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Insights Throughout the CPG Brand Lifecycle

NM Incite’s social media research and analytics offer brands insight into real-time, authentic consumer expression that can transform how marketers build strong brands, create passionate and engaged communities and ultimately achieve superior sales outcomes. Learn how NM Incite’s solutions can be layered with other Nielsen assets to produce powerful insights, providing a valuable competitive advantage.

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Insights Throughout the CPG Brand Lifecycle

  2. 2. NM INCITE CPG SOLUTIONSDRIVE MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE BRAND LIFECYCLENM Incite’s social media research and analytics offer are co-evolving and moving at a very rapid pace. Webrands insight into real-time, authentic consumer need to learn faster and really leverage our digitalexpression that can transform how marketers build relationships with consumers. Social media plays a bigstrong brands, create passionate and engaged role.”communities, and ultimately achieve superior salesoutcomes. Innovative CPG marketers realize that social media insights can be used in new ways to inform decision-Building a successful brand hinges on applying social making at every stage of the brand lifecycle, frommedia insights at every stage of the brand lifecycle. trend spotting and ideation during the ‘innovation’According to P&G’s Joan Lewis (Global Consumer and stage to monitoring brand health once a brand is in theMarketing Knowledge Officer), “Consumers and brands ‘in market’ stage. Innovation → Discover opportunities through trend spotting and organic, deep, category-level consumer insights Launch → Understand how new products and line extensions are performing in market compared to similar launches; implement real-time strategic adjustments to marketing initiatives In Market → Evaluate and strategize based on your product or brand’s performance within the category; identify growth opportunities, optimize segmentation efforts and evaluate social resonanceProviding social media insights at each stage of the brand lifecycle is extremely powerful because consumers are expressingtheir opinions and preferences for their own ‘decision journeys’ – from awareness to advocacy. They write and read blog postsabout emerging needs and desires unfulfilled by current products. They ask questions during the consideration phase andtweet about their post-purchase experience. Consumers are scattering digital breadcrumbs, highlighting their journeys, andmarketers have a unique opportunity to connect these dots and boost brand relevance and effectiveness.INTEGRATION How do NM Incite solutions integrate with Nielsen?As part of Nielsen, NM Incite is uniquely positioned NM Incite’s social research provides a powerful complement to…to help brands integrate social media into the data • Innovation research with Nielsen BASESand research that they already use to managetheir business. Combining NM Incites social media • aunch tracking with Nielsen BASES and Nielsen Ad Lresearch with Nielsen assets yields powerful Solutionsinsights, providing valuable competitive advantage. • Advertising effectiveness with Nielsen Ad SolutionsBacked by Nielsen’s measurement science, NM • Nielsen’s sales dataIncite delivers the highest quality insights using • egmentation (e.g., The Cambridge Group, Nielsen Sclean, trusted data collected through proprietary Homescan, Claritas)data mining technology. 1
  3. 3. STAGE ONE OF BRAND LIFECYCLE INNOVATIONAs brands endeavor to develop new products or improve existing ones, they need high-quality, comprehensive insights to ensure that theydevelop what consumers want and will ultimately buy. Social media research is a powerful tool for identifying trends and white spaceopportunities where unmet needs exist at the intersection of product segments and consumer passions. Providing insights from real-time,unaided consumer opinions is a critical input for product development and innovation.Trend SpottingNM Incites TrendSpotter solution analyzes category-level data to reveal emerging consumer needs, preferences and pain points. Brandsneed these trends and insights for new product development, marketing messaging and creative strategy. Integrating NM Incite’s socialmedia analysis with Nielsen BASES data and tools for product development and testing, brands can develop a deep understanding of howto differentiate and win with new product opportunities.Example Analysis: Word CloudDiscover and identify emerging trends and hot topics by mapping all social media conversation about a specific brand, product or categoryinto a word cloud. The example below illustrates discussion on chia seeds, which led to further research that revealed an emerging trend thatconsumers use chia seeds as a nutritious protein boost to breakfast yogurts.NM INCITE SOLUTIONS | INSIGHTS THROUGHOUT THE CPG BRAND LIFECYCLE 2
  4. 4. STAGE TWO OF BRAND LIFECYCLE LAUNCHLaunching new or updated products always carries risk. Close monitoring of consumers’ reactions to new products is vital to launchsuccess. Analyzing real-time consumer reactions to new products using social media offers an attractive alternative to traditionalsurvey research, which is slow and expensive. Consumers are very frank and informative when talking about product likes and dislikes,product messaging and their needs and wants. Gaining a real-time understanding of what is resonating and what is not gives brands theopportunity to quickly course correct and refine messaging, features and campaign strategy to more effectively engage consumers. Beyondthe immediate opportunities to take action, marketers can also assess how the product launch stacks up to similar product launches.BenchmarkingSocial media analysis gives brands an opportunity to quickly evaluate the success of a new product launch or line extension. Benchmarkingthe amount of buzz about a new product launch relative to comparable launches helps brands understand whether their launch issucceeding or falling short. Deep-dive content analysis of the buzz helps brands understand what is driving success or failure, and enablesthem to make timely course corrections and improve future product launches. Coupling buzz benchmarks with Nielsen’s advertising andsales data provides even deeper insight into the drivers of launch success.Example Analysis: Launch TrackerNM Incites Launch Tracker enables marketers to keep an active pulse on conversation concerning their new product launch.Benchmarking social buzz along a competitive index allows marketers to see when buzz about their product beats or falls behind theircategorys index. 3
  5. 5. STAGE THREE OF BRAND LIFECYCLE IN MARKETSocial media analysis and measurement is a powerful tool for measuring the performance of an in market brand, improving advertisingeffectiveness, and ultimately maximizing sales.Brand HealthSocial media brand health measurement enables marketers to achieve real-time equity tracking, and brings immediacy and agility to whathas historically been an annual or semi-annual evaluation process. Complementing traditional brand equity monitoring with social mediaanalysis empowers marketers to understand what is driving changes in brand equity values and to react quickly to risks and threats.Continuously tracking competitive performance against category choice drivers helps marketers manage brand positioning, forgeemotional connections with customers, and differentiate along important functional attributes.Benchmarking brand advocacy relative to media spend or market share helps marketers understand what advocacy levels to expect giventhe size of their company or market share of their brand. NM Incite deploys deep content analysis of social media conversation to illuminatethe drivers of advocacy and helps marketers inspire more for their brand.Example Analysis: Advocacy Example Analysis: Decision DriversAre marketers earning their fair share of advocacy within a category Are marketers creating the right emotional connections withbased on relative media spend? Brand A generates more advocacy consumers relative to the competition? Evaluating how athan expected given media spend. brand scores on important category discussion drivers opens a window of opportunities. CORRELATION OF PAID MEDIA SPEND AND BRAND ADVOCACY MAPPING BRAND BUZZ TO CATEGORY DRIVERSNM INCITE SOLUTIONS | INSIGHTS THROUGHOUT THE CPG BRAND LIFECYCLE 4
  6. 6. Social ResonanceSocial media is a powerful tool for timely campaign effectiveness measurement. NM Incite measures the social media resonance ofcampaigns to determine how they were received, what could be improved and what should remain the same for future advertisements.NM Incite’s Social Brand Effect provides absolute and relative scoring of television ads along resonance and favorability, benchmarking ad-related tweets per GRP. Deep content analysis illuminates why people like or dislike ads, allowing for timely campaign adjustments.Example Analysis: Paid, Owned EarnedAnalyzing a products earned media relative to media spend and sales volume enables marketers to uncover patterns and relationshipsbetween paid media, earned media and sales. PRODUCTS SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ VOLUME TRENDED WITH MEDIA SPEND AND SALESExample Analysis: Social Brand EffectBenchmarking ads according to social resonance and favorability provides insights into relative ad performance. Ads 1 and 12 have thehighest social resonance, yet favorability is extremely negative, indicating that advertisers may need to adjust messaging quickly. SOCIAL RESONANCE FAVORABILITY OF BRANDS TV ADVERTISEMENTS 5
  7. 7. Category TrackingSocial media analysis and tracking at the category level helps marketers understand and manage category dynamics and perceptions.Category-level analyses help marketers: • Define the competitive set as consumers do. Marketers may learn that their brands have unexpected, indirect competitors • Understand competitive positioning along the most important drivers for the category • Discover opportunities for growth and innovationExample Analysis: Category (or Brand) Association MapCategory association maps allow marketers to pinpoint hot topics, identify emerging themes and trends and discover which, if any, brandsare most associated with their category. Prevalent themes are further investigated to uncover white space areas of opportunity for productenhancements, new product development and/or to inform strategic messaging.NM INCITE SOLUTIONS | INSIGHTS THROUGHOUT THE CPG BRAND LIFECYCLE 6
  8. 8. ANALYSIS THROUGHOUT THE BRAND LIFECYCLE CONSUMER INSIGHTSThe breadth of information that consumers reveal in their unaided, organic online conversations can be astounding. Consumers areconnecting and expressing themselves across a veritable ‘long tail’ of interests and topics, essentially self-selecting into segments basedon needs and affinities. Social media enables marketers to understand key business questions for each segment: • How do they feel about my brand or product? • What are their unmet needs? • What are their purchase criteria? • What are the key roadblocks in their consumer decision journey? • Are the marketing messages resonating? • What are their media preferences? • How and where should they be engaged through social media?SegmentationInnovative approaches to segmentation are taking center stage as social media is enabling marketers to glean deep, unexpected insightsabout consumers. NM Incite helps clients with a range of segmentation needs and opportunities. From identifying new, organic customersegments, to mapping buzz to clients’ proprietary segments, to mapping buzz to Nielsen segmentations (e.g., Nielsen Homescan, Claritas),NM Incite helps clients gain deep insight into the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of target customers.Example Analysis: Organic SegmentationProfiling the mindset (interests), passions (wants), product preferences and likely location of specific consumer groups helps marketersbetter understand where to reach their target segments as well as how to most effectively communicate with them. 7
  9. 9. About NM Incite Global Fortune 1000 marketers rely on NM Incite solutions to discover emerging, industry-specific consumer insights and build relevant, differentiated and emotionally engaging brands. NM Incite customers are innovative, global marketing executives in brand management, consumer insights and market research at leading Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology companies. They understand that winning in today’s social world hinges on developing deeper and more provocative consumer and market insights to create superior marketing strategies, boost brand strength, develop new products, innovate in customer care and maximize the impact of marketing campaigns. NM Incite is a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey Company, bringing to bear deep expertise in measurement science and management consulting. As one of the largest global leaders in applying social media to solve marketing problems, NM Incite operates in over 30 markets, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, India, China, Japan and Australia.NM INCITE SOLUTIONS | INSIGHTS THROUGHOUT THE CPG BRAND LIFECYCLE 8
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