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Presentation for San Miguel Corporation's Supremo Cane Vinegar brand.

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Supremo Cane Vinegar Presentation aprl 14

  1. 1. Supremo Cane Vinegar Campaign Proposal April 12, 2011
  2. 2. Your Requirements• Refine the current campaign for the brand.• Produce new tactical campaigns
  3. 3. A quick overview
  4. 4. While it is true that Supremo has made amark on Filipina homemakers…there is still a strong potential for SupremoVinegar that remains untapped…But before heading there, let’s have a quickpeek into what our competitors are doing…
  5. 5. What’s going on withVinegar these days?
  6. 6. For the pastyears, Datu Putihas been usinghumor tocommunicatewhat their brandis all about…
  7. 7. While we believe It’s entertaining,it veers too far from the mainpurpose of vinegar in every Filipinokitchen.What about the others?
  8. 8. Other brandsappear to haveno distinctpersonality thatconsumers canidentify with..
  9. 9. It seems thatconsumers have losttouch on the valueof vinegar inmodern Filipinocooking.The question is notWhy we loveVinegar,It’s, what’s therenot to love about it?
  10. 10. Vinegar is amazing, astounding andversatile and the quality of the vinegarused in cooking reflects on the food…
  11. 11. Unlike the generic quality of otherbrands, Supremo Vinegar has adistinguishable asim-sarap goodnessand Its purity and naturalness cannotbe matched by its competitors.
  12. 12. It’s time that we putemphasis on the inherentexcellent quality ofSupremo Vinegar asshown in its red, blueand yellow nationalisticcolors.Because in a sea ofgreen-tintedcompetitors, Supremobreaks away from themold.
  13. 13. We believe in making Supremo Vinegarlive up to its name…Because it truly is the SUPREME vinegarmade for the SUPREME cook.It deserves more credit from the targetmarket and a stronger clout in the trade.
  14. 14. So what do we do?
  15. 15. • We need to create renewed excitement for the brand to further heighten market awareness and drive sales.
  16. 16. • The creative strategies contained herein have been formulated with one objective : Make Supremo the Cane Vinegar of choice. It is not merely to remind or to make aware. It is a Call to Action. “Yan ang Supremong Konsepto para sa Supremong Suka!”
  17. 17. Creatives
  18. 18. Thematic Print 1 - Awareness May Asim ng Supremo
  19. 19. Thematic Print 2 - Awareness Ang Sarap ng Natural
  20. 20. Tactical Print Series 1 -Ang Supremong Kilawin
  21. 21. Tactical Print Series 2 –Ang Supremong Inun-Unan (Paksiw)
  22. 22. Tactical Creative Symbol - Kiko Kusinero
  23. 23. Kiko KusineroChef Supremo Strips
  24. 24. Other Initiatives
  25. 25. Ang Sarap ng Natural Radio 30sMVO: Ang best things in life, ay ang natural. (sounds of trickling water)MVO: Naamoy ito, (appreciative sounds of smelling)FVO: Nalalasahan, (appreciative sounds of pleasure eating)FVO/MVO: at hinahanap-hanapFVO: Pagdating sa suka, Kailangan purong asim na hango sa tubo.
  26. 26. FVO: Para umaangat ang lasa ng handang ulam…MVO: O, pulutan.FVO: Sa asim ng Supremo, garantisadong Supremo ang ulamFVO/MVO: Supremo Cane Vinegar, ang sarap ng natural!
  27. 27. “Ang Asim ko, Natural!” Radio JingleUlam! Ulam!kailangan, Supremong ulam!Asim! Asim!kailangan, Supremong Asim!Ang Su-perbAng Ga-lingSa-rap, A-sim!Asim ng SupremoYan ang asim ko! – Natural, Supremo!
  28. 28. VO: Supremong Sarap, Supremong Asim. Para sa Supremong Ulam, sa garantisado na tayo. Natural, Supremo Cane Vinegar!Ang Su-perbAng Ga-lingSa-rap, A-sim!Asim ng SupremoYan ang asim ko! – Natural, Supremo!VO: Supremo Cane Vinegar, Garantisadong Natural!
  29. 29. TV- Segment Buys• Brand Bugs on popular TV Channels:TV5 and GMA 7 Ticker tape messages counting down to the weekends, encouraging viewers to plan a Supremo filled food weekend with the family. Sample:Wednesday na! 2 araw nalang! Gawin Supremo ang ulam ng pamilya! Maghanda ng Supremong Kilawin. Garantisadong magugustuhan ng Pamilya ang sarap-asim nito gamit ang Asim ng SUPREMO. Supremo Vinegar, Garantisadong Natural!
  30. 30. Supremo ChefThe Great Culinary Challenge
  31. 31. • The Supremo Chef Great Culinary Challenge is a cook-off featuring students from different culinary and HRM schools. Chefs armed with Supremo Vinegar as their weapon of choice battle it out. Who will win the ultimate vinegar challenge?
  32. 32. • The competition is divided into 3 stages: 1) applicant processing 2) elimination and the 3) Grand finals• The participating culinary professor can serve as competition adviser/coach to the (2) students from each school.
  33. 33. • The competition is open to all HRM or culinary students currently enrolled in a government- recognized academic institution.
  34. 34. Competition Description• Each team is composed of two student chefs and a culinary professor from the respective participating schools from Metro Manila’s North, South, East and West zones.
  35. 35. • Teams from the North, South, East and West Zones are required to purchase Supremo Vinegar products worth P1,500 to qualify in the eliminations. Supremo products shall be delivered to the participating school upon purchase.
  36. 36. • Participating schools are required to submit the following documents: 1) Two 2×2 photo of each student contestant 2) Two 2×2 photo of the coach 3) One photocopy of the school ID of the contestant/s and the coach 4) A scanned copy of the Supremo Vinegar payment transaction
  37. 37. • Contestants are required to participate in the elimination rounds starting September. Teams are required to prepare 1 Supremo vinegar based dish which shall then be judged in the weekly elimination rounds. Schedules are as follows: Week 1 North Zone Week 2 South Zone Week 3 East Zone Week 4 West Zone
  38. 38. • All Supremo vinegar based dishes will be judged by a select panel of culinary experts. The top entries in the elimination rounds will be notified of their promotion to “Finalist” status on the day of eliminations.• The finalists chosen from the North, South, East and West Zones will each get P10,000 and Gift packs from Supremo Vinegar.
  39. 39. • (2) Weekly finalists from the elimination rounds with the winning Supremo vinegar based dish from each zone shall participate in the Grand cook-off on October 28, 2011.• Finalists are required to submit their recipes for the 2-course meal on/or before October 15, 2011.• The qualified finalists from each zone are tasked to prepare, cook and execute a 2-course meal for 4 pax.
  40. 40. • All finalists will receive a notice to attend the pre-competition briefing. Failure to attend the briefing automatically disqualifies contestants from actual competition.
  41. 41. Grand Finalists – Ingress• Finalists must use the Official Ingress List that will be provided to all contestants. Each page must be submitted in 3 copies, during designated ingress time and date. A thirty minute allowance will be given after the stated starting time for Ingress to accommodate late arrivals after which Ingress official closes.
  42. 42. • Ingress of equipment and ingredients will be based on the entry-recipe. Inclusion of any equipment or ingredient not part of the entry-recipe nor required for its execution will not be allowed. Ingress should include plug adaptors, extension cords, voltage regulators which are required to operate one’s own equipment.
  43. 43. • The Organizers will only provide the following per team in the grand finals: - A 4 burner gas range with oven, work table, flowing water, trash bin, one electrical outlet. Total work area is (cubicle) 4 square meters.
  44. 44. • The two Student Chefs will execute their recipes within the following time frame – 30 minutes mise en place, 1 hour to cook, 30 minutes to “plate” inclusive of the plating of 1 set of all the dishes for presentation and a second set for the judges, for tasting.
  45. 45. Criteria for Judging50% Supremo Sarap25% Supremo Originality15% Supremo Plating presentation10% Supremo Affordability
  46. 46. Culinary Finals event prizes• 1st Prize: P100,000.00 cash, a kitchen showcase worth P50,000 and Supremo gift packs.• 2nd Prize: P50,000.00 cash, a kitchen showcase worth P 50,000 and Supremo gift packs.• 3rd Prize: P30,000.00 cash, a kitchen showcase worth P50,000 and Supremo gift packs.
  47. 47. Event Logo Design
  48. 48. Venue Look:SM NORTH EDSA’S SKY DOME
  49. 49. Communication Support
  50. 50. Poster and Banner Designs
  51. 51. TV Initiatives- InterstitialsThe Asian Food Channelfeatures the first “SupremoChef Great Culinarychallenge” Interstitials willfeature the supreme dishescreated by budding chefsfrom Metro Manila usingSupremo Cane Vinegar.
  52. 52. TV Initiatives - Supremo TV SegmentSegment buy–“Asim ng Supremo” Popular morning show’s hosts talk about supreme dishes found in the Philippines. Each featured Filipino dish will be tasted for its sarap-asim quality that only Supremo Vinegar can provide, then segue to the Supremo Chef Great Culinary Challenge shout out.Media Vehicles: – Unang Hirit, GMA 7
  53. 53. Thank You!