Short film review analysis


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A2 media film review analysis

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Short film review analysis

  2. 2. The title of the film is essential for thefilm review so the audience know what The picture is important for the reviewthe film is called so they can see it. because it is used to have a selling point for the film.The smallerdetails are keyfor the I chosen toaudience as the use the ‘lookdirectors and closer’ partthe actors can of the reviewbe what draws this is smallthem into pieces of theseeing the film review which give an incite into the filmI have The verdicthighlighted this is one of thepart of the essentialreview as it sums parts of theup a view the film reviewreview would as this ishave on the film where a filmand it also is a This highlighted part of the could be adraw for the review gives a full understanding hit or a flopaudience as it of how the film is viewed by thepromises what is reviewer.good about thefilm.
  3. 3. • The review itself uses a number of parts which describe the film but as any reviewdoes offer opinion on what could have been improved but also what was liked aboutthe film with parts such as “As a debutant, his work could have made use of moretechnology, using some special effects when the characters are killed” and “This filmis crazy and genius rolled together with comedic elements”.• The picture which I have chosen is because of the banana really as this is usedacross all three products and is a piece of branding for the film itself as it is a clearlyused in the film, the poster and review.•The review also has a verdict which precise the review pick out the best parts andgives the film a verdict for the audience to understand “Save the World has a boldstoryline which can easily be read, but some improvement from this debutantdirector.”
  4. 4. Conventions of Film Reviews Conventions Yes or No Reasons Why?• The feature films all have the Yes I thought this was a good idea for showing parts of the reviewhighlighted part of the review. which should be taken into account•The reviews also involve some sort of No I have chosen the tagline doesn’t show the film in a good light so Itagline which sell the film. havent included it.• They all have some sort of screenshot Yes The picture is key for the audience to see the characters and I havefor the film giving an incite to the film. chosen to use this one because of creating an identity for the film with the banana•They all have verdict with either a star Yes This is a big part of the review because often this is one thingrating or 10/10 and an explanation of the which is looked for because the audience maybe wanting a quickreview and a summary of the film and look before watching.there opinion.• They also have used a number of Not really There is reference to other films but doesn’t name any specificallyreferences to other films and there but I have chosen to do this because of the film being namedvisual style which have been placed in would not really relevant to the review always.the film.•The use of a question can be good to No This can be used but I have chosen not to because they don’tengage the reader to the review itself. always help the review when they are seen.•The short film review could also involve No These are not normally used in a film magazine so I chose no tthe number of views on the website it include it.was originally uploaded to.•The use of information about the film Yes The info is used throughout the review and is clear with someand the style which has been used in the parts describing the film but also the part at the top is clearfilm. information on the film.