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Guide Campaign Strategy with Social Insights

NM Incite offers high quality data, analytics and consumer insight that will provide you with a thorough understanding of each client’s key customer segments, allowing you to be the first to spot trends and uncover drivers of consumer behavior.

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Guide Campaign Strategy with Social Insights

  1. 1. GUIDE CAMPAIGN STRATEGY WITH SOCIAL INSIGHTS FROM AGENCY SOLUTIONSAgencies operate in a fast-paced, highly competitive environment that spans multiple industries and markets. The need todifferentiate is critical and is often the deciding factor between success and falling short. Having access to deep consumerinsights across industries and global markets in real time to help plan and execute creative initiatives is the advantageagencies need to help secure, maintain and grow business.The challenge for agencies is aligning the research cycle with the fast pace of business. Using proprietary data miningtechnology, advanced analytical tools and tested research solutions, NM Incite offers high quality data, analytics andconsumer insight that will provide you with a thorough understanding of each client’s key customer segments, allowing youto be the first to spot trends and uncover drivers of consumer behavior. NM Incite brings to bear ‘Big Data’ technology andindustry expertise to help agencies succeed throughout the entire lifecycle of a campaign: Perfecting the Pitch Analyzing the Highest Quality Data Walk into a client pitch with an in- The uncomfortable reality is that raw social media data is depth understanding of the client’s far from pristine. To extract maximum value from your market, brand, products and their key Business Intelligence, analytics and reporting investments, customers’ needs, wants and pain you need superior data hygiene. NM Incite applies Nielsen’s points. Accessing real-time data proven de-duplication and anti-spam processes to cleanse allows you to confidently understand the social media data for quality integration into all of your what the client’s target audience external or internal data sources. This cleansing combined needs and then demonstrate how to with world-class filtering tools, ensures you get the fulfill that. cleanest, most relevant results. Example: Buzz for Pampers diapers Planning Initiatives Gain a broad perspective on your clients’ targets: who they are, where and how they should be engaged and the most effective means of reaching them. Focus on maximizing the potential return on investment for creative initiatives. • Measuring Campaign Impact Demonstrate the value of your Cleansed Data initiatives by assessing the pre- and 4,440,095 messages − “He always pampers me” post-launch impact of a campaign. Win more business and craft new Segmented Data Post campaigns with evidence of success. 375,929 messages – “Use this lotion, it really pampers your baby” Learn what works best and what does not work at all. Classifier Applied Pre 7,699 messages − “Pampers fit my baby very well, no complaints!” KNOW THE CUSTOMER
  2. 2. INTEGRATED DATA ASSETS FOR COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICSNM Incite’s social media research solutions weredeveloped to optimize the speed and accuracy of analyzingdata for high quality insights: NM Incite by the NumbersMy BuzzMetrics (MBM)Proprietary, global social insights platform specifically built touncover and deliver real-time insights with minimal time 20+ messages are supported in our liveinvestment. Boasting thousands of pre-created topics,sophisticated analytics, easy-to-run prepackaged snapshot Billion indexes through our unique platformreports, and advanced segment filtering and topic search tools, new messages areMBM provides what you need to optimize the success of eachcampaign. 50 collected every day, representing a 30% Million YOY growth in dataAPI collectionNM Incite’s proprietary data mining technology delivers clean,trusted and secure social media data directly to your system foranalyzing or trending with internal or other 3rd party data. ~100,000 topics built for clients in 2011 social media reportsIndustry Solutions 8,500 are executed dailyNM Incite maintains a team of industry-trained analysts that willwork hand-in-hand with you to deliver the insights you need forcontinued business success.Powered With Global DataNM Incite is one of the largest global leadersin applying social media to solve marketingproblems, operating in over 30 markets,including the United States, Canada, UnitedKingdom, Germany, China, India, Japan andAustralia. With offices throughout NorthAmerica, Europe and Asia, NM Incite has thecapability to deliver insights in at least 15different languages. About NM Incite Global Fortune 1000 marketers rely on NM Incite solutions to discover emerging, industry-specific consumer insights and build relevant, differentiated and emotionally-engaging brands. NM Incite is a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey & Company.NM INCITE • 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003855.888.6904 • • KNOW THE CUSTOMER