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  1. 1. Rubber and Urethane Product Manufacturer If you can dream it, We can build it! 4000 50th Street SW; Birmingham, AL 35221 USA Tel. +1 205-925-3791 / Fax +1 205-925-3793
  2. 2. Urethane Chocks Widely used in mining operations Also excellent for fueling vehicles URC 50 7” x 6” x 8” URC 100 8” x 8” x 11” URC 200 14.5” x 14.5” x 17”
  3. 3. Other Mining Chocks Rubber, plastic, and foam designs
  4. 4. Safety Cones Lime Green 28” with 7-lb base Orange 28” with 7-lb base Orange 36” with 10-lb base All cones here are available with 1 or 2 reflective stripes, or without stripes.
  5. 5. Safety Vest 5-Point Tear-Away ANSI Class 2 reflectivity 5 Velcro points on vest for easy removal if caught in mechanical operation. Velcro is located on each shoulder, each side and in the center.
  6. 6. Portable Emergency Spill Kit for cleaning up oil or fuel spills Contents: 2 Oil Socks, 3” dia. x 4’ long 10 Absorbent Pads 1 Pair Disposable Gloves 1 Set of Eye Protection 2 Disposal Bags 2 “Zip” Ties for Disposal Bags
  7. 7. Non-Sparking Cleanup Shovel Spark-free plastic construction Lightweight and strong
  8. 8. Night Wands 13“ red and orange Night Wand 3 LED bulbs provide optimal light and long running time. Enhanced visibility will not reduce night vision. 3 settings: Rapid-Flash, Slow-Flash, and Steady Light. Each wand uses only two “C” batteries.
  9. 9. Cable Crossover Protectors Protect electrical cables, cords and hose lines from damage without impeding vehicles or pedestrians. Ideal for industrial use: heavy-duty cable protection! Interlocking crossovers can be extended to any length. Available with either 3 or 5 secure, separate channels. End caps and 45-degree turns are also available.
  10. 10. Hose Ramps Molded from heavy-duty rubber with reflective stripes. Creates a bridge for vehicles of up to 3 tons to pass safely. All sizes feature 2 secure gaps to protect hoses or conduits. Can be extended to cover as much area as you require. Available in 3 sizes to protect hose or conduit with diameter 3", 4", or 5”. Models are HR3, HR4, or HR5.
  11. 11. Rollers and Pulleys Smooth roller for idlers Corrugated roller for idlers Crowned and grooved pulleys
  12. 12. Polyurethane Hydrocyclone Our hydrocyclones separate light and heavy components from a continuous flow of slurry. Long-lasting polyurethane resists wear better than rubber or plastic designs.
  13. 13. UHMW Products Outrigger pad with handle Drag link
  14. 14. Safety Whips 8-foot pole is standard; other lengths are available. Heavy-duty spring mount Brightly-flashing LED lamp bulb Flags available with day-bright yellow or ultra-reflective silver
  15. 15. Skirtboard All sizes available for conveyors
  16. 16. Other Mining Products Idler discs (many styles) Gaskets: all sizes Impact bar: rubber bonded to metal Wire rope shovel bumper PE wear pad: any design Drill wiper