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  • Exciting new product! Revolutionary - first of it’s kind - Evolutionary – based on decades of knowledge - +7 years R&D Leading edge technology First & only Unique, exclusive to GNLD Reaffirms GNLD position at the leading edge of the science of Nutrition & Health No other product No other company can deliver the omega-3 power of SO+ Let’s take a deeper look…….
  • It’s the first COMPLETE omega-3 supplement. Exclusive GNLD science and product technology. Another GNLD industry first. Far ahead of the competition.
  • Our first glimpse of the power of omega-3’s came from our discovery back in the 1970’s that Eskimo’s didn’t get heart disease. A paradox / contradiction because we believed that high fat diets caused heart disease and Eskimos ate a lot of fat. It was then that we first learned that though some fats can be bad and cause heart disease, other fats can be good and are needed to perform critical roles throughout the body.
  • Today we know that omega-3 fatty acids are; A family of eight (8) “Master Molecules” Basic to human biochemistry – involved in the structure and/or function of all cells, tissue, organs and systems. We need them from the point of conception and everyday of our lives there after. Let’s take a closer look at some key benefits of omega-3’s in the body.
  • Omega-3’s are critical for arteries and veins, keep them soft, flexible, elastic. Minimize “:hardening” of the arteries. Reduce plaque formation. Lower triglycerides Increase HDL (good cholesterol) Improve HDL / LDL (good cholesterol / bad cholesterol) ratio Reduce platelet stickiness (blood flows easier at lower pressure) Reduces risk of arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems that can cause heart attack) Research performed by The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute shows that regular consumption of omega-3 rich fish just once weekly would result in; 40% reduction in risk death from heart disease. 29% reduction in the risk of death from all causes. Research published in JAMA shows those with highest O-3 intakes enjoy up to 70% reduction of risk.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids play key roles in the bodies natural inflammatory / anti-inflammatory balance. Providing anti-inflammatory benefit. Reduce inflammation associated with joint use / abuse (as in sports – injuries) Reduce inflammation associated with Rheumatoid arthritis Reduce inflammations in skin (psoriasis) Reduce inflammation associated with auto-immune disorders / diseases such as Lupus. Reduce inflammation in the bowel (published in the journal Nutrition.) Reduces inflammation at and within our cells.
  • In the brain and CNS omega-3 fatty acids are both protective and corrective: A key component of brain tissue and most abundant fatty acids. Key building blocks of brain biochemistry / manufacture of neurons, neural pathways (memory). Protective: New research – AJCN – Oct 2005 – protects brain tissue from modifications associated with Alzheimer’s, dementias, cognitive decline. Corrective: New research – AJCN – Dec 2004 – omega-3’s help and support regeneration of damaged brain tissue caused by Alzheimer’s related plaque. Restoring cognitive function – memory. Omega-3 influence behavior: ADHD – A June 2005 Australian study showed supplementation with omega-3 significantly improved ADHD symptoms in children. Similar studies have been done in the UK. Anger: Studies pub in journal Neuropharmacology – Dec 2005- showed significant improvement in anger management in people subject to anger outbreaks.
  • Omega-3’s are critical right at conception. Primary building block of developing babies brain and CNS. Fundamental building block of the extremely high cellular growth. A 2005 study in UK showed that in mother’s with asthma, O-3 status during pregnancy affects child's risk of asthma. When mom’s O-3 are high, child risk of asthma is low. Another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows Omega-3’s reduce the risk of exercise induced asthma in athletes. Thus omega-3 fatty acids are critically to all cells, tissue, organs and systems of the body. Indeed, cells actually prefer omega-3 fatty acids. When they are plentiful our cells pick them up and use them preferentially over other fatty acids But as powerful and compelling as all this knowledge is the situation with our diet is scary and alarming.
  • The Standard American Diet (SAD) is truly sad! People have huge deficiencies / inadequacies of omega-3’s Essentially no one gets enough (90+%) Many people go for weeks or even months without any fish or fish oil omega-3’s This undermines both the structure and function of all the cells, tissue, organs and systems of the body. Increasing risk of disease and shortening life expectancy. We get far too much of the bad fats and far too little omega-3’s
  • As a result we actually bias our biochemistry toward disease. We give it no choice because we don’t give it what it needs.
  • Science and Medicine have shown us the answer. We need to decrease our consumption of fried, fat-laden, “fast” and convenience foods and the “bad fats” they contain. At the same time we need to dramatically increase our consumption of fish and fish oil sourced omega-3 fatty acids that provide all eight (8) omega-3’s involved in human nutrition. If we do this we can reverse our path of degeneration and health loss and bias our biochemistry toward health, reducing our risk of disease and maximizing health potential and longevity. And GNLD new Salmon Oil Plus is the perfect solution.
  • It’s the first COMPLETE omega-3 supplement. Exclusive GNLD science and product technology. Another GNLD industry first. Far ahead of the competition.
  • Like all GNLD products, Salmon Oil Plus is Based in Nature – follows Nature’s Blueprint for human Nutrition. Everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t. Optimal omega-3 nutrition in the forms and from the source your body needs and Nature intended. Backed by Science: Decades of knowledge and more than 7 years of investigation and development by the SAB, GSN and global product science team.
  • First, it’s based on pure, natural Salmon oil; Nature's most biocompatible source of omega-3’s for humans. Salmon harvested from the pristine waters of the far north Atlantic. Health-screened, disease free, selected for human consumption.
  • It provides UHPO3 – ultra high potency omega-3 fatty acid technology that allows us to boost, stabilize and standardize all eight (8) omega-3 ”master molecules”. Derived from natural, human food chain sources including tuna (particularly high in DHA), sardines and anchovies. All are harvested from pristine north Atlantic waters. All are health screened, disease free and selected for human consumption. Provides higher potency Smaller, easy to swallow capsule. More omega-3 power!
  • An exclusive GNLD technology that allows us to select and concentrate specific omega-3 molecules……while at the same time identifying, extracting and eliminating other non-omega-3 fatty acid molecules that play roles only in taste, odor or color.
  • More than just “molecular distillation” , which focuses on isolating and concentrating a single molecule, “molecular differentiation” is the “state of the art” in manufacturing technology that allows us identify, standardize and stabilize all 8 Omega-3 master molecules. This provides greater purity, power….less burping!!
  • It also allows us to deliver the entire family of omega-3 fatty acids involved in human nutrition. To supplement the bodies natural omega-3 chain at every interval. Assuring the presence of not just the two powerful O-3’s (EPA & DHA) but all eight. Providing the synergy of the 3 “self healing” eicosanoids (also called auto-coids); eicosatrienoic acid, eicosatetraenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. Delivering DHA’s sister omega-3 DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) that is present in tissue throughout the body, supporting synergy with DHA. Assuring more continuous and even availability for cell and tissue creation and renewal. All of the forms of omega-3 fatty acids to help all the cells, tissue, organs and systems of the body work more effectively. GNLD is the first company able to do this.
  • New Standard of excellence from the company already recognized for outstanding product quality. Purity: All ingredients from natural “Nature’s Blueprint” sources. From the pristine water of the North Atlantic Health screened - Disease free - Specifically selected for human consumption Harvested in accord with strict environmental guidelines Tested for more than 160 potential contaminants with an allowable detection level of ZERO! Potency: Gram for gram – 20% more EPA – 90% more DHA – +50% more total omega-3’s Higher potency ---- smaller size – ea. Dose + 460 EPA, 480 DHA, +50mg DPA, +80mg other O-3, including ALA. Consistency: Guaranteed potency ; every cap – every bottle – every batch – every time – every where. The highest possible quality. Meeting or exceeding the quality standards of every major regulatory agency in the world.
  • Recap and close: The world’s first. The world’s best. No other product No other company Only GNLD……!!!!! Finally…….a COMPLETE omega-3 supplement!
  • Salmon Oil Supplement

    1. 2. Omega III Salmon Oil Plus ™ The First COMPLETE Omega-3 Supplement
    2. 3. How We Discovered Omega-3’s
    3. 4. What we know today What We Know Today <ul><li>Eight (8) “Master Molecules” </li></ul><ul><li>Basic to human biochemistry </li></ul><ul><li>Critical throughout life </li></ul>
    4. 5. Heart & Cardiovascular System
    5. 6. Joints: Joints & Anti-Inflammatory Balance
    6. 7. Brain: Sub head Brain & Central Nervous System
    7. 8. Conception to the end of life: Sub head From Conception and for Life
    8. 9. S tandard A merican D iet
    9. 10. Scale Bad Nutritionally Biased Toward Disease
    10. 11. Scale Healthy Nutritionally Balanced for Health
    11. 12. Omega III Salmon Oil Plus ™ The First COMPLETE Omega-3 Supplement
    12. 13. Based in Nature, Backed by Science!
    13. 14. The GNLD Difference The GNLD Difference Pure, Natural Salmon Oil
    14. 15. UHPO3 Ultra High Potency of Omega 3 The GNLD Difference
    15. 16. Molecular Differentiation The GNLD Difference
    16. 17. Molecular Differentiation The GNLD Difference
    17. 18. All 8 Omega III Fatty Acids The GNLD Difference Meet the Omega-3 Family
    18. 19. Highest Possible Quality The GNLD Difference Highest Possible Quality <ul><li>Purity </li></ul><ul><li>Potency </li></ul><ul><li>Consistancy </li></ul>
    19. 20. Best in the World World’s First, World’s Best! The GNLD Difference Finally… a COMPLETE Omega-3 Supplement
    20. 22. Le Verne Holmes 720-939-2751