Lumension Content Wizard: Eliminating Security Gaps and Automating Tedious Tasks


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In this presentation you will learn how Lumension® Content Wizard extends the capabilities of the Lumension ® Patch and Remediation and Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite to cost-effectively streamline desktop and system management tasks with simple and customizable wizard-based policy creation, distribution and baseline enforcement – without requiring additional tools and costs. LCW can be used by both expert programmers and novice users who don’t have any scripting capabilities.

In this presentation, we will give you a live demonstration of:
• The features and benefits of this powerful utility
• Walk you through the policy creation process using the wizards as well as the non-wizard capability
• The latest enhancements in the upcoming Lumension® Content Wizard v.7.1 release

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Lumension Content Wizard: Eliminating Security Gaps and Automating Tedious Tasks

  1. 1. Lumension®Content Wizard:Eliminating Security Gapsand Automating TediousTasks•Rene Gonzalez, Product Management•Andrea Hilwig, Solution MarketingMarch 6, 2012 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  2. 2. Introduction to LCW
  3. 3. Business Challenges • Many vulnerability solutions cover specific software and applications, but don’t expand to custom in-house software detection and remediation. • PC configuration-related issues continuously increase your IT staff’s workload and introduce new sources of risk every day • Tedious manual system management tasks consume too much time, effort, and resources • Organizations are more distributed than ever before, making software distribution and management a major challenge3 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  4. 4. What is Lumension® Content Wizard (LCW)?LCW simplifies the creation and management of custom software patches,scripts, and desktop configurations to improve IT efficiencies and your overallsecurity posture. » Extends the capabilities of Lumension® Patch and Remediation (Add-On) and L.E.M.S.S. » Automates tedious and time-consuming system and desktop management tasks » Simplifies policy creation and baseline enforcement through the use of wizards – without requiring additional tools or expertise » Create and centrally manage power policy settings to reduce IT power consumption4 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  5. 5. Key Features & BenefitsFeature BenefitFlexible Content Creation and Optimizes IT Efficiencies & Reduces IT CostsManagement and Ensures Entire Network SecurityWizard-based Content Authoring Optimizes IT Resources by Simplifying Patch CreationCentralized Power Management Reduces Endpoint Energy Costs and Enforces Green PoliciesCustom Script Management and Simplifies remediation package developmentDevelopment and provides centralized deployment, management and reporting on all custom IT scripts.Enforcement of Local Security Increases the overall security postureConfiguration PolicySoftware Deployment, Upgrades and Optimizes IT Efficiencies and ImprovesRemoval Software Usage ComplianceCentralized Management of System Optimizes IT Resources and IncreasesDesktop Configuration Tasks and Policies Compliance5 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  6. 6. LCW Wizards• Simple wizard-based policy creation and baseline enforcement – without requiring additional tools: » Patch Creation » Software Installs and Uninstalls » Windows Security Policies » Power Management Policies » NEW! Windows Firewall Policies6 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  7. 7. Inside The Content
  8. 8. Content Signature Structure Content Signature SignatureFingerprint Fingerprint Fingerprint Prerequisite Package Package8
  9. 9. Content Signature Structure.PLF is a compressed archive that contains theSignatures, Fingerprint, Prerequisites, and the Remediation Script• Signature » Determines Operating System Applicability • Ex: Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008• Fingerprint » Determines detection status • Patched, Not Patched • Package• Prerequisite » Remediation » Another Layer of Applicability • Fix it or make a change to the system • Ex: Detect for Adobe Reader, » Script MS Outlook • Script Engine to execute the patch or make a change to the system .VBS, .JS, Command or BAT9 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. Q&A
  12. 12. For more Information…Go to > Products > Lumension Content Wizard • Decreased IT complexity• More on Lumension® Content Wizard • Security-Optimized Infrastructure » On-Demand Demos • Increased ROI for System Center » Guided Tour » Datasheet » Free 1-on-1 Demonstrations » Free Trial Evaluation• Contact Lumension Today! » 1.888.725.7828 »
  13. 13. Appendix
  14. 14. What’s new in 7.1?Feature BenefitWindows Firewall Wizard Administrators are now able to detect and define Windows Firewall Policies for Windows Vista and higher operating systems.Role-Based Access Control for Content authors can now create and modify contentLCW without requiring SQL SysAdmin fixed server role.MSU Compatibility Windows Stand-alone Installer (MSU) was first introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista and higher. MSU is a new Package Manager that is designed to patch the base operating system. 7.1 extends the existing New Patch Wizard capabilities to support this new file type so the wizard can easily create the detection and remediation signatures.Compiled HTML Help (.chm) Get instant help by pressing <f1> within the LCW User Interface.14 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  15. 15. LCW Best Practices• Create a custom group for testing your content » Make sure your group represents your environment • Windows XP / 2003 • Windows 7 / Windows 2008• Assign a custom Agent Policy Set and change the Patch Module communication interval to 5 minutes » Reduces the time to wait for the detection results to appear in the L.E.M.S.S. Web Console, or Leverage the Listener Port.• Turn off the following settings in the Tools > Options > Agents Page » DAU should be run after subscription replication • Improves system performance » DAU should be run after inventory change • Improves system performance15 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
  16. 16. Global Headquarters8660 East Hartford DriveSuite 300Scottsdale, AZ PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION