNTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services tocustomers worldwide. The company is renowned for reliable, high-quality security, hosting, voice, data andIP services, as well as expertise in managed networks and leadership in IPv6 transit technology. NTTCommunications extensive infrastructure includes Arcstar™ Global IP-VPN and Global e-VLAN, as well asa Tier-1 IP backbone reaching more than 150 countries in partnership with major Internet service providers,and secure data centres in Asia, North America and Europe. NTT Communications is the wholly-ownedsubsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, one of the worlds largest telecoms withlistings on the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges. Please visit NTT EuropeNTT Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of NTT Communications which is the global data andIP services arm of the Fortune Global 500 telecom leader, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation(NTT). NTT Europe is responsible for business in the EMEA market and provides a world-class Tier-1Internet backbone, secure closed networks, security, system integration, network and applicationmanagement, managed hosting and global content delivery services with partner companies globally. Foradditional information,émoignage client | Prepared by: NTT Communications/FranceCopyright © 2011 NTT Europe Ltd 4