What is Syndicated Research?


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A research study which is conducted and funded by a market research firm but not for any specific client is called a syndicated research. The result of such research is often provided in the form of reports, presentations, raw data etc. and is made available in open market for anyone to purchase.

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What is Syndicated Research?

  1. 1. WhatIsMarketResearch.com What is syndicated Research?
  2. 2. WhatIsMarketResearch.com 4. Information Evaluation 1. Data Collection Data Data Data 3. Data Analysis 5. Client Presentation2. Data Processing
  3. 3. WhatIsMarketResearch.comSyndicated Research is a research funded bymarket research companies and the results ofsuch research is made available to everyone who wishes to purchase it.”
  4. 4. WhatIsMarketResearch.com Why syndicated research is conducted? To update their knowledge base on key industries onwhich they specialize or wish to specialize. To utilize human resources during slack period. To improve visibility of their company by using syndicatedresearch as means to get publicity. To show-off the skills of the company. To update industry tracker and databases provided to theirclients on subscription.
  5. 5. WhatIsMarketResearch.com When syndicated research is used? When you want to find information about a market beforemaking a plan for full scale custom market research. When you want to use data pointers and charts duringpresentations and have no-time to conduct custom research. When you want to create an investor pitch and need variousdata pointers on short notice.
  6. 6. WhatIsMarketResearch.com When syndicated research is used? Continued… When you are running short on your research budget. When you need information for your research thesis. When you are working for a news agency and want datafor your article or news story. You are a venture capitalist or investor and want to beupdated about trends happening in various industries,markets and companies of your interest.
  7. 7. WhatIsMarketResearch.comWhy should you use syndicated research? Syndicated research reports should be used during exploratory research process to gain more information about a market, industry or company at a lesser cost and a shorter timeframe. Many companies providing syndicated research reports often provide customization services too. This can really help you identify the companies you should be asking for research proposals in future when you want to go ahead with custom market research.
  8. 8. WhatIsMarketResearch.comWhat’s the cost of syndicated research? The cost of syndicated research reports varies from reports to reports and publishers (market research companies who conduct syndicated research). But one thing is certain that syndicated reports are much cheaper compared to custom market research.
  9. 9. WhatIsMarketResearch.comWhere to find syndicated research? University Libraries : University or B-school libraries often have access to digital databases which provide research information Industry Association : Industry Associations are good sources to find ready-made information about their industry and market. Market Research Reports Portals: This is the most convenient way to find and buy syndicated market research reports.
  10. 10. WhatIsMarketResearch.com What is syndicated Research?Read More @ http://whatismarketresearch.com/market-research-types/what-is-syndicated-research/