Power point calcium - 2012 nada st. germain


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Power point calcium - 2012 nada st. germain

  1. 1. CHELATED CAL-MAG With 1,000 IU High Potency Vitamin D3 Calcium supports cardio & Neuromuscular function and is essential for: Bone Health – Calcium is critical for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, but emerging science shows that we need more than just calcium to optimize bone health, and the benefits of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D go beyond just bone health - Cardiovascular function - Muscle contraction & relaxation - Transmission of nerve impulses - Secretion and activation of hormones/enzymes - Immune health - The older you get the harder it is to absorb calciumIf you don’t get enough calcium In your diet the blood takes it from your bones.
  2. 2. CALCIUM – CAL MAGA large percentage of North Americans fail to meetcurrently recommended guidelines for optimal calciumintake.More than half of all women and about one-third of allmen will experience bone fractures due to osteoporosis, adisease marked by the gradual thinning and weakening ofbones.Nearly 50 million Americans have hypertension, or highblood pressure. Research shows that eating a low-fat dietrich in fruits, vegetables, and calcium may help lower bloodpressure.
  3. 3. CALCIUMHow Much Calcium Do we Need?Infants, birth – 6 months 400 mg6 mos – 1 yr 600 mgChildren 1-3 500 mgChildren 4-8 800 mgChildren 9 -13 yrs 1300 mgGirls & Boys 11-24 1200 – 1500 mgWomen 25-50 1000 mgMen 25-65 1000 mg
  4. 4. CALCIUMPregnant Women 1,200 mgWomen on Estrogen 1,000 mgPost Menopause 1,500 mgWomen & Men 65+ 1,500 mg
  5. 5. CALCIUM –CHELATED CAL-MAGVitamin D3 Lower levels are linked to heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer and osteoporosis Supports breast, bone, heart and immune health Essential for proper neuromuscular and immune function Promotes calcium absorption We need 15 – 30 minutes of direct sun exposure on face, arms, back and legs with sunscreen every single day As people age, the amount of Vitamin D made in the skin after sunlight declines.
  6. 6. CALCIUM – CHELATED CAL-MAGOther recent studies have indicated that vitaminD and sunlight exposure can substantially reducethe risk of cancer, the flu, diabetes, heart disease,autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders.Vitamin D plays a role in the activation of at least100 genes, many of which are involved in diseaseprevention.Researchers believe that optimal vitamin D levelsmay enhance the amount of important chemicalsin the brain and protect brain cells.
  7. 7. CALCIUM – CAL- MAGMagnesium Magnesium helps keep your bones strong and stimulates calcium uptake Maintains healthy heart and immune function Promotes normal blood pressure Essential for healthy muscle and nerve function Supports energy metabolism and protein synthesis Essential for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body
  8. 8. CALCIUMResearch shows that adequate calcium and vitamin Das part of a healthy diet, along with physical activity,may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.Calcium and magnesium, necessary for strong bonesand teeth, are also critical for cardiovascular health,normal blood pressure, nerve and muscle function,reduction of symptoms of PMS and many enzymereactions.Daily supplementation of calcium and vitamin Dcombined may reduce the risk of bone fractures in alladults, regardless of age or gender.
  9. 9. WHY GNLD CHELATED CAL-MAG WITH 1000 MG OF VITAMIN D? Supports stronger bones and more. Perfect blend of chelated calcium and magnesium with high potency vitamin D3, to support a broad range of health benefits. Exclusive double amino acid chelation for higher calcium and magnesium absorption. Prevents irritation to stomach and intestines. Preferred 2:1 ratio of 100 mg of calcium to 50 mg magnesium per tablet. High potency and bioavailability with 1,000 IU of readily absorbable and highly bioavailable vitamin D3 per 3 tablets. Easy to swallow coated tablets. Pure & natural. Absorption rate close to 100%.
  10. 10. HOW TO TAKE:Take 3 tablets daily.Note: if you have trouble sleeping or musclespasms at night, take your calcium before bed.
  11. 11. CALCIUMContrary to what you read, calcium carbonate ishighly bioavailable. And GNLD products havebeen formulated to maximize bioavailability. Wechose calcium carbonate because it is a superior,organically-derived source of calcium. Itconsistently provides a high degree of purity in aform that tends to be more readily soluble toimprove absorption by the body. Also, calciumcarbonate is an excellent natural source ofcalcium which delivers the most calcium per unitof weight of raw material.
  12. 12. CALCIUMSeveral factors can also interfere with calcium absorption. Certainfoods containing oxalic acid such as spinach and Swiss chard can inhibitcalcium absorption by binding with calcium and forming aninsoluble compound. A diet high in saturated fat can also affectabsorption. Fat binds with calcium and forms insoluble soaps. Thisprocess known as "saponification" also renders calcium insoluble; it issimply excreted through the digestive tract. Consequently, while thereis no specific advantage to calcium absorption while sleeping, bedtimesupplementation is a good way to avoid food combinations that maylimit calcium absorption.Lastly, some people who suffer from night leg cramps find takingcalcium at bedtime relieves that problem. GNLD Calcium supplementsare perfect for that use as well.
  13. 13. NEO CALNeo-Cal is a fresh-tasting, mint flavored, chewable tablet thewhole family will enjoy. It blends calcium carbonate withcalcium lactate and calcium gluconate-high-purity calciumcomplexed to organic acids for better absorption-formaximum utilization in the body. In addition, Neo-Calcontains natural beet root, a source of betaine hydrochloride,which helps digest calcium and maintain normal acidity in thestomach. Magnesium and vitamin C have also been added toenhance calcium absorption and utilization. Mint oil andcarob create the refreshing flavor of Neo-Cal. Contains calciumabout the same as one glass of milk. Dissolves easily in stomach,70% absorption rate. Other non-chelated calcium supplementsusually absorb at less than 20%. So Neo-Cal above competition.
  14. 14. NEO CALThe amount of supplemental calcium a personneeds each day depends greatly upon a numberof factors including diet, age, nutritionalpreferences, and even genetic background.Because GNLD is aware of these differences, weoffer a choice of two different calcium productformulations, each with unique advantages, tofulfill everyone’s supplemental calcium needs.
  15. 15. NEO CAL AND CAL MAGNEO CAL : 250 mg calcium 133 IU OF Vitamin D 57 mg magnesium( absorption 70%) ( chewable)CAL MAG : 100 mg calcium 333.33 IU Vitamin D 50 mg magnesium(absorption close to 100%) ( swallow)
  16. 16. How many to take?Example 1: 1300 mg calcium 3 Cal-Mag = 300 mg Chew two Neo-Cal AM 500 mg Chew two Neo-Cal PM 500 mgTotal 1300 mg calcium, and over 1000 IU of D
  17. 17. How many to take?Example 2: 1000 mg calcium 5 Cal-Mag: =500 mg chew 2 Neo-Cal = 500 mgTotal 1000 mg calcium, and over 1000 mg Vitamin D