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Can Akin - FBI police nypd


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Can Akin - FBI police nypd

  3. 3.          I got out of my car. I am walking toward the wooden area. I cannot see my shoes due to the length of the wild grass while I am walking. I am walking toward the most quiet and secluded place of the forest in sorrow that I cannot construe????, leaving my heart in darkness.          The policemen were protecting the place where the event happened immediately turn around and tried to wipe their tears with their hands after they saw me. Ahead of them the Forensic Medicine Attorney General and the Chief of Serious Crimes and the Forensic Medicine Doctor are standing. The typewriter started to write…          We came to the place where the event happened upon notification of finding the dead body of a daughter about 4 years old in the ……… grove, in …………. City, …….. State on day ……., 2005.  An examination was started in the place where the event happened by accompanying of the Forensic Medicine Attorney General M.S., Operator Doctor mis C.V, the Chief of Police U.H and  Criminal Expert C.A.
  4. 4. Chief of Police; U.H. ” In the detailed investigation performed by us we fixed that the dead body belonged to A.S. named daughter living in …………… street no 22. She was taken in front of her house with her consent and brought near the grove. One …… piece of chocolate, half eaten, was found in the place where the event happened. In the investigation performed by us in the route of the way where the crime was committed, there is one footprint of the suspect in the green area. It was also verified that the child was brought in the green area by force in arms.” (with the tone of voice ready to cry) I cannot bear this wildness that I saw because of my age. I will type the relevant extensive report in my office and then send it…
  5. 5. Criminal Expert; C.A “ There was the body of a naked girl about four years old on the wild grass in the place where the event happened. When I came close to her, I found that there were four bites on her left breast; three of the bites were produced when she was alive and the last bite was done after she was dead. All evidences show that the event was performed by force. One business identity card of the person TH currently residing in the …. State, registered in …… was found on the ground, the suspect was caught. In the examination performed on the suspect, it was found that his knees were green due to wild grasses, his teeth prints were the same of the prints on the dead body after the his teeth’s prints were X-rayed and finally the suspect confessed his crime in order to benefit from the penalty decrease…”
  6. 6. Juridical Medical Doctor Mis C.V “ It was seen that there was a purple spot on the nape of the decedent’s neck. She was taken to the place where event happened by force by holding from the nape???? of her neck. The young girl 4 years old was raped bloodthirsty. The young girl’s sexual organ and her stomach were broken by the suspect’s sexual organ. An intensive quantity of bleeding started due to breaking of her organs when she was still alive. Her sexual organ was out and was not closed. It also evidences that the girl was also continued to be raped after she was died. (in tears) I will present the details related to the event in appendix…”
  7. 7. The pre expression of T.H. named as a suspect taken by the police to the place where the event happened; “ I was checking my mails sent in my computer at home. In a mail “ THE BEST CHILD PORNOGRPAHY SITES ARE HERE, CLICK” was written. I opened and looked at it; there were the naked photos of the young daughters… And I aroused. I deceived A.S. named girl 4 years old playing in front of my house and took her to the grove and raped her there. I escaped and came to home when I saw that she was dead…”
  8. 8. Nine policemen, one attorney general, one juridical doctor were overwhelmed by her expression like an angel on her face while they were carrying the child’s dead body considerable length of time. The eyes of the child were falling asleep in dead, saying good-bye to the life half open and painfully. Her face looking as if it is still smiling was looking saying…”I wanted to live. I was just a child. Why did you do it to me? What did you want from my body, my life is left half-finished” and everybody was crying. The silence was heavy like a bullet. It was shooting everybody through their hearts. The silence was telling the many things.
  9. 9. ADVICE TO THE MOTHERS AND FATHERS ON THE MATTER THAT CHILDREN ARE ABUSEd SEXUALLY (SEXUAL ANNOYANCE): It is very important for your child to trust you at every subject and to be able to talk to you about their problems. The children need to be warned and trained to be more carefully against the strangers in their environment and not to trust them much. You should know where your children go and play with after they left the house. Reach an agreement with other families that they must be at home at a specific time in the evening… YOU, AS A FAMILY SHOULD KNOW THOSE MATTERS… It is very important to notify them regarding every kind of dangers relating to the children very much????. The sexual notification is also included in it. In the registration of police, it is fixed through experience that it is only possible to advice them on this matter having them had some principles in order to prevent the children from being exposed to the sexual annoyances….
  10. 10. WHAT SHOULD YOU ADVICE TO YOUR CHILDREN… There is danger everywhere; on the way to school, around the park, while returning home, around sports fields, while going and coming from and to their friends... Make sure your children regarding the places which might be dangerous…. They must be inspired and taught according to the good and bad national and ethical values, good act must be appreciated openly. The bad act must be reveal by giving an example of others, he/she must not be reproved severely because of his/her mistakes. Not taking any money or gift from the persons whom they do not know, not going anywhere with strangers, not helping to the foreigners demanding help, not getting in strangers cars in any case, following the children regularly, paying attention to them and being with them are also some of the things preventing sexual annoyance. You will ensure them to control themselves by themselves and be more sensitive by the result of your warnings regarding this danger by always talking to children. Not to open the door for persons they do not know when they are alone. Not giving any information to strangers on the phone. To be far away from the uninhabited parks, roads and places, not leaving the children playing as a group and not playing alone and also paying attention to the children younger than them.
  11. 11. The followings must be told to the children: Requiring for help from elders when they feel that they were being followed up and going toward crowd but not to the uninhabited places in this situation. Crying, escaping and defending themselves when they are in danger. Looking at the persons who want to injure/damage them and then identifying them; and noting the numbers of their vehicles’ plates, informing and telling the police and their families immediately when anything was done to them or their friends. DO NOT LEAVE ME ALONE IN MY WAR…. DENOUNCE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY TO THE PHONE NUMBER OF POLICE ASSISTANCE WHATEVER COUNTRY YOU ARE IN.. DO NOT FORGET… USA POLICE TEL: 911
  12. 12. CAN AKIN Mr _ canakin @ yahoo . co . uk Mr _ canakin @ hotmail .com İNTERNET BAGLIYKEN TIKLAYINIZ...