fermentation application working design fermentor production principle classification bacteriophage statistics bioinformatics types disadvantages advantages drug research biofuel application method algae spectrophotometer colorimeter spectroscopy immunology tools cultivation biotechnology microbial identification tool identification microbial taxonamy m13 yac bac plasmids vectors recombinant repair mismatch repair excision repair direct repair repair mechanism sos dna glucose lactose gene expression lac operon operon immunodiffusion immunofluorescence ria antigen antibody reaction secondary screening primary screening types of screening screening of industrial organism vitamin c vitamin b1 vitamin b12 beer wine grape wine orange wine brewers yeast bakers yeast yeast production types of yeast yeasts pectinase amylase protease pyrimidine biosynthesis purine synthesis types of mutation mutation polarity degenerousy unambigous universal characteristics genetic code e.coli mappi ng genome transformation transduction conjugation butanediol abe glutamic acid bioreactor factors experiment food scp optimization rsm spss recovery downstream upstream processing hepatitis recombinant vaccines product process antibiotics marine sars ebola disease emerging rapd rflp hplc protien dna sequencing ir weapons biological microbes genomics procedure gas chromatography observation focus data sparger agitator biosurfactant industrial bioremediation synthesis pha biopolymers biogas generation bioferlizers vam pharmacogenetics pharmacogenomics food spoilage
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