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How SEO will help for a online business promotion.

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Seo presentation by mahendra

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization SEO Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  2. 2. Presentation By Mahendra Varma 1. Definition of SEO 2. Current State of Search 3. Organic vs. Paid 4. How Search Works 5. Why It Matters 6. SEO Recipe 7. Benefits of Internet Marketing 8. SE Ranking Factors
  3. 3. Definition Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" (organic or algorithmic) search results. Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  4. 4. The State of Search Next to email, Search is the most popular online activity Search engine results continue to get better every year Today, Google knows about more than 1 trillion web pages, and they find 2 billion new ones every day Just as we rely on search engines, they need our help to improve their relevance. Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  5. 5. Share of Search Market Google 61.5% Yahoo 20.9% MSN/Live 9.2% Ask 4.3% AOL 4.1% Google Yahoo MSN Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  6. 6. Organic Vs. Paid Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  7. 7. Pay Per Click (PPC) Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  8. 8. Local Results (Maps) Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  9. 9. Organic Results (SEO) Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  10. 10. Presentation By Mahendra Varma Pay-Per-Click “ Organic” SEO results in 1-2 days easier for a novice or one little knowledge of SEO ability to turn on and off at any moment generally more costly per visitor and per conversion fewer impressions and exposure easier to compete in highly competitive market space (but it will cost you) Ability to generate exposure on related sites (AdSense) ability to target “local” markets better for short-term and high-margin campaigns results take 2 weeks to 4 months requires ongoing learning and experience to achieve results very difficult to control flow of traffic generally more cost-effective, does not penalize for more traffic SERPs are more popular than sponsored ads very difficult to compete in highly competitive market space ability to generate exposure on related websites and directories more difficult to target local markets better for long-term and lower margin campaigns
  11. 11. How Search Engines Work Search engine bots/spiders are continuously crawling the web, making note of new pages and content. They are not overly sophisticated, which is why html sites with properly built links/navigation often outrank more dynamic sites that use Flash and JavaScript links. Specialized search spiders later return to web pages to gather this new information and it is eventually added to the search engine’s index. Again, these bots are basic…they can read text and links, but not much else. When you conduct a search, the results are displayed almost magically, but a lot is happening behind the scenes. Results are pulled from the current Index, based on a complex algorithm. Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  12. 12. Dear website owner, Google gives the first importance to the content after that It will goes to the other factors . Google has algorithm called robots it will check the web site daily or weekly as per the trust and frequency of updating of the web site See below how Google will cache the page How Google Will Cache Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  13. 13. Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  14. 14. Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  15. 15. Eye Tracking Study – Enquiro Over 50% of all clicks were on the first 3 organic results. - Location - Relevance - Page Title - Description - URL Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  16. 16. Why It Matters SEO is important because it improves the odds of someone finding your company online. Online visibility can help your credibility and brand awareness. Improved rankings don’t always translate to more traffic and sales. Think like your customers, then verify how people search. SEO can put you in front of the people looking for your products & services. Your online marketing efforts should be focused on an end result. Make sure your website/landing page makes it easy for visitors to sign up, join, request information, buy, or whatever else you seek. 85% of all traffic on the internet is referred to by search engines 90% of all users don’t look past the first 30 results (most only view top 10) Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  17. 17. Why It Matters Both Clients Free Traffic Paid Traffic Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  18. 18. SEO Recipe On Page Factors Page Title Keywords in Content Heading Tags Keyword Research How do people search? Competition level 2-4 word phrases Link Building Internal External Anchor Text Improved Rankings Better Visibility Increased Traffic More Leads/Sales Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  19. 19. Benefits of Internet Marketing Interactive Advertising Supports current marketing efforts Improve your Competitive Edge Expand Customer Base and Target Audience Increase Referrals and word of mouth Boost Sales, repeat business and customer loyalty Save time and money by reducing marketing costs Build customer trust / Protect your customers privacy Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  20. 20. 1. Keyword Use in Title Tag 2. Overall Popularity of Site – “Trust” & “Authority” 3. Anchor Text of Inbound Link 4. Age of Site 5. Internal Link Structure 6. Keyword Use in Page Content 7. Outbound Links to Quality/Relevant Sites 8. Age of Page 9. Keyword Use in Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3) 10. Age of Link Search Engine Ranking Factors Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  21. 21. Research keywords related to your business Identify competitors, utilize benchmarking techniques and identify level of competition Utilize descriptive title tags for each page Ensure that your text is HTML-text and not image text Use text links when ever possible Use appropriate keywords in your content and internal hyperlinks (don’t overdo!) Obtain inbound links from related websites Monitor your search engine rankings and more importantly your website traffic statistics and sales/leads produced Educate yourself about search engine marketing Basic Tips & Optimization Techniques Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  22. 22. How to Improve the Traffic of a Website By Using Off page Optimization Link Building Directories & Search Engine Submissions Social bookmarking & Networking Promotion Classified posting Forum posting Press release promotion Article Submission Blogs writing and promotion E mail Campaigning Video Submissions Banner promotions Presentation By Mahendra Varma
  23. 23. Thank You. Questions? Presentation By Mahendra Varma