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  1. 1. smart solutions supporting change
  2. 2. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change2 CIPFA Business Advisory Advisory and transformation (pg 4) Networks (pg 12) Recruitment Interim (pg 18) Permanent (pg 18) Property Networks (pg 14) Software (pg 14) Surveys (pg 15) Learning Conferences (pg 10) Training (pg 24) Information Benchmarking (pg 6) CIPFAstats (pg 8) Publications (pg 16) Social Research (pg 20) TISonline (pg 22)
  3. 3. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 3 ‘With the challenge of managing finance being a paramount issue for everyone working in public services and with organisational change so high on the agenda, I would recommend working with CIPFA. Why CIPFA? – because they are the public sector finance experts, so why wouldn’t you turn to them first – I did, and it has produced tangible benefits for my organisation.’ Paul McGuire, Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Skills Funding Agency CIPFA – the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy – is the world’s only professional accountancy body to specialise in public services. Whether helping finance teams develop new skills, providing innovative advice and guidance, or setting standards to deliver best practice – we offer unique support to public sector finance practitioners as they review and improve their business models and strategies to meet the new legislative challenges facing public services. At CIPFA we are committed to doing things better – we help our customers across the public sector spend public money wisely and adapt to the changing environment. Our unique insight is used to develop essential services which improve financial management, governance and performance across public services. who we are
  4. 4. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change4 ■■ We offer a bespoke advisory service to support and give advice on how you can improve service delivery. An independent review by our experienced advisors will highlight weaknesses and strengths and measure against best practice. We have carried out this sort of work with many local authorities who are seeking to make changes and optimise performance. ■■ Using our Financial Management (FM) Model your organisation can reach its strategic goals through developing optimal financial management capability. The model provides solid evidence which highlights sub- optimal practice – powerful in the identification of critical cost cutting opportunities and efficiency gains. advisory and transformation We understand that to tackle the unprecedented issues facing the public sector today, finance managers need tailored practical advice and support. Wherever you operate in the public sector – when faced with these challenges, you need people who understand your situation. We have the experience and skills to listen and understand, and respond with the right solution. We work across the public sector and have a range of advisory services that are designed to help organisations generate income and improve efficiency.
  5. 5. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 5 ■■ Aimed mainly at local authorities and in response to the climate of austerity, our new ‘Dealing with the Cuts’ service involves a 2-4 week review and report which will identify income generation and cost reduction opportunities to close the funding gap. ■■ In response to the cost saving imperative of many of our public sector customers, CIPFA together with a specialist Private Finance Initiative (PFI) advisory partner uses a tried and tested toolkit for the early identification of cost savings in PFI projects. ■■ Transform your treasury operations at a strategic and operational level with our new state of the art online cash management and risk reporting system called TreasuryLive. Find out more about our advisory service visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600. ADVISORY
  6. 6. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change6 Bespoke services (an example) CIPFA recently undertook a bespoke benchmarking exercise for 30 NHS trusts across London on behalf of NHS London Strategic Health Authority (NHSL). Data from existing corporate service measures were combined with indicators developed for the client’s specific requirements. Reports and tools were produced that helped both NHSL and the individual trusts target savings and improve the quality and efficiency of their corporate functions and administrative services. Corporate services Our unique corporate services benchmarking clubs are used by local authorities throughout the UK to drive improvements and deliver value for money in areas of finance, governance, revenues and benefits, human resources and legal. Social care CIPFA’s social care benchmarking clubs allow local authorities to share and compare meaningful data in a non-judgemental environment, focussing on both children’s services and adult social care. We are the market leader in public sector benchmarking. The process is a vital tool for lots of organisations who strive to improve their operational performance. We compare your department or organisation’s data with that of your peers so you can see how you are performing and where improvements can be made. benchmarking
  7. 7. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 7 Value for money indicators Value for Money (VfM) Indicators is the leading benchmarking tool for assessing value for money in the public sector. HM Treasury recommends that organisations with over 250 employees collect and report against the indicators. Our service covers areas like communications, finance, legal, procurement and more. ‘Benchmarking shows where we should focus our efforts to reduce costs and improve corporate support services.’ Alan Cross, Director of Finance, Reading Borough Council Find out more about our benchmarking service visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600.
  8. 8. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change8 ‘CIPFA statistics is the first stop for comparative data that helps us understand our services’ performance and value for money and where we can improve them.’ Andrew Stevens, Assistant Director, Learning and Culture, Slough Borough Council CIPFAstats is the leading independent source of data about local government and its services, providing a framework for reviewing the efficiencies of local services with access to over 35 years of statistical data. Used by service managers it provides a vital tool, helping to challenge costs and identify service areas that need to be scrutinised. We currently undertake more than 30 annual surveys of local authority operations, capturing information on activities from education and social care to housing services and waste management. Interactive tools allow local authorities to view performance data trends alongside those of their neighbours, providing essential management information for evaluation. CIPFAstats
  9. 9. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 9 CIPFAStats A Datashare To support the transparency agenda, CIPFA in partnership with London Borough of Redbridge have launched a new platform to help public sector organisations make data available in a simple and effective way, that meets the needs of government and the public audience. DataShare was developed to make accessing and inspecting public data easier for everyone. It helps organisations meet government expectations on the publication of public data and reduce Freedom of Information requests by publishing performance and financial data in an accessible and open format. Find out more about our statistics service visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600.
  10. 10. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change10 Our conference portfolio is driven by our expert panels from across the public sector, and our content is informed by the latest economic and financial legislation. We provide the latest in best practice that impacts upon both the public sector and the professionals that work in it. Our events aim to improve performance across disciplines such as accountancy, audit, treasury management and governance. Our Annual CIPFA Conference is the leading event in the public finance calendar and brings thought leaders together to explore new thinking, debate key issues and share knowledge. CIPFA holds conferences across a range of subject areas from technical guidance to debate and food for thought, provided by leading speakers, experts and commentators. From introductory sessions to strategic debates – there is something for everyone. conferences
  11. 11. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 11 ‘As a relatively new Head of Internal Audit of a small local authority, the conference has given me a good insight into strategic issues, whilst being extremely useful in some specific technical areas. Excellent venue and the event was very well organised.’ Paul Miller, Head of Internal Audit, Horsham District Council Find out more about our conferences visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600.
  12. 12. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change12 Our current CIPFA networks are: ■■ Better Governance Forum ■■ Benefits and Revenues Service ■■ Children’s Services Finance Advisory Network ■■ Finance Advisory Network ■■ Health and Social Care Finance Advisory Network ■■ Housing Network ■■ Insurance Network ■■ Pensions Network ■■ Police Network ■■ Procurement and Commissioning Network ■■ Treasury Management Network ■■ Tax Advisory Service Over 900 organisations currently belong to a CIPFA network. You can join them and realise the benefits of belonging to this unique service. Apart from accessing training to develop skills you will be able to tap into a reservoir of thought leadership and best practice, helping your organisation improve performance and keep abreast of the latest political, financial and service developments. Membership of CIPFA networks means practitioners have an advisor at the end of a phone to give critical and timely advice and support helping them resolve the challenges they face. It also offers the opportunity, both face to face and online for public sector staff to develop their knowledge and skills in key areas. This is vital in the current climate – to achieve objectives and deliver services in the context of tightening budgetary constraints and increasing stakeholder demands. networks
  13. 13. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 13 ‘The exceptional service provided by CIPFA Networks has been invaluable in keeping us up to speed with technical, financial and legislative changes in the public sector. This enables us to respond effectively to challenges we are faced with and helps us to improve efficiencies in our organisation.’ Nicholas Edwards, Director of Business Support/Head of Finance, Scarborough Borough Council Find out more about our networks visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600. NETWORKS
  14. 14. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change14 Networks Our specialist property networks include: Asset Management Planning, Highway Asset Management Planning, and Construction and Property Advisory Service. Within these networks we deliver focused and professional face to face events every month all over the country. Our members can also access the largest collection of asset management information available in our online library, and are able to benchmark their property data with other network members. Software AssetManager.NET provides unique asset management capability, integrating capital accounting requirements with the needs of legal and estates. Only AssetManager.NET offers full IFRS compliance and is designed specifically for the public sector. Our comprehensive range of 22 modules can be delivered over the internet, or hosted by your own servers – the software is flexible and responsive to specific customer needs. CIPFA Property Services help public sector finance and property professionals deliver efficient asset management, and extract best value from public property assets. We deliver an integrated, comprehensive service across asset management – including software, knowledge sharing and advice. property services
  15. 15. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 15 Surveys We deliver a full range of property surveys, and our staff have delivered over 100,000 surveys for public authorities over 10 years. We are able to deal with the number, diversity and distribution of a local, regional or national authority asset base and across all sectors. Advisory We offer an advisory service that aims to support the public sector to improve efficiencies. Our experts can help you on a range of topics such as strategic asset management, option appraisals and tailored benchmarking exercises that will help drive value for money in your organisation. The need for outsourced and flexible expert help has never been greater. Find out more about our property services visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600. PROPERTY
  16. 16. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change16 CIPFA’s most sought after publications on Codes of Practice help local authorities in the UK to maintain the highest possible standards in financial reporting, consistent with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). If you join our CIPFA Publications Service (CPS) you will receive the latest publications (including Codes of Practice) as soon as they are available. It’s free to join and you will save 20% on the cover price. Many of our titles are produced and available to purchase in both hard copy and CD ROM formats. Find out more about our publications visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600. Our publications, written by expert practitioners who understand the challenges you face, will keep you up to date with the latest developments and legislative changes. This essential knowledge and guidance will help you in your daily role. Our publications cover a wide range of topics like Treasury Management, Auditing, Governance, Financial Management, Social Care, Pensions and many more. publications
  17. 17. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 17 ‘The guidance notes provide a valuable and timely source of reference, enhancing professional development and incorporating accounting changes and comments by practitioners to ensure that information provided is improved year by year.’ Conrad Hall, Head of Business Management and Service Support, London Borough of Lewisham
  18. 18. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change18 Interim services With over 20 years specialist interim experience CIPFA Recruitment Services has a unique depth of experience, and access to many associates to attract the very best public sector talent. We have fully-referenced and seasoned interim professionals ready to deliver what our clients want, every time. Permanent services We draw on our unique understanding of the challenges facing the public sector, and the experience needed to meet these demands. Our extensive network of candidates helps us provide the right person to suit your specific requirements. Our comprehensive end-to-end service includes campaign management and full search and selection. Our unrivalled knowledge of the public sector means we can bring you the right people for the job. We place the best people in permanent roles and interim assignments across the full range of finance, resources and executive positions in the public sector. We have access to a pool of around 3,000 associates – all highly qualified with very relevant public finance knowledge – clients can rely on us to deliver. recruitment services
  19. 19. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 19 ‘Their strength and depth of public sector finance professionals places them head and shoulders above other providers in that market!’ Tim Shields, Chief Executive, London Borough of Hackney Find out more about our recruitment services visit or call the CIPFA Recruitment Services team on 020 8667 1144.
  20. 20. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change20 Consultation with end users and stakeholders helps our customers build a better picture of how services are perceived and used, and most importantly how they can be improved. The CIPFA Social Research team help organisations to understand the needs of existing, lapsed or prospective clients by undertaking surveys using a range of research methodologies. We have questionnaires that can be used ‘off the shelf’ such as our Public Library User Survey (PLUS) to provide rapid solutions, alternatively we can tailor research programmes depending on your exact requirements. social research
  21. 21. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 21 Increasingly our surveys are being used to not only measure satisfaction but as the means by which to market services to existing and potential service users. Our surveys help to identify the costs and benefits of a service and to produce evidence of value for money. Find out more about our social research services visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600. SOCIAL RESEARCH
  22. 22. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change22 This easy to access and user-friendly resource, gives you essential, authoritative and comprehensive information and commentary on the topics that matter to you – all in one place. With over 30 information streams TISonline is compiled and maintained by practitioners, for practitioners with commentary on the financial, legislative, administrative and strategic context in public services. Subscription to TISonline gives online access to everyone in your organisation. TISonline also provides popular and active discussion forums for advice from fellow practitioners on a range of topics including audit, finance, fraud and VAT. Right now, with massive changes taking place you are being asked to improve services and maximise outcomes – all with fewer resources. To do this you need the right information, support and guidance. Over 630 organisations in the public sector, including 90% of local authorities subscribe to TISonline and our website gets 7,000 unique visits a month. TISonline will provide you with the intelligence you need to plan effectively, make key decisions and review performance. TISonline ‘TISonline keeps me up to date and at the cutting edge of local government financial issues.’ Chris Beet, Principal Accountant, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  23. 23. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 23 Our 34 information streams are grouped under the following topics: TISOnline ■■ Accountancy and Audit ■■ Corporate Services ■■ Education ■■ Emergency Services ■■ Environment ■■ Financial Management ■■ Health and Social Care ■■ Leisure and Cultural Services ■■ Local Authority Funding ■■ Social Housing ■■ Taxation ■■ New – Charities and Social Enterprises Find out more about our TISonline service visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600.
  24. 24. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change24 Open Courses CIPFA offers over 200 short courses for finance and non-finance professionals. From technical training to people development, best practice to the latest legislation updates, our convenient courses provide half, one and two-day skills and CPD opportunities around the UK. In-house training We offer all our classroom-based training courses in-house at an organisation’s location making fulfilling your team’s CPD and building their skills, simple and effective. Training is delivered at your location, at a time that suits you, and can be 50% cheaper than traditional open course delivery. CIPFA provides training courses for both finance and non-finance staff throughout the public sector. Our unique expertise and experience in the public sector makes our training and development second to none. We offer training across a number of themes including financial management, audit and risk, performance and efficiency and business change. We offer training courses from introductory to specialist level, through e-delivery or on-site at your location, which provide a wealth of guidance and continuing professional development opportunities. We will help your team at every career stage. training
  25. 25. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 25 Accredited training We also provide more extensive but focused training aimed at providing accredited skills in association with specialist and leading organisations. Our programmes include project management, open book accounting, governance and counter fraud and investigative practice. ‘We are committed to improving financial capability across the organisation and with CIPFA’s innovative programme of blended learning, Lambeth is able to move forward with confidence.’ Georgia Nicolaou, Head of Learning and Development, Finance and Resources, London Borough of Lambeth
  26. 26. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change26 Webinars/Online We deliver training via a range of online methods both synchronous and asynchronous to include webinars and traditional e-learning. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) All CIPFA’s training offers key CPD opportunities, whether for CIPFA’s own members and their commitment to structured skills enhancement or for members of other professional bodies. Find out more about our training courses visit or call our Business Development team on 020 7543 5600.
  27. 27. CIPFA | smart solutions, supporting change 27 A number of other qualifications are available from CIPFA: ■■ Our International Public Financial Management qualifications ■■ The Certificate in International Public Sector Accountancy Standards ■■ The Certificate in International Public Sector Financial Reporting ■■ The Certificate in Charity Finance and Accountancy ■■ The Certificate in Financial Reporting in Academies For more information on our qualifications visit or call the Employer Relations team on 020 7543 5797. CIPFA membership Across public services CIPFA members are valued for their distinctive specialism as well as technical and leadership skills. Many of our members work at the most senior levels and are highly influential. Our members qualify through the CIPFA Professional Qualification, the gold standard for a career in public finance. This is the only professional accountancy qualification to teach and assess public sector accountancy techniques and requirements making it highly relevant for the sector as well as for a broad accountancy career.
  28. 28. Head Office CIPFA, 3 Robert Street, London WC2N 6RL E: T: +44 (0)20 7543 5600 CIPFA Northern Ireland 3rd Floor, Lesley Exchange 2, 22 East Bridge Street, Belfast, BT1 3NR E: T: +44 (0)28 9026 6770 CIPFA Scotland Beaverbank Business Park, 22 Logie Mill, Edinburgh, EH7 4HG E: T: +44 (0)131 550 7530 CIPFA Wales 3-7 Rhodfa Columbus Walk, Caerdydd/Cardiff, CF10 4SD E: T: +44 (0)29 2052 3470 our offices ® Registered office: 3 Robert Street, London WC2N 6RL T: 020 7543 5600 F: 020 7543 5700 The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. Registered with the Charity Commissioners of England and Wales No 231060. CIPFA Business Limited, the trading arm of CIPFA that provides a range of services to public sector clients, registered in England and Wales no.2376684 2013/04