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NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ)


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NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ) presentation by Professor Moira Livingston
The new driving force for improvement across the NHS in England
Set up from 1 April 2013 and hosted by NHS England
Improving health outcomes across England by providing improvement and change expertise
Creating one improvement organisation that is in alignment with the NHS’ needs and challenges
Building on the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience that has gone before

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NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ)

  1. 1. Improving health outcomes across England by providing improvement and change expertiseThe new driving force for improvementacross the NHS in EnglandProfessor Moira Livingston
  2. 2.  Financial challenges Quality outcomes and experience is the new focus Rising expectations We need to do more, for less…….. and better NHS IQ is an evidence-based organisation that isaligned to the current needs and challenges of the NHS We need to learn from the past: what works and whatdoesn’tWhy are we here?
  3. 3.  Set up from 1 April 2013 and hosted by NHS England Improving health outcomes across England byproviding improvement and change expertise Creating one improvement organisation that is inalignment with the NHS’ needs and challenges Building on the wealth of knowledge, expertise andexperience that has gone beforeIntroducing NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ)National Cancer Action Team, National End of Life Care Programme, NHSDiabetes and Kidney Care, NHS Improvement, NHS Institute for Innovationand Improvement.Hosts NHS Interim Management and Support, Improving Access toPsychological Services (adult and children and young people), NationalPeer Review Programme.
  4. 4.  The go to’ organisation leading improvement in England A catalyst for change A partner to drive transformation in the NHS A focal point for the system - creating impact throughconnectivity and support Delivering real benefits for people using NHS services Developing the thinking and spreading knowledge ontransformational change Becoming a source of international expertise forimproving quality in healthcareOur vision We will demonstrate value and strength by being
  5. 5. Improvement Programmes:Director Dr Janet Williamson
  6. 6.  Seven day services A & E: a symptom of system wide health Integrated careEmerging priorities A pioneer-led programme of work to enableand encourage local innovation, addressbarriers and disseminate learning A partnership of 13 national organisations andbodies
  7. 7. Capacity, capability knowledge and measurementDirector: Prof Moira Livingston
  8. 8.  A core team and a range of delivery partners Work with you to implement improvements Across sectors Understanding what you need and want Solution focused and future proof Being open, agile, entrepreneurial, transparent…….and grounded to the needs of the NHS Supporting a two way knowledge system Improving understanding of successful change: NHSChange ModelHow we work
  9. 9.  Everything we know aboutsuccessfully delivering changefor the better in the NHS,all in one place www.changemodel.nhs.ukNHS Change Model
  10. 10.  Improving quality is everyone’s business Improved experience and outcomes for everyone Successful improvements are spread and sustained An evidence base will support success and impactevaluation Continuing commitment across the whole system toservice improvement Greater integration: engagement across services Evidence of return on investment: large scalechange, for the better, at minimal costWhat will success look like
  11. 11.  What are your key priorities forquality improvement? What are our shared priorityareas that will best enable usimprove the health andhealthcare for everyone? How should we organise our keyresources for improvement? How can we best work with you?Key issues for the nextstage of improvement
  12. 12. health outcomes across Englandby providing improvement and change expertise.