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What is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam?


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Alpine Roofing Co., Inc.
What is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam?

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What is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam?

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  3. 3. Advantages over traditional roofing methods <br />Seamless-Sprayed polyurethane foam forms a seamless insulated roofing system. It has no joint seams that often allow outside water and air to pass through the roofing system into the building structure. Whether a roof is 10,000 square feet, 100,000 square feet or larger in size it will have NO SEAMS.<br />Eliminates Flashing Leaks-Because sprayed polyurethane foam conforms to the substrate and when installed, is a seamless system, it is ideal for flashing parapet walls, roof penetrations and roof mounted equipment, including vents, pipes, stacks, HVAC equipment, skylights, and cooling towers. Many roof leaks are caused by faulty flashings. SPF solves this problem.<br />Elimination of Ponding Water-In re-roofing applications, ponding water may be eliminated by adding an increased thickness of polyurethane foam in the low areas. Building up the low areas and sloping the roof so that it drains properly will eliminate ponding water and the additional load factor that is caused by water accumulation.<br />Highest “R” Value- SPF has an “R” value of 7.14 per one inch thickness, enabling it to provide more thermal resistance with less material than any other insulation.<br />Watertight- Polyurethane foam is made of billions of minute closed cells which resist the penetration of water and vapors.<br />
  4. 4. Lightweight- The weight of polyurethane foam is between 2-3 pounds per cubic foot. One inch of polyurethane foam insulation plus 30-mills of protective elastomeric coating weighs approximately 60 pounds per 100 square feet, as compared to approximately 600 pounds per square feet for a typical conventional four-ply built-up roof system. This makes a SPF system ideal for re-roofing as it is possible to apply over an existing built-up roof without removing it.<br />Minimizes Thermal Shock- Because SPF roofing is seamless, has a high “R” value and is covered by a reflective coating, it greatly reduces the thermal shock a building is subjected to because of fluctuating outdoor temperatures.<br />Versatility- It can be sued on both new and replacement roofs, whether flat, pitched, saw-toothed, domed or having unusual slopes or configurations.<br />Flexibility- It has the ability to withstand a structure’s normal expansion and contraction without affecting the ability to keep the structure protected from the outside elements.<br />Ease of Application- A SPF system can be applied in a relatively short period of time with little or no disruption of building operations by an experienced, qualified polyurethane contractor.<br />Ease of Maintenance- Minor repairs or modifications to the polyurethane system can be made by in-house maintenance personnel at minimal cost. All that is needed is a hand caulking gun and a tube of caulking.<br />
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  7. 7. Alpine Roofing only uses the finest quality foams and coating from proven manufactures that stand behind their products.<br />
  8. 8. HISTORY<br />Alpine Roofing Co., Inc. is a story of a family-operated business dedicated to quality roofing service backed by experience. It’s been that way for four generations in the Coyne family. It started in 1939 when John Coyne moved his family from New York to the west cost and started up Five-Star Roofing Co. The five stars were in honor of his five sons he had in military service during World War II. Those boys all returned home safely, three of them- Robert, William and Richard worked in the trade until joining forces in 1953 with Owens Roofing in Los Angeles. During their 20 years of service with Owens the Coyne brothers ascended through the company and in doing so helped turn Owens Roofing into one of the largest roofing contractors on the west coast. Then in 1973 Robert moved is family to Lake Tahoe to start up his own company with his younger brother Steve and his three sons Pat, Joe and Mark that was the start of Alpine Roofing in Northern Nevada and Northern California. What started out as as a business to serve residential roofing needs has become one of the northwest’s most qualified industrial roofing businesses. Today the Company is owned and operated by Pat and Joe working by their sides are younger brother Mark and Pat’s daughter Teri and son Peter. Over the years the equipment has become more sophisticated, the jobs more demanding. But the enthusiasm and dedication to quality service that started over 72 years ago remains. Today Alpine Roofing aggressively seeks out the finest materials and the latest technical advances in assuring you of the industry’s best roofing possible.<br />
  9. 9. Alpine Roofing Co., Inc.<br />25 Greg St. Sparks NV, 89431<br /><br />Polyurethane Foam<br /> Single-ply systems<br /> Protective Coatings<br /> Waterproofing<br /> Maintenance Systems<br />Metal Roofing & Sheet Metal<br /> Built-up Roofing Systems<br />P 775-358-7663 F 775-358-7689<br />NV Lic # 017484 CA Lic # 643254<br />