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Life Science companies use Mendix when they are unable to satisfy rigid compliance requirements using lengthy and expensive custom development methods or inflexible, cumbersome off-the-shelf software. Within two to four weeks, we’ll have your custom aggregate spend solution up and running thanks to the speed and flexibility of the Mendix App Platform.

It’s a time consuming, inefficient and error prone process to run these reports based on exports from expenditure systems. Fines for incorrect reporting are as high as $10,000 per transaction, and an automated solution needs to be today. Even now, the government is changing the reporting guidelines for the Sunshine Act. As requirements continue to change, you’ll need an adaptable solution that can be easily modified with minimal additional investment.

Custom Mendix HCP Aggregate Spend Solutions enable you to comply with the Sunshine Act with:
• Minimal resources required
• No or limited IT involvement
• No changes to corporate expenditure processes or policies

Your custom HCP Aggregate Spend Solution can easily pull data from multiple underlying data sources such as Concur, SAP, and Syteline. On average, these solutions take 2 to 4 weeks to build – that’s 5 to 10 times faster than traditional development platforms. Most importantly, you’ll spend as little time as possible complying with the Sunshine Act – rather than adjusting your processes to a standard reporting solution or manually processing these reports, you will manage the entire automated process without needing to make any changes.

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Mendix HCP Aggregate Spend Solution

  1. 1. Mendix HCP Aggregate Spend Solution Mendix Life Sciences
  2. 2. In this presentation, you’ll learn: 2  Why Life Science Companies Work With Mendix  Sunshine Act Compliance Challenges & Needs  About our Fast, Flexible Compliance Solution
  3. 3. The Mendix App Platform Mendix is the app platform company for the enterprise The fastest and easiest way for companies to create multi-device enterprise applications Using visual models that allow developers to focus on business functionality Producing results in days instead of months Facts & Figures  Founded in 2006  150 Employees  US, SA, NL, UK Offices  Global customer base  Recognized by: Customers in all industries Product Features  Model-Driven Dev.  1-Click Deployment  Social Collaboration  Multi-Channel, Multi-Device  Centralized App Governance  Enterprise Integration
  4. 4. Why Companies Work With Mendix 4  SPEED The ability to react to changes in their business quickly  AGILITY Flexibility to leverage data from multiple source systems  CONTROL Increase personal control & minimize risk of project failure
  5. 5. The Law Physician Spend Sunshine Law  Provide transparency with regard to who, in the life sciences industry, is contributing what benefits to which physician  Mandatory reporting with complex guidelines Schedule to Comply  Collection & validation of data as of January 1st, 2012  Full reporting of 2012 data required as of March 2013  Reporting guidelines likely to change
  6. 6. The Challenge Our Life Science customers told us about their compliance challenges:  Time consuming and error prone manual process  Urgent need for data collection/validation as of January 1st, 2012  Data to be pulled and processed from ultiple systems (e.g. expense management & ERP)  Project failure results in high costs (fines up to $10k per transaction)  Requires for reporting will continue to change Result: a high-risk and urgent compliance challenge
  7. 7. The Solution We listened, and developed this solution:  Automated HCP Aggregate Spend Report Template (available in the Mendix App Store)  Fast delivery (2-4 weeks) with no risk of project failure  Integrated with existing expense management and ERP systems  Fully customizable template to optimize efficiency with zero or minimum (IT) involvement needed  Agile solution prepared for changing compliance requirements Result: Fast, flexible, & long-term compliance
  8. 8. Request a demonstration today