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GoMix (UK)
GoMix is an interactive music format that lets users create personalized remixes of major artist's songs. Distributed via Social Networks and digital album bundles, GoMix brings labels new revenue and promotional opportunities through advertising and digital retail products. In 2009 GoMix has been adopted by a succession of major artists and advertisers. 2010 will see very significant evolution, adding virtual goods, a mobile platform and a game changing User Generated Content approach.

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Go mix presentation

  1. 1. Midem Introduction Jan 2010
  2. 2. What is GoMix? GoMix is aninteractive music format > It lets people remix and share songs by major artists > GoMix’s mission is to build a world beyond the play button > We’re the missing link for music to unlock the value of social media
  3. 3. GoMix- Mixing
  4. 4. GoMix: Community & discovery features
  5. 5. Where is GoMix? Artists Websites
  6. 6. GoMix: Social networking Artists feature GoMix on their profiles Their fans discover GoMix, then share mixes on their own profiles
  7. 7. How does it work? A GoMix song 1. Label provides audio stems and artwork 2. GoMix creates song, and hosts it on our servers 3. Song distributed via social networks, artists sites or album bundles 4. GoMix player is 100% web browser based. No downloads, no piracy
  8. 8. GoMix users Average GoMix user session lasts 16 minutes The most engaging music product online? Users finished mixes are extremely viral- many exceed 100k plays Built an initial audience of 125,000 active remixersfrom just 25 songs We’ll be adding 50 new songs a month by late 2010 GoMix captures detailed user stats, name, age, sex, e-mail and country Metro Station ‘Shake it’ now the most remixed song of all time 2 distinct models for monetization
  9. 9. GoMix Monetization 1- Advertising Advertising and Sponsorship GoMix user engagement and affiliation with major artists is popular with advertisers: Burger King, USA Flo Rida and 5 other artists received $100,000+ Vodafone, Europe La Roux, Placebo, Empire of the Sun, Pixie Lott, Florence and the Machine Dr Pepper, USA Flo Rida. 850,000 plays of fan made mixes in 6 weeks Lionsgate Pictures, USA + UK Placebo/Kate Bush. Significant cash payment plus massive lift in sales of song
  10. 10. GoMix Monetization 2- Virtual Goods A massive opportunity exists for music in social games &virtual goods These already dwarf music traffic and revenues on MySpace and Facebook Over 400 million people play social media games each month Sector generates $1 billion in revenue, and is growing fast Where is music in all this?
  11. 11. GoMix- Virtual Goods model Feb 2010, GoMix launching a virtual goods style retail store Products Access Buy access to mix a song £1/€1 MP3 Buy your mix as an MP3 £1.25/€1.25 Gift Gift or dedicate mixes to friends £1.25/€1.25 Bundle Access a song with one mix or gift £2/€2 > Label/GoMix rev share approx 60/40% > Store to feature in GoMix application on MySpace and Facebook > 2 majors labels on board, 2 more incoming plus several large indies
  12. 12. Where next? User Generated content Millions of videos exist of people playing along to artists songs on YouTube Combined, these videos are significantly more popular than official video March 2010, GoMix will become the new home for this audience Mobile Q3 2010
  13. 13. GoMix Team • Olly Barnes: CEO and founder Creative technology and record production • Harry Richardson, CTO Cambridge Computer Graduate, Silicon Valley developing security tools used by US military • Nick Ashley Cooper, COO LSE MBA Graduate 2009. Terra Firma/EMI Digital Strategist • Sylvan W Clebsch, Software Architect Stanford University,Founder of Roger Wilco™ voice-over-IP application plus numerous games • Jeremy Marsh, Chairman Former president BMG Music. Currently Vice-Chairman Warner Bros Records