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How to Leave the Perfect Sales Voicemail


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RingLead and RingDNA team up to share best practices for stellar sales voicemails.

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How to Leave the Perfect Sales Voicemail

  1. 1. July 31, 2014 #SalesVoicemail How to Leave the Perfect SalesVoicemail Webinar with RingDNA and RingLead
  2. 2. Howard Brown CEO, RingDNA
  3. 3. Some Voicemail Stats
  4. 4. Great Voicemails Earn More Than Just Call Backs Email response Website Visits Social Engagement Content Engagement Brand Awareness
  5. 5. Poll: How often does your sales team use voicemail scripts? RingLead & RingDNA #SalesVoicemail
  6. 6. Always Provide Context “I wanted to thank you for accepting my LinkedIn request, and tell you how...” ”You recently downloaded our latest eBook, and I was just wondering if I could help you...” 1
  7. 7. Offer Clear Value “I can help you improve...” “I’d love to show you how you can increase...” 2
  8. 8. Cowboy Up – Ask For What You Want 3
  9. 9. Say it Twice ü Name ü Company ü Phone Number 4
  10. 10. Project Energy& Enthusiasm! 5
  11. 11. Keep It Under 30 Seconds6
  12. 12. Automate7
  13. 13. Source: TAS Group, 2013 Test Variables TITLE PERSONALIZATION VALUE  PROP RESPONSE  RATE VM1A eBook  download Prop  A 22% VM1B eBook  download Prop  B 27% 8 TITLE PERSONALIZATION VALUE  PROP RESPONSE  RATE VM2A ROI  Calculator Prop  A 24% VM2B ROI  Calculator Prop  B 19% TITLE PERSONALIZATION VALUE  PROP RESPONSE  RATE VM3A Free  trial Prop  A 21% VM3B Free  trial Prop  B 33%
  14. 14. Optimize Call Times Best: Wed-Thurs. 6:45-9am, 4-6 pm Worst: Monday 6am-noon, Friday afternoons 9 Source: MIT Lead Management Study
  15. 15. Donato Diorio CEO, RingLead
  16. 16. A  walk  in  the  woods
  17. 17. About Me: I Save Bad Voicemails
  18. 18. The Problem First time outreach response is plummeting
  19. 19. •11% of calls get a response on the 1st attempt •22% of calls get a response the 2nd attempt •33% of calls get a response by the 3rd attempt Every connection is an additional touchpoint on the journey to a conversation. Once You’ve Identified a Prospect...
  20. 20. • Less time planning • Less time with people • Less free time • More tech distractions • More time to find info • More time scheduling • 3X more time dealing with unwanted communications • 1/2 the free/unscheduled time • 2X more time after hours 9.7 hour day Sales tasks in minutes 2014 8.5 hour day Sales Day 2004 vs 2014 Sales tasks in minutes 2004
  21. 21. The BIG Idea •80% of calls go into voicemail •90% of first time VM are never returned •You must be good at VM •It can be measurable, coached & improved Voicemail is here to stay “the glengarry leads”
  22. 22. Wait, Isn’t Cold Calling Dead?! At some point you need to have a first engagement. •Content builds brand recognition •Marketing automation fills the funnel •Webinars educate your prospects
  23. 23. A Tale of 3 Voicemails
  24. 24. Straw: A Voicemail Disaster Hi,  Mr.  Diorio,  this  is  Sarah  Smith  from  the  Sales  Training   Center  and  I’m  just  calling  you  to  let  you  know  about  our  new   sales  training  product  that,  um  may  be  of  interest  to  you.  If   you  could  get  back  to  me  at  414-­‐555-­‐1212,  I’d  like  to  set  an   appointment  with  you  to  discuss  this  great  new  product  in   detail.  Thank  you  and  I  look  forward  to  speaking  with  you.” Score: 10 I’m  just  calling may  be  of  interest I’d  like  to If you  could  get  back  to  me um
  25. 25. Stick: An Acceptable Voicemail Score: 50 Mr.  Diorio,  thanks  for  attending  our  webinar.    We’ve  increased   sales  at  companies  like  Donnely  Technology  by  25%  using  our   new  sales  training  program.  This  is  Sarah  Smith  and  if  you  are   interested  to  see  if  we  can  do  the  same  for  you,  let’s  connect   and  I’ll  explain  how  we  did  it  at  Donnely.  I’m  with  The  Sales   Training  Center  and  can  be  contacted  at  414-­‐555-­‐1212.  Thank   you. and  if  you  are interested thanks
  26. 26. Mr.  Diorio,  thank  you  for  attending  our  webinar.    Sales  grew   25%  at  Donnely  Technology  using  our  proven  sales  training   program.  In  the  next  few  minutes,  I’ll  be  reaching  out  to   network  with  Gregg  Thaler  and  John  Kostorus.    This  is  Sarah   Smith  and  I  can  do  the  same  for  your  team.  When  we  connect   I’ll  explain  how  we  did  it  at  Donnely.  I’m  with  The  Sales   Training  Center  and  can  be  contacted  at  414-­‐555-­‐1212.  Thank   Brick: A Solid Voicemail Score: 83 network  with  Gregg  Thaler  and  John  Kosturos. I’ll  be  reaching  out  to
  27. 27. Phelps or Jordan?
  28. 28. Poll: How many voicemails do you immediately delete? RingLead & RingDNA #SalesVoicemail
  29. 29. The “Follow Up” Danger In volley communications, it’s fine to refer to a previous non-response in your outreach. •Never refer to a previous outreach that did not get a response •Puts you on defensive •Natural escalation at 3rd, 4th, etc. •Every outreach should stand alone •Do record in CRM, make determination to continue or not
  30. 30. Path to Outreach Success Reality Check CoachAssess
  31. 31. It’s about a decision point. You can’t continue to fail at an essential part of the recruiting process. 1st place: Cadillac 2nd place: Steak knives 3rd place: Fired Reality Check
  32. 32. Poll: How effective are you in getting a response? RingLead & RingDNA #SalesVoicemail
  33. 33. The Lab
  34. 34. Script writing shorthand •Allows for a more dynamic script •Makes peer review easier •Quicker to modify •Not boring - allow for creativity
  35. 35. ... Speed up Slow down Pause [] Emphasize / A/B {} Influence [Mr.  Diorio],  I’ve  forwarded  the  careers  of  many  sales  reps  sales   and  in  the  next  few  minutes  I’ll  be  reaching  out  to  network  with   {Dan  Hughes  and  Gregg  Thaler}.    This  is  Sarah  Smith.    If  you  are   interested...  to  hear  about  a  posiOon  where  you  can  further   your  career  and  make  a  strategic  impact,    let’s  connect.  I’m  with   The  Sales  RecruiOng  Center  and  can  be  reached  at         414-­‐555-­‐1212.      Again  the  number  is        414-­‐555-­‐1212.  Thank  you   and  keep  a  look  out  for  an  /email/videomail/  from  me! ScriptWriting Shorthand
  36. 36. The Instructions
  37. 37. VoicemailTest: Instructions •1:1 meeting with each person •Do not give advanced notice for the test •Do not do it in a group (favors people who are last) •Measure all people as quickly as possible •Give written instructions:
  38. 38. The Recording
  39. 39. •Why record it? •Don’t get caught in “I did say” or “did not say”... Audio doesn’t lie. •Remember:We want a real world simulation •You will need the recording for “The Meeting” Voicemail Test:The Capture
  40. 40. The Measure
  41. 41. The Eight C’s Clear Concise Conversational Credible Cadence Consistent Customized Compelling
  42. 42. Voicemail Measure Clear •You must be understandable •Accents are fine, but not if clarity is reduced “The British Effect” Concise •Single person outreach: 17 seconds •SOI: 5 extra seconds per person
  43. 43. Voicemail Measure Conversational •Don’t sound like you are reading off a script. •The only time a script works is when you are selling something on price (B2C): ” you $30 on cableTV” •Scripts are for the first few day of sales, after that, use bullet points or script shorthand. Credible •Who have you helped? •If you don’t speak with authority, borrow it
  44. 44. Poll: Are you more likely to return a call if someone displays knowledge about you? RingLead & RingDNA #SalesVoicemail
  45. 45. Voicemail Measure Cadence •Don’t be afraid of strategic pauses •Vary the speed of delivery •Single cadence is boring •A slow down allows a speed up •A speed up allows a slow down Typical: "My telephone is 414-555-1212 x2. I look forward to hearing from you" Better: "My telephone number is (Pause) 414-555-1212 (Pause) Extension 2. I look forward to your call. (Pause) Thank you, John"
  46. 46. Voicemail Measure Consistent •Is your message reinforced by your website? •Is your message reinforced by your email? •Does your voicemail reinforce your message? •Are you consistent across departments? •Is your own voicemail message consistent? •Is your mobile voicemail message consistent?
  47. 47. Voicemail Measure Customized •Use their name •Beware of assumptive phrases - Be specific or go home •Customized call to action Compelling •Leverage previous successes •Use SOI to inspire action •Refrain from cliche phrases - Be specific!
  48. 48. Voicemail Measure
  49. 49. Captures attention (Shock and Awe) Multiple touches Message quality Impact messaging Random success Without multiple touches you do not motivate people to act Brand failure Without message quality you don’t get a second chance Your message can be tremendous, but if it never captures their attention, it is lost Lost in the ocean Voicemail Effectiveness
  50. 50. Voicemail Measure Minimum   competency Average   outreach Standard scripts SOI scripts
  51. 51. Poll: Have you used personalized video in your sales outreach? RingLead & RingDNA #SalesVoicemail
  52. 52. The fastest way to move contact data into your database.
  53. 53. Maximize Sales Performance
  54. 54. RingLead & RingDNA #SalesVoicemail Questions? How to Leave the Perfect Sales Voicemail