Data Centre Pricing in Europe 2013 to 2018


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Data Centre Pricing in Europe report details new growth in Data Centre raised floor space by an average of 10,000 square metres per month putting pressure on average price levels. Inquire about this report:

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Data Centre Pricing in Europe 2013 to 2018

  1. 1. Category : Networking All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. Introduction to Report  Launch Date: December 5, 2013  Number of Pages: 223  Geography Coverage: Europe  Available Format: PDF Price For Single User License: USD 3,195 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  3. 3. About the Report The third edition of the Data Centre Pricing in Europe 2013 to 2018 report provides a unique survey of 23 European Data Centre Country Markets:•Including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hu ngary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, P oland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Swed en, Switzerland & the UK. •with rack space pricing and capacity tracked in each market with a five year forecast for rack space pricing and capacity from the end of 2013 to 2018. •The report consists of a survey based on 662 Data Centre providers, with 1,227 facilities totaling over 2.7 million square metres of raised floor space.
  4. 4. About the Report Continues.. •The 2013 to 2018 report differs from the previous 2011 report as it has been comprehensively updated - with a new 5 year forecast for pricing and capacity for each of the 23 European Country Markets running from the end of 2013 to the end of 2018. •It also incorporates some of the findings from the recent individual Data Centre Country Market reports made by TCL for the French, German, Dutch and the UK Country Markets as well as information contained in the quarterly TCL Data Centre Price Tracker subscription service.
  5. 5. Identify The Gross Profit Margin & The Scope It attempts to identify the amount of pricing power that is held by the Data Centre provider. It also considers Data Centre Capital Expenditure (Capex) measured by cashflow – as a means of identifying the cost of investment in new facility upgrades by key Data Centre providers. The information on these financial trends is obtained from the accounts of publicly quoted Data Centre specialists (including Equinix, Interxion & TelecityGroup). By considering trends in the gross profit margin, TCL attempts to assess whether Data Centre providers are able to extend their pricing power to increase profitability, and whether price rises or price decreases are feasible in the future. Average standard rack space pricing since 2010 to 2013 has fluctuated by Country Market, with most markets (approximately 13 out or 23) seeing a decline in average rack space pricing, but with 10 Country Markets seeing an increase in average rack space pricing over the period.
  6. 6. Report Coverage 1. Methodology 2. Background to the Data Centre Pricing inEurope– 2013 to 2018 report 3. Definitions used in the Data Centre Pricing inEuropereport 4. Details of the Data Centre Pricing inEuropereport 5. Data sources used in the Data Centre Pricing inEuropereport 6. Innovations for the 2013 edition of the Data Centre Pricing inEuropereport 7. Scope of the Data Centre Pricing inEuropereport 8. Executive Summary 9. The main Data Centre trends identified For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slide All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
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