When Is A Ballerina Ready To Begin Pointe Work


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For more information on ballet pointe work, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/prepointe

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When Is A Ballerina Ready To Begin Pointe Work

  1. 1. ==== ====For helpful tips on pointe work, please take a look at this:http://tinyurl.com/prepointe==== ====Beginning pointe work is a very exciting milestone for a ballerina. Dancing on your toes requiresyears of training to develop the necessary strength of the legs, ankles, and feet, but there is muchmore than just time to prepare for pointe work. Most ballet teachers have very strict requirementsbefore starting Pointe classes. Before we discuss when the time is right to start pointe classes,lets look at what pointe classes entail.Pointe work occurs when a ballerina uses pointe shoes to perform her routine. Pointe shoes allowthe ballerina to perform in a way that makes the ballerina seem taller and almost weightless.Performing on pointe adds to the beauty and majesty of the routine, but pointe shoes do not offerenough support to allow a ballerina to do this easily. There is still a tremendous amount of strengthand practice that must be met before a ballerina can perform on pointe.One of the more important things to consider when interested in pointe is age. Although the properage of starting is controversial, most ballerinas who have had proper training are allowed to beginpointe between the ages of 9 and 12 depending on foot growth and technique. It is very importantto consider the growth of feet and ankles before starting pointe classes. Starting too early cancause serious foot deformities and injuries, therefore getting a doctors opinion is always a goodidea. Many teachers require a doctors note before allowing their students to go on pointe.Along with age, strength and technique are also important factors when considering pointe work.In order to be able to dance in pointe shoes, a dancer should have at least 3 years of ballettraining in order to understand the strength, alignment and core technique needed. In addition toprior experience, taking at least 3 ballet classes a week is usually required to maintain the strengthand technique needed for pointe work.Ultimately, ballerinas need to be prepared for hard work. Dancing in pointe shoes can cause painand is demanding on your body and feet! It is a very challenging dance form, but is also veryrewarding since it takes years of determination and practice to be ready for this level of dance.When interested in starting pointe, it is important to communicate your goals with your teacher inorder to attain the proper technique and strength needed for pointe work.For more information on the benefits of Santa Monica dance classes please visit Santa MonicaSchool of Dance and Music to learn from a trusted Santa Monica dance studio.
  2. 2. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Melissa_Homme==== ====For helpful tips on pointe work, please take a look at this:http://tinyurl.com/prepointe==== ====