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A Practical Guide to LinkedIn Analytics


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Make sure you are getting the most out of every single post to your LinkedIn Page by digging into your analytics, whether that be through a service like LocalVox Social, or the analytics provided directly on the social network. To take a deeper look into your network analytics go to your LinkedIn Company Page and select analytics, follow our guide to get the most out of what's provided to you.

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A Practical Guide to LinkedIn Analytics

  1. 1. A Practical Guide to LinkedIn Analytics
  2. 2. RECENT UPDATES See an overview of how your recent posts performed with a chosen audience via impressions, clicks, interactions, followers acquired and engagement breakdowns. URL:
  3. 3. REACH & ENGAGEMENT Discover overall trends and patterns during different time periods. Apply your learnings to future updates to create highly effective posts. URL:
  4. 4. FOLLOWERS In addition the total number of people who follow your Company Page, you will also find a demographic breakdown (helpful for understanding your audience). URL:
  5. 5. COMPANY PAGE VISITORS Discover how many page views and unique visitors have visited your Company Page (along with demographics). If you have a Career page, analytics will show here. URL:
  6. 6. Head to LinkedIn's analytics and dig into your metrics today! APPLY THE DATA Once you collect the data and analyze it, apply it to your LinkedIn strategy. You can learn: - Best times to post - Top posts for engagement - Audience demographics - ...and more!