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SES Chicago - Advanced Local Search & Social Media Strategies


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Advanced Local Search and Social Media Strategies presentation from the 2012 Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago conference. The workshop was led by Location3 Media staff, Account Director Anne Baum and Social Media Planner Angie Pascale.

In the half-day workshop, the Location3 crew discussed how local search marketing, social media and mobile marketing are coming together, how to leverage these initiatives for national and local businesses, and what the future holds.

For more information on how these channels are converging, download our white paper:

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SES Chicago - Advanced Local Search & Social Media Strategies

  2. 2. A DIGITAL MARKETING PARTNER BUILT TO INCREASE YOUR BRAND’S FINDABILITY AND PERFORMANCE. Through strategic design, search marketing expertise, social media optimization and the application of analytics, we increase your brand’s findability to raise awareness and generate response across all digital platforms. Whether your goals include lead generation, engagement or commerce, our team of analysts, strategists and creative technologists will design a customized campaign to optimize your brand’s findability and maximize your return.@Location3
  3. 3. AGENCY HISTORY Founded in 1999 and located in the heart of Denver, Location3 has a staff of 75 full-time employees who service global, national and local brands. More than half of our client base has worked with us for at least three years, as we improve the findability and performance of every client with whom we partner. Industry Recognition Denver Business Journal #1 Ranked Agency (2012) Denver Business Journal Best Places To Work (2007, 2009, 2012) Inc. 5000 Top Company (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) DMA International ECHO Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2010) Business Marketing Association Gold Key Award Winner (2007, 2011) Search Engine Strategies Award Winner (2008) OMMA Online Creativity Award Winner (2009) American Marketing Association Peak Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) Telly Award Winner (2011) Top 50 Colorado Companies To Watch (2010)@Location3
  4. 4. FINDABILITY EXPERTS 1 of only 19 agencies in the U.S. awarded both Google Analytics and Website Optimizer/Content Experiments certifications   1 of only 9 agencies in the U.S. awarded Microsoft AdExcellence “Preferred Agency” status    1 of only 24 agencies in the U.S. designated as a certified Google Tag Manager Partner   1 of only 16 agencies** worldwide awarded Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner status   **Certifications as of November 1, 2012 **This certification is held by Local Search Traffic (LST), a division of Location3 Media.@Location3
  5. 5. SPECIALIZING IN LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS Location3 provides local store digital marketing(LSDM) to over 100,000 multi-unit retail and franchise locations nationwide, ensuring the seamless and efficient integration of corporate and store level digital marketing strategies. LSDM Solutions •  Local Map Listings •  Franchisee PPC Management •  CMS for Local Store Websites and Landing Pages •  Local SEO •  Location-Based Check In Services •  Online Review Management •  Mobile Marketing •  Social Media •  Local Call-Tracking and Analytics Platform •  On-Demand Reporting Dashboard@Location3
  7. 7. TODAY’S FOCUS64% of internet users perform local searches67% of consumers research online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase88% of mobile searchers take action within the same dayA social media post from a local business reaches 5x the percentage of fans as a corporate postWhat do these stats mean for your business?They mean that you can no longer view social media, local search and mobile marketing in isolation. @Location3
  8. 8. TODAY’S TAKEAWAYS•  Tips and best practices for reaching and engaging on-the-go consumers through their mobile devices•  How to structure and optimize local pay per click campaigns to meet your online goals•  Utilizing display and retargeting for local products and services•  Insights on new Google+ Local pages, how they differ from Google Place pages and how local businesses should manage data on these pages•  How to develop localized content and engagement strategies to leverage social media•  How to integrate campaigns and provide a consistent user experience and message across all platforms•  Methods and tools for measuring performance and impact of social, local and mobile marketing efforts•  Industry insights and trends to predict and prepare for future initiatives in local, social and mobile@Location3
  10. 10. FROM FINDABILITY TO PERFORMANCE THE TRADITIONAL PATH TO PURCHASE Interest Intent Research Recommendation Validation Decision@Location3
  11. 11. TODAY’S PATH TO PURCHASE Consumer-directed vs. Brand-directed Leverages the transparency of the market Fluid vs. linear Guidance from multiple sources Input and validation from social graph Predisposed before ever engaging a salesperson THE BRAND OPPORTUNITY: Utilize content and calls to action to proactively inform, support and shape the buyer’s journey.@Location3
  12. 12. The Buyer’s Journey: A consumer-directed, socially-influenced, brand-inspired pursuit of truth and opportunity. Research Content Content Interest Retail ValidationContent Intent Communities Brands Input Discovery Decision Content Friends Content Authorities Content@Location3
  13. 13. SHAPING THE PATH TO PURCHASE Mindset Need Source Medium Message What are they What are both Where and to What is the best What is the thinking and the emotional whom are they channel and most relevant feeling at each and rational going to for format in which and compelling specific stage requirements information and to connect with message to along the path? that must be support at each them at each deliver at each fulfilled at each specific stage specific stage specific stage specific stage along the path? along the path? along the path? along the path?@Location3
  14. 14. CONSUMER PROFILESUSAN•  Working professional•  35 years old•  Married•  Two children•  First time homebuyerNeeds:Susan recently purchased a newhome with her family and needs avariety of furnishings for her newhouse. Photo Source:
  15. 15. BUSINESS PROFILE“AEKI”•  Large home furnishings store•  Uses traditional and digital advertising•  eCommerce website•  Local landing pages•  Mobile website•  Mobile app•  Claimed and verified all locations online@Location3
  16. 16. CONCEPTWe are the digital marketing agency for Finnish home goods super giant AEKI (ay-kee). We will follow Susan throughthe buying process from Interest to Decision and beyond, demonstrating how different marketing techniques played acohesive role in her path to purchase.The campaign to promote this interactive content encompasses many media channels in developing a path topurchase for the target audience. @Location3
  18. 18. SUSAN’S PATHINTEREST•  Searches “home decorating ideas” AEKI – Decorating, Indoor Rooms, Organizing Ideas Share•  Finds a blog on home decorating thatwas shared by a friend•  Notices several products in the blogpost that catch her eye•  Notices content from AEKI blog that AEKI – Decorating, Indoor Rooms, Organizing Ideaswas reposted by her friend and linked to ShareAEKI site @Location3
  19. 19. MARKETING STRATEGYINTEREST•  AEKI creates blog on website with contentoptimized for the phrase “home decorating ideas”•  Content features various products from AEKI•  Content also features information and helpful tipsfor home decorating•  Content shared on Google+ and other socialchannels @Location3
  20. 20. SUSAN’S PATHINTENT•  Searches “home decorating on a budget” onGoogle•  Sees a post from AEKI shared via Twitter due to itbeing linked on their Google+ page•  Decides to follow AEKI on Twitter•  RTs the post to her followers @Location3
  21. 21. MARKETING STRATEGYINTENT•  Created Google+ corporate page for AEKI, addedlinks to other social media channels on Google+page and created and a content calendar•  Google is using Google+ as portal to all socialchannels, and ranking content based on socialsignals•  Content is posted regularly including sharingcontent posted by similar companies and originalcontent @Location3
  25. 25. SUSAN’S PATHRESEARCH•  Searches “decorative arearugs”•  Finds a paid ad for AEKI inthe top listing featuring adiscount and free shipping inad copy•  Clicks through to an AEKIlanding page specifically for“decorative area rugs”•  Browses content and notesa few favorites beforereturning to her search @Location3
  26. 26. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH•  Actively managed paid search campaign tomaximize budget and develop comprehensivekeyword lists•  Identified opportunity for keyword phrase“decorative area rugs” in specific geo regionsthrough tools like Google Analytics or yourinternal sales databases•  Structured their AdWords campaign for“Rugs” to only show up in certain regions•  Wrote ad copy to appeal to specific geo-regions•  Developed landing page specifically for“decorative area rugs” to decrease consumerbounce rate on-site @Location3
  27. 27. MARKETING STRATEGY RESEARCH Age group defines how users search for local businesses: •  More 19-34 year olds aren’t using a geo-modifier than any other age group •  Using a geo-modifier most of the time (zip, neighborhood, city name) is still the most popular way for searchers to find local businesses •  55+ always or usually use a geo-modifier Geo-modifiers are broken out into 4 categories: •  Town and city name are the most popular geo-modifier •  Zip code is second (due to ever rising popularity of mobile devices)h"p://­‐users-­‐search-­‐for-­‐local-­‐businesses-­‐5-­‐9ps-­‐to-­‐op9mize-­‐local-­‐lis9ngs-­‐97612  
  28. 28. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH Rugs denver •  User behavior based on keyword will determine what landing page you want to drive traffic to. Decorative rugs denver •  Geo-graphic searches might indicate intent to visit a store Rug selections denver •  Broad keywords might indicate online purchase intent @Location3
  29. 29. SUSAN’S PATHRESEARCH•  Finds a DIY decorating blog foradditional information•  Sees a display ad for AEKI offering adiscount on saved items in-store oronline•  Susan could click through to the siteto resume her shopping•  There is also an option for her to printout a coupon for in-store use on thepage @Location3
  30. 30. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH• Analyzed the behavior of users on the siteusing an analytics package• Created a remarketing list in Google Analyticstargeting consumers that had put items in theirshopping cart but had not made a purchase•  Linked the remarketing list to a GoogleAdWords GDN campaign @Location3
  31. 31. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH•  Created a Remarketing campaign in Google AdWords using creative made with the Google Display Ad Creator•  Pulled in a remarketing list from Google Analytics to Google AdWords•  Use AdWords data to refine the remarketing campaign placements and lists
  32. 32. SUSAN’S PATHRESEARCH•  Searches “AEKI Denver”•  Finds map listing for AEKIlocation near her new house inThornton, CO•  Notices Google reviews andclicks through to the Google+Local page for the Grant St. storelocation @Location3
  33. 33. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH•  Optimized AEKI location page throughGoogle Places (•  Claimed and verified listing throughGoogle Places as well as numerous otherlocal map listing sources•  Added user-friendly, rich content suchas photos and description @Location3
  34. 34. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH•  Location extensions can also be added to paid campaigns•  AdWords allows you to automatically link your Google Places account to your location extensions•  Adcenter allows you to manually add locations or use their bulk upload functionality
  35. 35. @Location3
  37. 37. THE FUTURE: PROPOSED SMB PROJECT Source:  @Location3
  38. 38. OPTIMIZING YOUR GOOGLE+ BRAND PAGE ACTION STEPS RIGHT NOW Optimize Google+ Profile Optimize Google+ Content OWNED Implement Rel=publisher and rel=author Code on Website Verify Google+ Page Merge Google+ Local with Local Google+ Implement Social Extensions on PPC and GDN Ads PAID Manage Paid Advertising within Google+ (future) Post original and relevant content on Google+ page EARNED/ Increase Google+ Circle Membership SHARED Engage with users on Google+ Leverage Google+ Hangouts@Location3
  39. 39. MARKETING STRATEGYRESEARCH •  Optimized AEKI location page using city name, metro area or other geo-modified terms in URLs @Location3
  40. 40. MARKETING STRATEGY RESEARCHLocal store URL drives searchersdirectly to individual local landingpages with custom contentpertinent to each locationThe structure and content of localpages is directly related to a site’sability to appear in localized results.•  Navigation to local pages•  URL & file structure•  On-page optimizations•  Local and non-branded keyphrase usage•  Service orientated content•  Metro landing pages•  Internal linking @Location3
  41. 41. PPC ADS & SEO CLICKS Source: Google, March 2012 @Location3
  42. 42. GOOGLE’S VENICE UPDATEIncreased the amount of local and organic blended results, making the connection between both local andSEO efforts more important than ever.@Location3
  45. 45. FRESH CONTENT The search engines prefer to rank websites that they consider to be more current as that would signify relevance to their users. By regularly adding fresh content, the search engines will see it as an active and up to date website Many content strategies live at the national level, but sometimes there are opportunities on the local side to develop fresh content •  Local blog •  Refresh content on local webpage •  Add new sub-pages to the local page@Location3
  46. 46. SUSAN’S PATHRECOMMENDATION•  Notices a poor Google reviewfrom a recent customer anddecides to search for other reviews @Location3
  47. 47. SUSAN’S PATHACTIVE RECOMMENDATION•  Searches for AEKI reviews on social reviewand monitoring sites•  Although not all reviews were positive, themajority of them were very good•  Susan is no longer dissuaded by the singlebad review on the Google+ Local page, becauseshe knows it was simply one person’sexperience out of many @Location3
  48. 48. MARKETING STRATEGYENGAGEMENT • 7 in 10 who read reviews share them with friends, family & colleagues • 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends Sources: Deloitte & Touche,, 2011 The E-tailing Group; E-Consultancy @Location3
  49. 49. MARKETING STRATEGYENGAGEMENT 1/3 OF PEOPLE WILL REMOVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW IF BUSINESS RESPONDS. Monitor reviews (and general web) for branded and non-branded terms. Reviews – check once a week. All other sites – daily or every other day, depending on volume of conversations. To increase efficiencies, create template responses for various comment categories (e.g., quality of service, pricing, etc.). Create and use email address for taking conversation offline (e.g., Tailor and personalize template responses for each review to provide genuine comments that are not duplicated. Different than general social networks due to lack of conversational element—when a business responds on most customer review sites, the reviewer is not notified. @Location3
  50. 50. SUSAN’S PATHPASSIVE RECOMMENDATION•  A few days after her home furnishingsresearch, Susan is viewing her Facebook newsfeed•  Notices a friend’s post regarding a contestAEKI is sponsoring to win a free couch on theirwebsite•  Although not actively searching for homefurnishings at that moment, Susan decides tovisit the AEKI Facebook page to enter the contest @Location3
  51. 51. MARKETING STRATEGYENGAGEMENT•  Developed comprehensive strategy forincreasing social engagement through Facebookcontest•  Developed Facebook Contest App forFacebook page•  Promoted the contest page through highlytargeted Facebook ads @Location3
  52. 52. ONCE THEY LIKE YOUR PAGE, FANS DO NOT GO BACK 20-95% Fans who do not see your posts 10-70% Fans who see your posts 0.1-4.0% Fans you Like or comment 0.1-0.5% Fans who go to your actual Facebook page@Location3
  54. 54. BENEFITS OFFACEBOOK ADS•  Increase brand awareness, generate engagement, promote specials and contests, and drive traffic to website.•  Create sales/lead gen environment within Facebook.•  Micro-targeting opportunities.•  Ease in managing spend with Cost Per Like, CPC or CPM models. @Location3
  55. 55. FACEBOOK ENHANCED TARGETING & OPPORTUNITIES Custom Audience Facebook Mobile In-app Feature Exchange Targeting •  Target existing customers on •  Once users visits your •  Reach Facebook users within Facebook via email or phone website, you can deliver ads relevant apps lists on Facebook to retarget •  Target based on Facebook’s •  Layer Facebook’s standard •  Not layered with Facebook standard Marketplace targeting parameters on top standard targeting parameters parameters •  All data is hashed to protect •  Banners and interstitials privacy of customers@Location3
  56. 56. SUSAN’S PATHVALIDATION•  Begins to narrow down product listto handful of essentials, and a fewaccessory items•  Uses "Pin it“ on her mobile phone toorganize and share her items onPinterest while commuting to work•  Also looks at AEKI account onPinterest and re-pins favorite items @Location3
  57. 57. MARKETING STRATEGYVALIDATIONAVERAGE ORDER FROMPINTEREST IS DOUBLE THAT OFFACEBOOK AND HIGHER THANGOOGLE & AMAZON.•  Developed and actively managedPinterest account for AEKI•  Added “Pin It” buttons to product pagesand code in price ribbon•  Placed analytics event tracking on Pin Itbuttons to measure engagement statsacross site @Location3
  58. 58. SUSAN’S PATHDECISION•  Susan visited local AEKI topurchase all the items she had onher list•  Checks in to local AEKI store onFacebook Places and Foursquare,letting friends and family knowshe’s there•  Using mobile website, sheconsults her target product listwhile she navigates brick-and-mortar AEKI @Location3
  59. 59. MARKETING STRATEGYDECISION•  Analyzed website interaction on the device level to understand user behavior based on device type•  Created mobile only campaigns in AdWords and AdCenter•  Used advanced mobile settings (when available) to customize mobile campaigns•  Utilized click to call or led users to a mobile website based on behavior @Location3
  60. 60. MARKETING STRATEGYDECISION•  Analyzed campaign behavior to further optimize the campaigns•  Bidding is extremely important for mobile devices. Being in position 1-2 increases performance @Location3
  61. 61. THE MOBILE LANDSCAPE Website Mobile Site Mobile App Mobile App Mobile AppNot Web-Optimized Prioritized Content and Nav Locator, Menu, Product Transactional TransactionalNon-transactional Locator, Menu, Engagement Non-transactional Non-transactional @Location3
  62. 62. MARKETING STRATEGYLOCATION-BASED SERVICES 1.  Clean up venue data: •  Business name •  Description Protect Integrity Gain Control of •  Address •  Phone of Local Data Brand Assets •  Hours (FB only) •  Twitter link (FSQ only) •  Website link (FSQ only) •  Vanity URL (FB only for local pages) Increase •  Profile image/cover photo Improve User Localized 2.  Establish parent-child hierarchy, where appropriate Experience (franchise/multiunit) Awareness 3.  Develop Specials campaign to attract new and/or reward existing customers @Location3
  63. 63. MARKETING STRATEGYLOCATION-BASED SPECIALS STRATEGIES Choose from nine types of specials across both channels. Train staff to understand special offer, how to tell customers about it and how to fulfill. Include code in special, which staff enter into POS system. Create POP signage for use at each location. Place decals sent by Foursquare/Facebook on each location’s door/ window. @Location3
  64. 64. MARKETING STRATEGYPOST-SALE ENGAGEMENT•  Using contact info provided by Susan duringpurchase process, AEKI sent link to follow upsurvey regarding customer experience on theAEKI website•  Created digital coupon for 20% Off NextPurchase at AEKI•  Coupon delivered to Susan’s email uponcompletion of the survey with an option toshare with five of her friends via email orSMS text @Location3
  65. 65. The Buyer’s Journey: A consumer-directed, socially-influenced, brand-inspired pursuit of truth and opportunity. Research Content Content Interest Retail ValidationContent Intent Communities Brands Input Discovery Decision Content Friends Content Authorities Content@Location3
  67. 67. KPIS FOR LOCAL SEARCH 82% of local searches result in a phone call, visit to store, or a visit to the website. With that in mind, these are the KPIs that are most commonly used to measure the success of local Pay per Click campaigns: •  Phone calls •  Get more information form fills •  Service sign up/purchase •  In store coupon redemption •  Online purchase •  Online ordering/in-store pick-up •  Improvement in current metrics measured with a national campaign@Location3
  69. 69. INCREASE IN LOCAL INTENT@Location3
  72. 72. MEASURING SOCIAL & CONTENT INITIATIVES Audience/Awareness Views/Consumption Engagement Sharing Actions Search Impact @Location3
  73. 73. TOOLS & TECH Qualitative and Social media monitoring Facebook app publishing. Social media platform for Analytics for location-based quantitative measurement and sentiment tracking. management, compliance, services (e.g., Foursquare). of social media referrals. publishing, monitoring, analytics. Audience, engagement, Audience, engagement, Manage social media Social media influencer Blogger outreach and reach, content analysis, viewership, video networks, mostly Twitter, identification. influencer identification. demographics. analysis, demographics. monitoring, collaboration, measurement. @Location3
  74. 74. IF YOU LEARNED NOTHING ELSE, KNOW THESE FIVE THINGS START WITH • Do your due diligence to learn and understand demo- and psychographics, mindset, needs of your target audience(s) CUSTOMERS • Digital interaction does not happen in isolation, and neither should your digital marketing initiatives. Consider INTEGRATION IS KEY how each overlaps, and push all staff members/departments/agencies to work together. • Assign one person or team to lead the digital strategies and integration to ensure it is executed effectively and ASSIGN AN OWNER efficiently • Add geo-modified terms to your paid search campaigns, site architecture, content, and link development LOCALIZE YOUR initiatives CAMPAIGNS • Use location targeting to reach your current customers as well as your potential customers SHARE INSIGHTS AND • Agree on KPIs for your efforts across all channels and have a unified way to measure results. Share results across mediums often to gain the most from all of your online local efforts DATA@Location3
  76. 76.
  77. 77. THANK YOU! Anne Baum Local Solutions Manager @SearchDiva Angie Pascale Social Media Planner @AngiePascale@Location3