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  • Ripple Notes:Emulation right in your browserInfo Pane shows you information about your application and the environment you’re emulatingYou can easily change both the framework you’re working with as well as the device you’re emulatingDeep control of phone features like, Geo Location, Device Settings, Phone Calls, Messaging, AccelerometerConfig.xml validationCross-Platform, supports WebWorks, PhoneGap, Mobile Web, and moreWeb Inspector for DOM manipulation and JavaScript debugging
  • Laurent hasson blackberry

    1. 1. The Web PlatformStriving to offer the best Open Web platform Laurent Hasson @ldhasson, Technical Director, BlackBerry Web Platform
    2. 2. BlackBerry Loves the Web• Industry leading WebKit browser with best in class standards support: full desktop-classrendering • position:fixed, overflow:scroll shipped in Spring 2011 on PB, and late Summer 2011 on BB7 devices, WebGL and accelerated Canvas in PlayBook OS 2.0 in Feb 2012.• Full Web Application platform across tablets and smartphones •WebWorks and Apache Cordova (fka PhoneGap)• Leading edge Web dev tools for inspection, debugging, emulation •Ripple and Web Inspector 2012-03-19 London Web Summit 2
    3. 3. Say no to NIBS • The “Native Is Better” crowd are missing the point of the Web – It’s the scale of the market: powerful, cross- platform, and an abundant skill set. • NIBS This is not to say that Web is better than Native – That would be silly • But the Web is absolutely competitive – Most types of apps can now be built very nicely using Web technologies – The gap is narrow today, keeps on getting narrower, and fast. • Native and Web will coexist with the Web * Native Is Better Syndrome likely taking the mass market (> 50% apps) – But Native experience is the competitor to Web experience2012-03-19 London Web Summit 3
    4. 4. BlackBerry WebWorks • A standard HMTL/JS/CSS Web application, packaged in a native container, with access to native APIs. • In market since 2009. Now on BlackBerry 5/6/7, BlackBerry PlayBook and upcoming BB10 phones • WebWorks == Apache Cordova for BlackBerry • OSS Community • An HTML5 application doesn’t mean no App store or no access to native service. BlackBerry WebWorks2012-03-19 London Web Summit 4
    5. 5. Open Source Ecosystem bbUI.js• Active in the open web community: WebKit, jQueryMobile, Apache Cordova• Also involved with Dojo and Sencha• Many other innovative projects already in GitHub: AliceJS, bbUI.js… 2012-03-19 London Web Summit 5
    6. 6. Tooling• Bring desktop-class development experience to mobile – Remote Web Inspector desktop allows you to real- time test/debug your app from your desktop – Edit/Refresh/Test cycle dear to the Web remains intact for Mobile Web development• Focus on mobile testing – Emulate mobile HTML5 rendering, layout and APIs with Ripple – Greatly reduce the need for simulators – Edit/Refresh/Test cycle dear to the Web remains intact for Mobile Web development (again)2012-03-19 London Web Summit 6
    7. 7. Ripple: Browser-based Emulation2012-03-19 London Web Summit 7
    8. 8. Web Inspector: Ultimate Web Dev Tool2012-03-19 London Web Summit 8
    9. 9. Then what? OK Laurent, great platform! But what about the market?2012-03-19 London Web Summit 9
    10. 10. App World13% of vendors on App World have made over $100,000 That’s more than Apple®, Android™ and Windows Mobile. 2012-03-19 London Web Summit 10
    11. 11. BBM: BlackBerry Messenger BBM helps make your apps stickier With WebWorks or Apache Cordova, build Web apps with BBM integration… … and payment, advertising, push…2012-03-19 London Web Summit 11
    12. 12. OS: Market Decomposition 49% WebKit 76% WebKit London Web Summit 12
    13. 13. BlackBerry Tooling URLs• Ripple –• BlackBerry WebWorks –• BlackBerry WebWorks Handhelds Downloads –• BlackBerry WebWorks PlayBook Downloads –• WebWorks Open Source on GitHub – London Web Summit 13
    14. 14. The End – Thank You