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Films vocabulary[1]


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Films vocabulary[1]

  1. 1. TYPES OF FILMS Vocabulary
  2. 2. action film
  3. 3. adventure film
  4. 4. animated film
  5. 5. biography (biopic)
  6. 6. cartoons
  7. 7. comedy
  8. 8. documentary film
  9. 9. drama
  10. 10. horror film
  11. 11. romance / love story
  12. 12. musical
  13. 13. romantic comedy
  14. 14. science fiction film
  15. 15. thriller
  16. 16. war film
  17. 17. western
  18. 18. VOCABULARY box office film critic film review soundtrack film score plot scene script sequel /si:kwƏl/ special effects PEOPLE: supporting role lead actor/actress/role screenwriter cast extra director
  19. 19. • To the movies ROLEPLAY THE FOLLOWING SITUATION : You are interested in a movie. You are going to invite your friends to check it out. You have to tell your friends what the movie is. Also, you are keen on knowing what other movies appeal to them and you decide which movie to go to.
  20. 20. Verbs and phrases • The film was set in the 20th century in England. • It was based on a novel by Ian McEwan. • It was filmed/shot on location in London. • It was directed by James Ivory. • Helena Bonham-Carter played the part of Lucy. • It was dubbed in Spanish.
  21. 21. SPEAKING : DISCUSSING FILMS Talk about a film that you really like....or hate... Do you like going to the cinema or you prefer watching it at home ? Dvd or blue ray prices too expensive? Downloading films on the internet? Your opinion Favourite actor/actress Opinion about Spanish films Tv series or Films ? what´s better according to you?