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Next level footwear


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Entrepreneurship Commercial Venture
Lab 2012"

Published in: Business
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Next level footwear

  1. 1. NextLevel FootwearRise above the crowd, INSTANTLY!
  2. 2. More Height = More IncomeO Studies have shown that taller men earn money each year and over the course of a lifetime. Up to $1,000 / yearO people-earn-money.html
  3. 3. Women Prefer Taller MenO Studies have shown that taller men do better with their interactions with women. Women simply feel more secure with a tall man.O /03/the-ugly-truth-a-man-being-hung-like- a-caterpillar-a-man-being-short/
  4. 4. Target MarketO We will offer 1" and 2" height gel and memory foam shoe inserts.O We observed that lifts were available on the market now but that they are usually marketed for an older clientele.O We would like to aim our products at young men 16-23 years of age under 6 foot tall.
  5. 5. Product DescriptionOur comfortable gel sole or memory foaminserts give the wearer a 1 to 2 inchincrease in height immediately.Our product is safe, comfortable, andundetectable to the casual observer.
  6. 6. Market ResearchO We asked over 15 members of our target market. We also read over 10 reviews of similar products to get insightsO Some results:O Younger men seemed more interested.O Concerned about comfort.O Concerned about visibility of product.
  7. 7. Market Research cont.O We found out this product is similar to other “male enhancement” products.O Men are reluctant to admit, face to face, that they would use this product.O Anonymous men would be more open about their opinion of the product.
  8. 8. Market Research cont.O In reading responses from other providers of this product, there is a demand and an appreciation for this item.O Product is mainly used for special occasions, job functions, interviews, social events, and dates.
  9. 9. Opportunity AnalysisO We have been working on wholesale providers and dropshippers.O This is a fairly low cost wholesale product with a large retail mark up.
  10. 10. Minimum Viable PrototypeO URL and website have been initially developedO Landing page is being developedO NextLevel Footwear Landing Page
  11. 11. The NextLevel TeamO Andres VivasO Addison PaulinO Martin CenturionO Jan GogolewskiO Greg Brister
  12. 12. Next Level Footwear Rise to the Occasion! Thank you for your consideration.