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Final Mdb final

  1. 1. Dj Max-A-Milli<br />I GOT YOU MOVING <br />Dj Max-A-Milli<br />I GOT YOU MOVING<br />
  2. 2. Dj Max-A-Milli<br />Market place Value <br />Strengths: <br /><ul><li> Has established a strong Facebook and Myspace following that has lead fans and customers to links to buy my music and share it with others that has lead to various sales already.
  3. 3. Weekly blogs and viral videos that update and inform fans and friends on the life of Dj Max-A-Milli</li></ul>Weakness:<br /><ul><li> No Merchandise to offer fans </li></li></ul><li>Dj Max-A-Milli<br />2. Building Awareness<br /><ul><li>Starting a Tour to gain more exposure on the club scene in the major East Coast Cities New York, Atlanta, and Miami
  4. 4. QR Codes on Signs and Flyers that are randomly placed on flyers placed around the venues that will give the first 25 people a free Mp3 download of the entire new album.
  5. 5. Street teams to be deployed in the major cities to promote the new album and tour giving out a random backstage pass to the fifth album sale in each city. </li></li></ul><li>Dj Max-A-Milli<br />3. Product Information<br /><ul><li>Digital Album Download for “ 9.99”
  6. 6. Each Mp3 individual Track Download for “.99”
  7. 7. AIFF individual Track Download for “1.25” Gets exclusive single artwork
  8. 8. CD Album for “10.99” </li></li></ul><li>Dj Max-A-Milli<br />4. Distribution <br /><ul><li>Song cast
  9. 9. 101 Distribution
  10. 10. Nu-Urban Music</li></li></ul><li>Dj Max-A-Milli<br />5. Supply Chains for Distribution<br />Creator<br />Song Cast<br />ITunes, and Amazon <br />Creator<br />101 distribution<br />Uploaded to 101’s online download platform<br />Creator<br />Manufacturer <br />Nu Urban Music<br />CDs are offered through Nu Urban Music with shipping included<br />
  11. 11. Dj Max-A-Milli<br />6. Percentages <br /><ul><li>Song Cast is a subscription based online distribution platform that offers membership at a small fee of $5.99 a month with only a one time fee of $19.99 per each album and $9.99 per each single. Payments of royalties are made out in quarterly statements
  12. 12. 101 Distribution is another subscription based online distribution media outlet where for $49.95 per project you can sell Mp3’s, Ring tones, CD’s and Video with a 75% payout on all royalties in monthly statements.
  13. 13. Nu Urban Music is a membership that has a one time fee of $99.99 for each submission giving the ability for the track open to international purchase. Nu Urban pays out in quarterly statements in a royalty split that gives you 75% of all royalties. </li></li></ul><li>Dj Max-A-Milli<br />7. Strategic Partnerships<br />123Dj The Dj Equipment Online Superstore:<br /><ul><li> Exclusive strategic partnership to introduce 123Djs new artist spotlight corner on the front page of the website. This website is known to have 20,000 views a day.</li></ul>Numark:<br /><ul><li>Strategic partnership that has offered a sponsor ship to Dj Max-A-Milli for his album release tour with its new flagship mixer the V7. Numark will also feature Dj max-a-milli in a exclusive photo shoot with the new turntables for its ad campaign. </li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />8. Recommendations of services <br /><ul><li>DJ Hero
  14. 14. Plant DJ
  15. 15. Serato </li>