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Presentation at 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

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  1. 1. The region’s network of cleantech incubators Joan Popolo, Programs Director, ACTION Massachusetts Green Careers Conference October 1, 2014 Business Incubators
  2. 2. Who Are We? The region’s network of cleantech incubators •Our Mission •Our Geography Our unique regional network includes a range of incubation models, industry and academic affiliations, resources and expertise to collectively meet the needs of our members’ companies
  3. 3. ACTION’s Mission Support green job growth in the Northeast 3 Accelerate the growth and success of early- stage companies Strengthen the regional cleantech cluster
  4. 4. Our Geographic Distribution 4
  5. 5. Special call-out to our friends at Barb Finer, Founder & CEO, for their efforts in organizing a CleanTech SIG!
  6. 6. What Does ACTION Do? Supports Incubators Supporting Cleantech Startups We help our members accelerate their startups’ success by augmenting programs, facilitating resource sharing and best practices among them, and connecting & collaborating within the greater cleantech ecosystem.
  7. 7. Our network of incubators provides diverse resources and a highly supportive hub where entrepreneurs business leaders government agencies community leaders investors universities & others collaborate toward the successful commercialization of enterprises that will build a prosperous green economy, improve the quality of our lives and sustain the health of our environment.
  8. 8. Our Benefits and Services 8 For Incubators  Peer-to-peer networking to develop best practices for incubator management  Pipeline of cleantech startup referrals to incubators  Engineering, prototyping and manufacturing resources  Sharing of specialized equipment and facilities  Group discounts – professional memberships, conferences  Investor introductions and funding opportunities
  9. 9. ACTION can help find the incubator that best fits the needs of your cleantech startupACTION can help find the incubator that best fits the needs of your cleantech startup Considering Business Incubation? Our Startup Referral Program can help find the incubator that best fits the needs of your cleantech company  Assistance in seeking grant & investor funding  Mentoring  Co-working , shared or private office space  Wet lab facilities  Prototyping Space  Advice on engineering & manufacturing resources  Peer-to-peer networking and connections to the regional cleantech ecosystem  Highly discounted market research reports  Funds for grant-writing assistance  Discounted conference fees  Business and product development programs  ACTIONPass for short-term meeting space What Our Network Offers Entrepreneurs
  10. 10. Cluster Building • Regional Concentrations of Related Industries • Establish consortium of stakeholders within a region • Who are the stakeholders? We Believe in the Importance of Building Regional Community Networks 10 Incubators Universities Service providers, Banks Accelerators Chambers of Commerce R&D facilities Investors Manufacturers Makerspaces Industry organizations
  11. 11. Some of our Key Stakeholders 11
  12. 12. Our Impact $47K ACTION negotiates group discounts for its members to conferences and professional organizations. GRANTS TO STARTUPS Our performance is measured by the value of benefits and services we provide for our member incubators and their startup companies IN-KIND SPONSOR SERVICES GROUP DISCOUNTS INCUBATION AWARDS STARTUP REFERRALS $47K 80+ >$500K $300K+ >$68K ACTION’s Startup Referral Program provides a pipeline of introductions between startups and incubators for best fit matches for companies. See our Startup Referral Brochure Short-term incubation awards are made available on a competitive basis for promising early-stage startups. ACTION and its partners provide startups with grant- writing assistance, market research reports and funding through grants. Our sponsors generously provide legal, accounting, marketing, pitch coaching, advising, software packages, travel subsidies, and HR services for startups.
  13. 13. Where the (green) jobs are Job Offerings: Next Step Living – 59 jobs EnerNOC – 55 jobs National Grid – 64 opportunities Northeast Utilities -46 openings Ameresco -10 Bridge Energy –12 jobs Conservation Services Group-15 jobs Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners - 12 Fraunhofer – 14 positions open Etc.. Seeking talent in: Engineering, technical Customer service Sales IT services Business and finance As reported in a recent New England Clean Energy Council blog post (Kevin Doyle), an analysis of job offerings from just 50 NECEC member companies shows:
  14. 14. Where are the Green Careers in the ACTIONetwork? For Students •Paid internships for students within ACTION incubators or startups -marketing and communications, events planning -business analytics/database mgt -technical support •Volunteer opportunities with incubators or partner orgs -learn about incubation, entrepreneurship, and the greater cleantech ecosystem •Cleantech startups hire talent as they grow (slowly) For Industry Experts •Incubator Mentor opportunities – industry executives provide sector-specific expertise to cleantech entrepreneurs. •Positions within startups– tech development and deployment of green technologies, all business services •Journalism -writing and reporting on greentech •Partner and quasi-gov’t organizations -program development, marketing, finance
  15. 15. Case Study-
  16. 16. Thank you for your interest in Cleantech Business Incubation and ACTION !