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Stop Data from Going for a (Thumb) Drive


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View these 20/20 webcast slides where SC Magazine's editor talks with Chris Merritt about the challenges associated with these pervasive storage devices, and what steps your company can take to prevent the misuse - whether inadvertent or malicious - of data transfer.

In this session, you will learn how to safely use thumb drives and other portable storage devices:
• Prevent data loss or theft
• Grant or deny USB access in less than a minute
• Gain visibility into device usage within the organization
• Provide users with a simple way to encrypt USB sticks
• Roll out a new removable device security regime appropriately
• Create and enforce security policies regarding the use of removable storage devices

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Stop Data from Going for a (Thumb) Drive

  1. 1. Stop Data from Goingfor a (Thumb) DriveChris MerrittDirector of Solution Marketing, Lumension
  2. 2.  Multiple Layers of Security Controls– Redundancy in caseFailure or Exploitation– Covers People, Processand Technical Controls– Seeks to Delay AttackDefense-in-Depth
  3. 3.  Average Cost of Data Breach is $204 / Record Intangible Assets Constitute 80% of Corporate ValueCost of a Data Breach
  4. 4. GPN Market Cap Impact$53.27$41.25$12.02
  5. 5. Defense-in-Depth at the Endpoint
  6. 6. Source:2013 State of the Endpoint Report:QUANTUM OF SECURITY
  7. 7. Links:
  8. 8. Source = 2013 DBIR from Verizon
  9. 9. AVControl the BadDevice ControlControl the FlowHD and Media EncryptionControl the DataApplication ControlControl the GrayPatch and Configuration ManagementControl the Vulnerability LandscapeSuccessful risk mitigationstarts with a solid vulnerabilitymanagement foundation,augmented by additionallayered defenses whichincludes port / device controland data encryption.Defense-in-Depth Strategy .
  10. 10. Get a Quote (and more)• Free Security Scanner Tools» Vulnerability Scanner – discover all OS andapplication vulnerabilities on your network» Application Scanner – discover all the appsbeing used in your network» Device Scanner – discover all the devicesbeing used in your network• Lumension® EndpointManagement and Security Suite» Online Demo Video:» Free Trial (virtual or download):