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  1. 1. ccent REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007 SECTION D Frisbee B-day Faith Pages The flying plastic disc, known as God has a way of guiding them the Frisbee, is 50 this year. 2D on the dance floor. 4D THE PRINCESSES OF ‘SHREK THE THIRD’ DISH ABOUT LIFE AS MODERN-DAY DAMSELS. PAGE 2D Rapunzel & Maya Rudolph Snow White & Amy Poehler Cinderella & Amy Sedaris Sleeping Beauty & Cheri Oteri Princess Fiona & Cameron Diaz Shrekattack ‘THE THIRD’ IS OUT IN THEATERS TODAY INSIDE: SEE WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING PAGE 2D BY TERRY LAWSON DETROIT FREE PRESS A ccording to the voters in the American Film Institute polls, the greatest hero in all of cinema is Atticus Finch, the justice-minded Southern attorney and single father of two in the film adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” If you believe in the box office, on the other hand, the greatest heroes of the movies tend to be supersized. There is Spider-Man, whose first two screen ap- pearances rank at No. 7 and No. 10, respectively, among all-time earners. Then there’s the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker of “Star Wars” (No. 2). And, of course, the brave warriors of the Fellowship in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (No. 9). But who’s the highest solo hero of them all? That would be the grumpy green ogre who lends his name to the third most popular movie of all time, “Shrek 2,” and who returns today in “Shrek the Third.” And if the human who gives him voice has his say, Shrek for years to come will be making the land of Far Far Away safe and funny for kids, their par- ents and just about anyone who loves movies. See MYERS, Page 2D Shrek & Mike Myers Donkey COMMENTARY Who loves New York? You can help decide N ew York and potential mates poured in fol- to love. As of late this week, the top Sanjaya? lowing the first, disastrous sea- Fans can vote online, at ilove- potential contestants had near- Puh-lease. We son of “I Love New York” that, for “I Love New ly 100,000 votes each. They in- give that pairing a they could not be ignored, pro- York 2” contestants. Round one cluded a self-professed “Italian fake-lash flutter and eye-roll ducers said. runs through today, during stallion,” one man who levitat- worthy of Tiffany Pollard, aka That’s right, New York is in which the public selects its fa- ed for the camera and Sanjaya New York, of VH1’s “I Love the you-know-whatin’ house. vorite fellas with screen names (though it’s unclear whether New York.” Never mind that Again. like PrinceCharming who have the “American Idol” reject ac- he’s underage, she would eat This time, the trash-talking uploaded videos. tually has anything to do with that mohawked young man temptress is letting the public Starting Sunday, the field this bid). alive. play matchmaker. The cable will be narrowed to 60, from So enthralling were New But it’s one of many potential network’s popular series ended which five men will be selected York’s antics, and those of the pairings floated by fans of the last season with New York for the new season when film- clowns with which she cavort- thrice-dumped diva whose foul alone, wiping tears from her ing begins this summer. Al- ed, that 4.8 million people mouth could make a sailor makeup-encased face. She ready, tens of thousands have watched last season’s finale. blush. hopes her fourth televised ro- weighed in on wannabe VH1 Such a flood of interest from mantic search will bring a thug Romeos. — Brynn Mandel Can’t anyone find New York, center right, a little love?