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LSA Webinar: Social, Local and Mobile Convergence


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74% of internet users perform local searches. 67% percent of consumers research online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase. 88% of mobile searchers take action within the same day. What do these stats mean for you? That you can no longer view social media, local search and mobile marketing in isolation.

View this presentation to learn how to optimize local map listings to protect the integrity of your data and increase findability, how to develop localized content and engagement strategies to leverage social media, how to reach and engage on-the-go consumers through their mobile devices and more.

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LSA Webinar: Social, Local and Mobile Convergence

  2. 2. A DIGITAL MARKETING PARTNERBUILT TO INCREASE YOUR BRAND’SFINDABILITY AND PERFORMANCE.Through strategic design, search marketing expertise, socialmedia optimization and the application of analytics, weincrease your brand’s findability to raise awareness andgenerate response across all digital platforms.Whether your goals include lead generation, engagement orcommerce, our team of analysts, strategists and creativetechnologists will design a customized campaign to optimizeyour brand’s findability and maximize your return.
  3. 3. AGENCY HISTORYFounded in 1999 and located in the heart of Denver, Location3 has a staff of65 full-time employees who service global, national and local brands. Morethan half of our client base has worked with us for at least three years, as weimprove the findability and performance of every client with whom we partner.Industry RecognitionInc. 5000 Top Company (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)DMA International ECHO Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2010)Business Marketing Association Gold Key Award Winner (2007, 2011)Search Engine Strategies Award Winner (2008)OMMA Online Creativity Award Winner (2009)American Marketing Association Peak Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)Telly Award Winner (2011)Top 50 Colorado Companies To Watch (2010)Denver Business Journal Best Places To Work (2007, 2009)
  4. 4. FINDABILITY EXPERTSOne of only 13 agencies* in the U.S. awarded both Google Analytics and Web Optimizercertifications1 of only 9 agencies in the U.S. awarded Microsoft AdExcellence “Preferred Agency” statusOfficial Google AdWords Premier SMB PartnerOfficial Member of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network *Certifications as of September, 2011
  6. 6. TODAY’S FOCUS 64% of internet users perform local searches 67% of consumers research online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase 88% of mobile searchers take action within the same day What do these stats mean for your business? They mean that you can no longer view social media, local search and mobile marketing in isolation.@Location3#LSAwebinar
  7. 7. TODAY’S TAKEAWAYS • How to optimize local map listings to protect the integrity of your data and increase findability • How to develop localized content and engagement strategies to leverage social media • How to reach and engage on-the-go consumers through their mobile devices • Understanding of how to integrate campaigns and provide a consistent user experience and message across all platforms • Insight into industry trends to predict and prepare for future initiatives in local, social and mobile@Location3#LSAwebinar
  9. 9. WHERE PATH MEETS PRESENCE 79% of shoppers conduct at least half of their product research online before they make a purchase. Interest Research Recommendation Validation Decision 90% of shoppers trust recommendations from their friends.@Location3#LSAwebinar Sources: 2011 The E-tailing Group; E-Consultancy
  10. 10. TURNING DECISION INTO ADVOCACY Decision Validation Recommendation Engagement Advocacy@Location3#LSAwebinar
  11. 11. CONSUMER PROFILESALLY • Working professional • 30-35 years old • Married • Two children • First time homebuyer Needs: Sally recently purchased a new home with her family and needs a variety of furnishings for her new house.@Location3#LSAwebinar
  12. 12. BUSINESS PROFILE“AEKI” • Large home furnishings store • Uses traditional and digital advertising • eCommerce website • Mobile website • Mobile app • Claimed and verified all locations online@Location3#LSAwebinar
  13. 13. CONCEPTWe are the digital marketing agency for Finnish home goods super giant AEKI (ay-kee). We will follow Sally through thebuying process from Interest to Decision and beyond, demonstrating how different marketing techniques played acohesive role in her path to purchase.The campaign to promote this interactive content encompasses many media channels in developing a path topurchase for the target audience.@Location3#LSAwebinar
  15. 15. SALLY’S PATHINTEREST• Searches “home decoratingideas”• Finds a blog on homedecorating that was +1ed by afriend• Notices several products inthe blog post that catch hereye• Notices content from AEKIblog that was reposted by herfriend and linked to AEKI site @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  16. 16. MARKETING STRATEGYINTEREST• Agency created a blog on AEKI’s website withcontent optimized for the phrase “home decoratingideas”• Content features various products from AEKI• Content also features information and helpful tipsfor home decorating• Agency shared this content on Google+ and othersocial channels @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  17. 17. SALLY’S PATHRESEARCH• Searches “decorative arearugs”• Finds a paid ad for AEKI inthe top listing featuring adiscount and free shipping inad copy• Clicks through to an AEKIlanding page specifically for“decorative area rugs”• Browses content and notesa few favorites beforereturning to her search @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  18. 18. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH• Agency actively managed the paid searchcampaign to maximize budget and developcomprehensive keyword lists• Agency identified opportunity for keywordphrase “decorative area rugs”• Low CPC for target phrase “decorative arearugs” led agency to target that phrase to get themost out of AEKI’s pay-per-click budget• Multivariate testing determined that “freeshipping” and discounts provided highlyattractive ad copy to the consumer• Agency developed landing page specificallyfor “decorative area rugs” to decreaseconsumer bounce rate on-site @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  19. 19. SALLY’S PATHRESEARCH• Searches “affordable couch”• Finds an organic listing for AEKI in thetop listing featuring “sofas” and“couches” as keywords in the copy• After recognizing the brand from herprevious search, Sally clicks through toan AEKI landing page specifically for“sofas” and “couches”• Browses content and notes a fewfavorites before returning to her search @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  20. 20. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH• Many channels and strategiescontribute to a high organic search pagerank for a brand’s website• Keyword optimization on AEKI site(title tags, META descriptions, URLs, etc)• Link building efforts• Rich content on AEKI blog• Blogger outreach• Social activity on Google+ @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  21. 21. SALLY’S PATHBRAND SEARCH• Searches “AEKI Denver”• Finds map listing for AEKIlocation near her new house inThornton, CO• Notices Google reviews andclicks through to the local maplisting page for the Grant St. storelocation @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  22. 22. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH• Agency optimized AEKI locationpage on Google Maps• Agency added social extensions• Agency claimed and verifiedlisting on Google Maps• Agency added user-friendly, richcontent such as photos and videos• Agency performed reviewmanagement and providedconsumer engagement strategies @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  23. 23. SALLY’S PATHRECOMMENDATION• Notices a poor Google reviewfrom a recent customer anddecides to search for other reviews @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  24. 24. SALLY’S PATHACTIVE RECOMMENDATION• Searches for AEKI reviews on social reviewand monitoring sites• Although not all reviews were positive, themajority of them were very good• Sally is no longer dissuaded by the single badreview on the Google Map Listing page, becauseshe knows it was simply one person’sexperience out of many @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  26. 26. SALLY’S PATHPASSIVE RECOMMENDATION• A few days after her home furnishingsresearch, Sally is viewing her Facebook newsfeed• Notices a friend’s post regarding a contestAEKI is sponsoring to win a free couch on theirwebsite• Although not actively searching for homefurnishings at that moment, Sally decides to visitthe AEKI Facebook page to enter the contest @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  27. 27. MARKETING STRATEGYENGAGEMENT• Agency developed a comprehensive strategyfor increasing social engagement for AEKIthrough Facebook contest• Developed a Facebook Contest App for theAEKI Facebook page• Promoted the contest page through highlytargeted Facebook ads @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  28. 28. SALLY’S PATHVALIDATION• Begins to narrow down product listto handful of essentials, and a fewaccessory items• Uses "Pin it“ on her mobile phone toorganize and share her items onPinterest while commuting to work• Also looks at AEKI account onPinterest and re-pins favorite items @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  29. 29. MARKETING STRATEGYENGAGEMENT• Agency developed and activelymanaged Pinterest account for AEKI• Agency helped add “Pin It” buttonsto product pages• Agency placed GA event tracking onPin It buttons, so that we canmeasure engagement stats acrosssite @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  30. 30. SALLY’S PATHDECISION• Sally visited local AEKI topurchase all the items she had onher list• Checks in to local AEKI store onFacebook Places and Foursquare,letting friends and family knowshe’s there• Using mobile website, sheconsults her target product listwhile she navigates brick-and-mortar AEKI @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  31. 31. MARKETING STRATEGYPOST-SALE ENGAGEMENT• Using contact info provided bySally during purchase process,AEKI sent link to follow up surveyregarding customer experience onthe AEKI website• Agency created digital couponfor 20% Off Next Purchase at AEKI• Coupon delivered to Sally’s emailupon completion of the surveywith an option to share with five ofher friends via email or SMS text @Location3 #LSAwebinar
  32. 32. SALLY’S PATH NEW HOME FURNISHINGS Interest Research Recommendation Validation Decision@Location3#LSAwebinar
  34. 34. 9 OUT OF 10 SMARTPHONE SEARCHES RESULT IN AN ACTION 79% use smart phones for shopping related activities 74% of users have made a purchase as a result of using a smart phone 95% of mobile users search for local information 88% of mobile searchers take action within the same day Mobile Solutions Mobile Search Campaigns Mobile Display Campaigns Mobile Website Development Location-Based Check-In Services QR Codes/Digimarc™ Codes SMS Campaigns@Location3 Source: Google/Ipsos 2011 Study; The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users#LSAwebinar
  35. 35. 89% OF CONSUMERS USE A SMARTPHONE EVERYDAY YET 79% OF BRANDS DO NOT HAVE A MOBILE WEBSITE How does the mobile search mindset differ from that of a desktop search mindset? • Less information, less time • Searching for very specific information (e.g. location, price, coupon) • Desire tailored, local content • With the growth of Voice Search technology, not all mobile users are searching with keywords The results of Location3 mobile websites for our clients: • 100% increase in time spent on our clients’ sites • 50% reduction in bounce rate • 100% increase in conversions from search campaigns@Location3 Source: Google/Ipsos 2011 Study; The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users#LSAwebinar
  36. 36. THE MOBILE LANDSCAPE Website Mobile Site Mobile App Mobile App Mobile AppNot Web-Optimized Prioritized Content and Nav Locator, Menu, Product Transactional TransactionalNon-transactional Locator, Menu, Engagement Non-transactional Non-transactional
  37. 37. SPECIALS STRATEGY Create specials to attract new and/or reward existing customers. Place decals sent by Foursquare on each location’s door/window. Create POP signage for use at each location. Train staff to understand special offer, how to tell customers about it and how to fulfill. Include code in special, which staff enter into POS system.@Location3#LSAwebinar
  39. 39. SEARCH + YOUR WORLD@Location3#LSAwebinar
  40. 40. SEARCH +YOUR WORLDPersonal ResultsEnable you to find information justfor you, such as Google+ photosand posts—both your own andthose shared specifically with you,that only you will be able to see onyour results page.@Location3#LSAwebinar
  41. 41. SOCIAL, LOCAL & MOBILE CONVERGENCE Q&A@Location3#LSAwebinar
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  44. 44. THANK YOU!Anne BaumLocal Solutions