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Ideate Assignment - Kerry Maton


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Design Thinking Action Lab - Assignment 2 - "Ideate"

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Ideate Assignment - Kerry Maton

  1. 1. Ideate Assignment 2 Kerry Maton Students who are unsure of what they want to dowhen they leave schoolneed ways toAccess guidance, information and support on applying for jobs, and on different work choices so they can make a good decision about the type of work they may enjoy and also be successful in obtaining a jobthey want becauseStudents do not have the experience or access to support mechanisms to help them make an informed decision and action that decision.
  2. 2. Website for parents to access on how to support their child Guidebook for parents Included in school curriculum – What to expect & what is expected of you School resourcing budget to build program for students transitioning Students involved in project on different professions & what they entail Program - Day in the life of “xxxx” for students Local companies to participate in career choices education program Social media site on career choices for students Collect needs & expectations from parents & students and implement program to suit Awareness program specifically tailored to what students are interested in Tools to help students work out what their strengths are & what they enjoy Education program for students – Managing and living through change Careers day for non- degree professions Program with local business & spend time with business on a regular basis After school job program for children whilst at school Have a school to work program aimed at students in the curriculum (Years 10, 11 & 12) Career’s Adviser (not a teacher) with allocated time to each student Interactive learning modules on applying for jobs Role playing interviews – a regular program in Years 10, 11 & 12 Professional advice program for students from professionals Funded help line for students on Career advice Mentor program for students – other parents / people in work force Online database with information on job types Parent education program Simulation centre for job interviews Students transitioning from school to work Ideate
  3. 3. Students transitioning from school to work Guest speakers at school from different professions Volunteering program for students run by school Student kit on different professions that you do not need a uni degree for Student kit on how to apply for jobs Automated job application and resume writer Teacher education program so they can support students Awareness program run by school where parents come into the classroom and talk about their job Part-time trial jobs for students so they can experience the job Careers Adviser to develop and run program for high school students on finding the right job & what’s required Start education on different job types earlier – Year 9 Develop an app that students can use to find information on professions and applying for a job Website for students to ask people questions about a specific profession Specialised support/ help for ‘shy’ students Work experience program supporting student needs Educate students on basic job skills (eg. Communication) Available job list on school website Career Advisers to have a budget to develop “connections” with local businesses Local businesses to provide work experience programs Large organisations required to provide and fund meaningful work experience programs You tube channel with real life videos of what different professions do Structure activities throughout school year so they are not all happening at the same time Have a “subject” in school curriculum on transitioning to adult life & what it entails Individual school to work program developed for each student and their parents An non-profit org. funded by Govt with a mission to support students from school to work Each student to spend at least 2 weeks on work experience in different jobs of each year of high school Ideate
  4. 4. Students transitioning from school to work A practical idea A disruptive idea My favourite idea School Careers Adviser to develop and run program for senior high school students on finding the right job & what’s required - tailored to the current student needs. This program would include information on: •  students identifying their strengths and what they enjoy and the different professions this may relate to •  different professions - degree and non-degree •  resume writing •  putting together an application letter •  job interviews & what to expect & what would be expected from candidate (running mock interviews) •  work experience opportunities •  contact names and numbers for external support •  parental support and information. Develop an app that could be downloaded to any electronic device that students, parents and teachers could use to find information on professions and applying for a job. It would include pertinent information on a large variety of professions including work duties and expectations, locations, education requirements, pay ranges, etc, Also would include support information on applying for jobs – job applications, writing a resume, what to expect at an interview and what would be required from the candidate.. The information would be aimed at school leavers and would be useful and practical. Large organisations required to provide and fund meaningful work experience programs for ‘x’ number of students per year. The program would enable students to learn about different professions and experience a particular role and also build their knowledge of workplaces and what it would be like to work in a particular profession. It would also help the student to understand what is expected of an employee and provide insight for the student on the job role.