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Everyone is talking about Sales Enablement these days, but few are talking about how to improve it. Gone are the days of 50-page playbooks and briefcases full of glossy brochures still in their shrink wrap. In fact, according to a recent IDC report, over 40% of all marketing assets created are never used by sales teams, which results in a substantial waste of money.

In this presentation, our award-winning sales enablement thought leaders to discuss how to shift the paradigm of wasting money on tools and collateral that will never see the light of day, and build programs that will impact your bottom-line.

You’ll learn:
- Why your Sales Force is ignoring your material
- Examples of cutting edge programs
- How to use sales enablement to increase productivity, sales and loyalty
- Tips you can start using tomorrow to better equip your Sales Team

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  • Great slides! I'd like add some other great tools: 1- (Paid) and (Free) - Send follow-ups emails; 2- (Paid) - Identify unknown B2B website visitors; 3- (Paid - It's us) - Sales prospecting tool on LinkedIn; 4- (Paid) - Viewer engagement analytics for presentations.
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Not Your Mamas Sales Tools - The Next Generation of Sales Enablement

  1. 1. Not Your Mama’s Sales Tools:The Next Generation of Sales EnablementA RevenueEnginesTM WebinarMarch 14, 2012Becky JohnsVice President, Marketing
  2. 2. Company OverviewGo-to-MarketTM Leader with the Expertise and Experience to Deliver A leading provider of solutions and services to help Fortune 1000 and mid-market growth companies leverage digital marketing and business intelligence technologies to improve Sales & Marketing productivity and drive revenue growth Customers Differentiators • 18 of the top 50 global B2B brands • Go-to-Market™, empirical focus • Global Fortune 1000 corporations and • Strategy development through emerging growth companies market execution • “Considered-Purchase” Products • Integration of Marketing & Sales • Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB • Technology-enabled solutions and Business Customers managed services • Direct & Partner Sales Channels • Performance driven results Sample Clients across Technology, Financial and Business Services, and Healthcare –2– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  3. 3. MarketBridge Solutions to Drive Revenue GrowthGo-to-Market Planning, Execution, and Measurement Framework MarketBlueprint™ RevenueEngines™ How should we change our overall How can we drive revenue growth and meetGo-to-Market model by customer and changing customer expectations by market segment? leveraging emerging Marketing & Sales technologies? DemandAnalytics™ How can we capture, report, and analyze expanding customer data to predict buyer behavior and take actions to drive growth and optimize resources? –3– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  4. 4. Agenda Issue #2: Transferring the Knowledge The Problem The SolutionDefining Sales Enablement Business Case Success Actionable Tips Wrap-up and Q&A END Issue #1: Developing the Right Content The Problem Issue #3: Measuring the Success The Problem The Solution The Solution Business Case Success Business Case Success Actionable Tips Actionable Tips –4– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  5. 5. Introduction - Various Training Audiences  Case example for each audience group  Specific tips after each section specific to audience group –5– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  6. 6. Pop Quiz –6– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  7. 7. Definition SlideOld School Approach New School ApproachCreate a lot of training and Ensure salespeople are equipped to havemarketing collateral and put them valuable conversations that help buyersonline. advance through their buying process.The folks in corporate know best The most effective selling content, messages,what salespeople need in the field. and strategies are learned from experience with buyers.It takes a stick to get salespeople to Adoption of sales enablement applications isuse the tools we give them. driven by the value a salesperson gets from it. “Sales Enablement is a strategic on-going process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customers problem-solving lifecycle to optimize the ROI of the selling system” - Forrester –7– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  8. 8. A Framework for Sales EnablementThree Core Components: Content, Technology, Measurement We understand We might Your solution our problem The business case We need reassurance we have a applies to our The and need a applies to our needs. made the right decision. Customer’s problem. needs. Buying solution. Process Find Learn Engage Buy Renew Upgrade Educate Enable Reinforce The Sales Person’s Educate Enable Reinforce Needs Sales Enablement Content – The Fuel Sales Enablement Technologies – The Engine Sales Enablement ROI – The Dashboard –8– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  9. 9. Issue #1 – Content Creation Where the Breakdown Occurs The Typical Sales Enablement ProgramDid you know… Conflicting Materials that priorities/ haven’t been Creating more Creating more The typical messages from updated in content content different months….or technology business units years industry company is Same tools for Lack of visibilityspending about Creating more into client- Creating more every agent, content content regardless of $135,000 per facing collateral learning style sales person, per year, in Same content to support? talk to all Lengthy decks, Creating more Creating more customers, white papers - Forrester content content regardless of and case studies buying stage –9– ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  10. 10. Issue #1 – Content CreationHow to Fix It Think like a Sales Person act like a Marketer Treat the sales enablement content creation like a marketing campaign: Target Message to different Stage in the Buying Cycle Think about your Audience…The Sales Team Be Creative and make it Fun Add a Call-to-Action after each Sales Training Measure It Develop Content for different Stages in the Buying Cycle Align the Marketing and Sales Efforts – 10 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  11. 11. Issue #1 – Content CreationHow to Fix It Develop Content for different Stages in the Buying Cycle We understand We might Your solution our problem The business case We need reassurance we have a applies to our The and need a applies to our needs. made the right decision. Customer’s problem. needs. Buying solution. Process Find Learn Engage Buy Renew Upgrade Educate Enable Reinforce Thought Leadership: Product/Solution: Value: Competitive Edge: Financial Justification: •Articles • Webinars • Case Studies • Demos • Trials •Social Media • Reports • Blogs • Competitive Tools • ROI Tools The Sales •Newsletters • Product Collateral • Microsites • Testimonials • Proof of Concept Person’s •White Papers • Video • Self-Guided Demo Needs – 11 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  12. 12. Issue #1 – Content CreationHow to Fix It Align the Marketing and Sales Efforts Marketing Sales Product Knowledge Process Knowledge Product Sales Operation Solution Management Analytics Roadmap Marketing Product/Solution & Sales Sales Marketing Communications Content Intersection Competencies Point Go-to- Training Market Plan Sales Training Field Marketing Execution Skills – 12 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  13. 13. Issue #1 – Content Creation Case Study Helped a leader in online education better teach and equip their teams Client Challenge:A leading provider of online education was using an outdated, 400+ page PowerPoint deck to train their Inside Sales team. Reps often couldn’t answer customer inquiries effectively and were inundating Team Leads with repetitive questions. MarketBridge Solution: Audited the existing training to inventory and classify materials and gain participant perspective Met with key, internal stakeholders to identify knowledge needs and expected outcomes Created and distributed an assessment to match actual Rep knowledge gaps to those perceived by Management Developed 20 distinct Training Modules that each featured our Core Components of Learning: Facilitator Guide, Learning Module, Interactivity, Assessment and On-Going Learning Tools 47% Increase in Sales Rep 88% Rep Satisfaction Significant Rep & ManagementBusiness Impact: Knowledge w/Enablement Program Productivity Gains 100% 80% 12% 0% Management time spent 60% Very Satisfied answering Rep questions 40% 91% Satisfied 62% 21% decreased by 62%, 20% Somewhat Satisfied resulting in productivity 0% 67% Not Satisfied gains for both groups. Old Training New Training – 13 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  14. 14. Issue #1 – Content CreationActionable Tips Content considerations for different sales channels: Customized Modular Standard – 14 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  15. 15. Issue #2 – Knowledge Transfer Where the Breakdown Occurs  Training occurs to far in advance  One group training is not enough for knowledge retention  There is no good virtual system to make housing and finding material easyDid you know…  Messaging stays the same through the entire buying cycle Only 33% of  Marketing messages often compete with each other for limited sales attention training is retained by a Product 1 sales person Product 2 the day after the training Product 3 occurs? Product 4- Research Group of America Corporate Marketing Field Marketing Sales Team Customer – 15 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  16. 16. Issue #2 – Knowledge Transfer How to Fix It A robust, user-friendly online resource center willEnable enable learning on an on-going, as-it’s-needed basis with features such as:On-Going Layer 3:  Integration with your current CRM/POS platform  Warehouse for Q&As to prevent repetition in responseLearning On-Demand &  Access to multiple SMEs across the organization On-Going  Collaboration with peers to gain experiential knowledge  “Nuggets” of information on a subscription /push basis Group sessions, held no more than one week ahead ofMake Trainings when leanings will be applied, will be more productiveMore with an established knowledge baseline allowing for:  Focus less on teaching and more on coachingProductive Layer 2:  Role-play to incorporate soft skills Formal Training  Special workshops for areas of personal interest  Break-out sessions for persistent, individual gaps Have trainees review material on their own ahead ofRequire Self- any group training. You’ll be able to:  Accommodate various learning styles/pacesStudy Ahead  Layer 1: Establish a knowledge foundationof Time Self-Study  Track participation  Determine what to focus on in the formal training – 16 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  17. 17. Issue #2 – Knowledge Retention Case Study Provided a scalable program framework to enable technology partners Client Challenge:An industry leader in technology provided its sales partners, which varied in sophistication and needs, an online portal of disparate sales and training collateral – but no outlet to talk to or easy way to find information when it was needed. MarketBridge Solution: Developed a series of “pre-packaged” campaigns, including all the customizable assets a Partner would need for effective demand generation Launched campaigns on an easily accessible, self-service infrastructure Provided in-bound marketing consultation support for partners through phone and chat, using dedicated SMEs that could walk partners through the new tools available, best practices for increased results and drive funding efforts 90% Increase in Partner Program 200% Lift in Tactics Used Within 838% Increase in ROMI After Business Impact: Campaign Execution campaigns Program Implementation 15,000 4 3 Over the course of the 10,000 14,000 2 Program, ROMI increased 5,000 1 838%, representing a 3x 7,350 0 - lift from pre-program Mo. 1 Mo. 2 Mo. 3 Mo. 4 Mo. 5 Mo. 6 Campaigns Pre- Campaigns Post- performance. Training Training Tactics Pre-Training Tactics Post-Training – 17 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  18. 18. Issue #2 – Knowledge TransferActionable Tips Transfer considerations for different sales channels: High Touch Hybrid High Content – 18 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  19. 19. Pop Quiz – 19 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  20. 20. Issue #3 – Track & Measure Where the Breakdown Occurs Training & Sales DashboardDid you know… Not accurately tracking the amount and type of Training Penetration Agent Trainings Appts. Proposals Sales training completed by each individualWhen it comes Virginia 52% 54% 48% 46% Mark Jones 5 20 14 $7,000.00 to sales Georgia 65% 78% Lack of insight into initial knowledge gains16 35% 22% Chris 5 19 and $8,000.00 Gustin 100% retention of information enablement 0% 50% Julia Robes 4 17 10 $5,000.00efforts, 40% of No visible correlation between training, knowledge Ted Foote 1 4 2 $0.00 Knowledge Increase Training Tools Usage them are levels and sales performance 120% 12% 6% 100% deemed 80% Lack of 96%feedback loop where you canOnline Game Click here to tell a get feedback 92%ineffective by 60% on sales enablement efforts and materials us about your 65% 65% CBT Module 40% 54% 43% Live Chat training! 20% corporate 0% No insight into knowledge gaps that Quiz on an exist Webinar sponsors. January individual, product or group basis February 50% - IDC – 20 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  21. 21. Issue #3 – Track & MeasureHow to Fix It Track Everything you Can Create a dashboard to track effectiveness of sales tools: Slice by individual, team, product, etc. See how often someone engages in self-study and resources Allows you to take corrective action where needed Identify peer resources the team can utilize Identify who is ready for advancement (promotion indicators) Map Sales Back to Knowledge Scores Use knowledge scores to identify sales process issues: Identify the “breaking point” in the funnel to see if it’s the product, the material, the teaching, or the soft skills that are causing the issues Use the data and systems you already have in place to evaluate effectiveness Use results to gain additional support internally for continued sales efforts – 21 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  22. 22. Issue #3 – Track & Measure Case Study Created a program to enable effective, ongoing enablement Client Challenge:A high-end retailer found that its CBT platform that left significant knowledge gaps amongst Associates. While their Managers were expected to provide supplemental training to fill them, they did not possess the skill-set to facilitate effectively – and did not know which training Associates needed. MarketBridge Solution:  Launched a multi-tiered, multi-touch email campaign to re-step managers through training tools and deliver short, actionable “nuggets”  Integrated training tools and collateral with their existing point of sale systems to allow for push notifications and easy access to resources  Created a web-based, mobile compatible “Module Picker” that used proprietary logic to assign training modules to individual needs and track usage and outputs on a granular level 126% Increase in Sales 9% Increase in Selling Productivity Due to Identified Top Performers to Business Impact: Performance After 2+ Trainings Reduced Classroom Training Leverage & for Advancement 200% 150% Off-Floor Train Pinpointed the 11% of Pre-Program 16% 1% 17% 1% 65% On-Floor Train Associates that were 100% 154% Self-Directed Train making up over 80% of 50% 107% the overall group 68% Post-Program 2% 4% 17% 6% 71% Clientelling 0% Selling performance pre- Untrained 1 Training 2+ Trainings Program. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% – 22 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  23. 23. Issue #3 – Track & MeasureActionable Tips Tracking considerations for different sales channels: One-to-One One-to-Many Broadcast – 23 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.
  24. 24. Thank You and Q&A SE Assessment Becky Johns Vice President, Marketing ServicesLet us help you get started 240-752-1832 towards the next generation of your own Sales Enablement Courtney Milliken programs with a Program Manager, Marketing Services Sales Assets Assessment 240-752-1880 to establish an asset cmilliken@market-bridge.cominventory baseline for the performance of existing Learn more: sales materials & Web: identification of Twitter: improvement areas. – 24 – ©2012 MarketBridge Corp.