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Biz plan

  1. 1. • We dream of being a world class quick service restaurant. With those we serve a classof sandwiches, wraps and deserts from the country and places around the world.• In a world where pizzas, burgers, subs, coffees are the favourites, we wish to bringin the new flavours which are yet untouched, the sandwiches which are the baseof all these major brands, we bring it back to the basics in the world.• The dessert a dish which is kept until the end so as to make your mouth wait for it,will now be available at your own convenience at the beginning, during, or afteryour meal. Flavours which are not set to a few, but flavours coming from across theworld, falling right into your platter.• Shakes designed to quench the thirst and also give the variation in flavours.Bringing the loveliest of them all. Taste which will make your buds keep on goingfor one more.• This is exactly what we will be. A friendly and a lovely atmosphere in our stores iswhat we aim to create.
  2. 2. • Focussing on various products is a tough task, we at VEGEATARIO look to create aworld class range of products for our fans :1. Desserts2. Shake – A – Thon3. Sandwiches4. Wraps5. Sidees6. Xtras7. Bakerz (Cakes and more)• The products we plan to launch are available across the world but what’s different,you will find out by the end.
  3. 3. • The desserts will be made in-house which means no ready made desserts will beserved. They will be make to order which makes it giving the perfect blend offlavours within them.• All the vegetables used for wraps and sandwiches won’t be kept sliced and dicedbut will be done as per the order. So as to keep the freshness of the product.• Detailing of all the products will be given much a notice to so as to create a nichemarket. It will not be for a few but for each and everyone.• The pricing factor, trying to serve the best has a cost but trying to hold the marginsand give the people a cost friendly bill after their wonderful meal is a major targetof the company. It is well explained in the coming moves.• In addition to all of the above, our restaurant will be a Pure Vegetarian restaurant.It will be for all those who are always worried about having at major brands, dueto serving of non-vegetarian food.
  4. 4. • A competitive pricing strategy has been involved so as to cover the total costs andgive us reasonable profits.• The product pricing ranges from INR 15 to INR 275.• The company has a margin of approx 30% to 65% on various range of products.• Order 30 a well designed system to provide wide range of products (approx 20) atthe price of INR 15 to 30, a huge benefit to your pocket without compromising onthe profit margins.• A product will be inclusive of all major taxes, which will reduce the burden ofadditional charges on the fans.• Most of our product range less than INR 75. We wish to attract major crowd, be itof any class by serving the products at the best possible rates.
  5. 5. WE THEPEOPLE• The VEGEATARIO is just not all about margins and the fans, but it is and will alwaysbe concentrated with the people whom we employ, work, collaborate and transactwith.• The VEGEATARIO will always be hearing out to all the issues faced by our behindthe scenes and up front makers of the company.• The people will always be given a big chance to innovate, to be heard out, to begiven the chance to prove their value and worth as a human being. Ideas andinnovations will always be our aim and mission so as no one is left out withoutbeing given an opportunity.• Our menu will be given innovation through in house employees so as they also areknown to the world. They are the ones to create our name a brand across theworld.
  6. 6. • The VEGEATARIO aims to create not only fantastic menus, fan following oremployee relations.• The real aim is with a target of going to across the country in the next 10 years,with a focus of having company owned or operated stores.• We have a target of having around 3 stores in the first year following a target of 15stores in the first three years and 40 stores in the five years. We aim to be in majorcities in the first five years itself.• The VEGEATARIO will after ten years aim to move across borders to go ahead inAsia, and followed on with Africa and Europe.• We aim to cross all borders and spread the flavours of INDIA and the world allacross our stores.
  7. 7. MARKET AVAILABILITYThe market availability for food and beverages is quite huge, the approximately marketavailability is :1. As per Economic Times, the restaurant market will be around 1 lakh crore in 2020.2. The Indian fast food market is growing at an annual rate of 25-30 per cent, Foreignfast food chains are aggressively increasing their presence in the country.3. 25% of population eats out at least twice a month and spends Rs.150-Rs.500 permeal per person.4. Organized modern formats like malls, multiplexes and food courts have alsobecome a favored destination.5. Only 7% of the total restaurant market comprises of Quick Service Restaurantswith a market of 3,000 crores, while the total restaurant industry is at 43,000crores.
  10. 10. EXPECTED INCOME (YoY) PER STOREFINANCIALYEAREXPECTEDTURNOVEREXPECTED RATEOF RETURNEXPECTEDPROFIT2013 - 2014 20,00,000/- 30% 6,00,000/-2014 - 2015 30,00,000/- 30% 9,00,000/-2015 - 2016 60,00,000/- 35% 21,00,000/-2016 - 2017 1,00,00,000/- 40% 40,00,000/-
  11. 11. FOR ANY FURTHER DETAILSCONTACT ON :T : +91-9619-299-311; +91-9699-246-444E : ; vegeatario@gmail.comF :