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  • Hello.
    My name is ….. (use this slide as a conversation breaker)
    And I welcome you to this presentation.
    I am so excited to share with you some of the reasons why I believe this international opportunity is the best answer - for so many people looking for a change and a better life. Maybe it sounds a bit cliché but the real content I will cover now – needs your attention so you can appreciate the full picture and then make your evaluation.
    My educational background is a masters degree in business and 15 years ago I worked for an international services corporate before I fully joined this opportunity. It was one of the best decisions I´ve ever made and this has provided a totally new lifestyle and freedom for my family and myself.
    Don´t imagine that this is some kind of a free ride scheme. I can admit - that I was a bit skeptical at first - but then started to see the potential and most importantly what this could bring in the future in terms of security, finances and freedom.
    Perhaps you´ve sometimes wondered if there is something better out there for you?
    Well - the key is to keep an open mind and expand your thinking.
  • I will tell you that This opportunity can absolutely enable you and your family to enjoy
    -> a Rich,
    -> fulfilling and secure life.
    -> Something that we could call A life of true prosperity.
  • When we think about it, Sharing is a natural thing for most people and on daily basis, we all create revenues for different businesses by sharing.
    When we recommend a restaurant, a good hairdresser, dentist or a good movie, we are expanding the business and income for those entities. 
    How about putting your social skills to work for YOU?
  • I´m going to cover five key points that I believe are relevant for any business venture. 
    -> first is Trends, that is, what kind of economic and social environment we are living in. And what key markets are influencing our lives?
    -> second is Partnership - the Company that drives the opportunity and is our solid business partner. 
    -> next is Products - what kind of unique, emotional and exclusive products we offer.
    -> then comes Leverage and Compensation – that is how and what we can potentially earn.
    -> And the fifth and final will be Timing – why NOW is maybe the right time for you to join this opportunity and take action.
  • Let’s start with the economic realities around us.
    Sadly it’s becoming a normal thing to talk about Financial crisis,
    -> people having to Work More for Less Pay, High Unemployment and Uncertainty of all kinds. 
    -> This simply means that many are and will be forced to postpone their retirement. 
    And at the same time: Health care costs are escalating, stock markets are volatile and employee benefits are reduced.
  • You probably agree that the Ostrich way doesn’t solve our economic situation.
    But people are different in the way they tackle their challenges and my aim is to show you a path that might be leading to a good change.
  • Having a successful business has proven to create the majority of financially well-off people in the world today.
    But a traditional business comes with many risks and the statistics tell that most businesses go under within the first 2-5 years.
    -> What we have here is a new approach with a social business model that both offers a great upside potential as well as limited start-up risk.
    It´s my experience that you may work 1-3 years – effectively and succeed in building a foundation for a life changing business for yourself and your family.
    This will vary from person to person, but everyone has a fair chance to build for themselves. And in some cases it leads to international empires with significant incomes.
    So stay alert and note the information I will share with you now.
  • There is an overflow of messages that we receive through all kinds of media every day. But when you notice a growing and consistent coverage of certain topics you are perhaps onto what we call Trends.
    In recent years there has been massive coverage of Aging, youth, health and beauty and lately we are seeing the connection to new discoveries in DNA technology.
    At the same time we have a consistent drive towards entrepreneurship and particularly people´s interest to work more from home and gain better control over their own time and own finances.
  • One of the fastest growing markets right now is Anti-Aging.
    For me this is where we talk about products for both health and beauty. And this market is predicted to grow to a historical 1 trillion dollars by the year 2025.
    Very few markets have ever achieved such size.
    -> and here you can be sure to find endless opportunities and position where the Trend is your friend. That is generally a clever business.
  • Our partner company is called Nu Skin Enterprises and I have seen Nu Skin grow over the years to become a global leader in the anti-aging industry.
    By partnering with Nu Skin YOU CAN leverage their billion dollar investments for your own new startup.
  • Let´s look at some facts.
    -> With operations in 50+ countries, Nu Skin offers a global opportunity.  This means, you can build business into any of those markets without any hassle of paperwork or regulations. 
    -> Nu Skin is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NUS. We encourage you to look it up and my experience is that the more you will look the better you feel the opportunity.
    -> The respected Forbes business magazine ranked Nu Skin out of 8.000 companies as the 5th. most trustworthy company in the mid cap category.
    -> In 2012 Nu Skin surpassed the 2 billion $ mark, posting yet another record year and growing from 1.7 billion $ in 2011.
    -> Nu Skin has received a 5A1 rating from Dun & Bradstreet consistently for almost two decades. 5A1 is the highest rating given by D&B and VERY few companies in the world ever get it.  To have such a solid partner company is priceless. 
    -> and the company has a proven success record since its foundation in ´84 by these 3 entrepreneurs.
  • Not only is this a strong company, but a company with a great heart.
    Nu Skins has stated that their mission is to Be A Force For Good in the world and from 1996 the Nu Skin FFG foundation has contributed more than 23 million $ to improve the lives of children throughout the world.
    -> then we have Nourish the Children, an initiative that offers people to buy bags of food that are specially formulated for malnourished children. These bags are called VitaMeal and one bag contains 30 meals so it can nourish a child for a whole month. Today well over 100.000 children receive VitaMeal every single day and over 55.000 of them are in Malawi. So we buy and donate ourselves VitaMeal packages and encourage our business partners and customers to do the same.
    I will not go further into this now but it shows that big companies can do amazing things with the right intentions, right strategy and mindset.
  • With Nu Skin we talk about a company that is based on Science and focuses on the highest quality standards. We are especially proud of their affiliations with LifeGen Technologies and Stanford University amongst many others.
    -> Nu Skin has more than 75 scientist on staff and
    -> -> is collaborating with over 150 scientists at 25 Universities worldwide. In addition to Stanford there are many more - in Europe, United States and Asia.
    The scientific advisory board consist of several very well known individuals like Dr. Lester Packer – the father of the Antioxidant theory
    -> and the chairman is Prof. Carl Djerassi, the inventor of the Birth Control pill.
    It is worth mentioning that LifeGen has done over 30 years of age related Gene research. And due to Nu Skin´s recent acquisition of LifeGen - Nu Skin has now full ownership of their unique databases, patents and other intellectual property related to anti-aging gene research.
  • And genes and know-how about them is ever more crucial. When it turns out that the answer to the quest of Youth has essentially been inside us the entire time. In our genes – influencing the way we age in every way.
    Nu Skin´s work with LifeGen has resulted in the breakthrough innovation of ageLOC – which we can call a technology foundation.
    -> This has allowed Nu Skin to Identify, Target and Reset what we call Youth Gene Clusters.
  • Nu Skin has successfully built many brands in both personal care and health industries.
    With Nu Skin products the focus is on the Outside-in benefits and with Pharmanex products the focus is on the Inside-out benefits using both safe and exclusive technologies and ingredients.
    The latest addition with ageLOC is targeting into both the personal care and supplemental product categories.
  • You might say that until now, all the effort of the beauty industry has gone into reducing the appearance of aging. For the first time – with the ageLOC technology - we can look at the real sources of aging.
  • We can say that ageLOC is your key to Living younger – longer.
    -> This is a breakthrough genetic approach to Anti-Aging science and
    -> it´s based on 30 years of proprietary research done by LifeGen Technologies.
    -> It´s both an exclusive and patented science
    -> where the scientists have been able to Identify, Target and Reset what we refer to as Youth Gene Clusters, a new discovery that you couldn´t Google-search just a few years ago.
    -> And the result is a Super class of Anti-Aging products. Products that are both in great demand and deliver on their promise.
  • Let´s look better at this. Most of us know that Apple has been one, if not the main success corporate story in recent years.
    Every year Apple brings out one or more products and people stand in lines to be the first to get them. It´s quite common that a single household has multiple Apple products.
    And the key for this success has been to innovate, innovate and innovate more and to realize that people make buying decisions – to a great extend - on emotions.
  • And at Nu Skin we like to talk about being the “Apple” of Anti-Aging when it comes to our Opportunity Renewal.
    Every year there is renewed and refreshed opportunity by the company and time after time we have experienced that the newly launched products produce record sales every time.
    And there is no end in sight. The Product pipeline at Nu Skin is full of new and exciting innovations for many years to come.
  • This is the current range of key ageLOC products and devices. On the left you see the Body Galvanic machine with its two companion products.
    Next is the Galvanic Spa (face) machine with the small Galvanic facial gels.
    Then come the 4 products in the Transformation set that are your daily skin care regimen and finally the revolutionary R2 twin supplements, which are used for morning and night.
    -> Some of these products show a clear Visual result – some, like the Galvanic Spa – in just a matter of minutes. Does it sound too good to be true? Well that´s how it is and Visual results create Emotions – and therefore the products are highly emotional and extremely consumable, as some are for daily usage.
    And they are absolutely Exclusive to us working with Nu Skin. And as you have seen, there are numerous patens on both products and technology.
  • -> The products deliver on their promise. Here you have pictures of two individuals – and yes – you can see that all of these products are both for men and women.
    The gentleman has been treated for four weeks – three times a week on half of his face and you can see very visible results especially under the eyes, the smile line and skin texture.
    For the woman this is a result after just one 15 minute treatment. Extraordinary and amazing results which make people excited to buy our products.
    And just to have it clear, then these pictures are formally approved from the company.
  • -> Here is the fantastic Galvanic Body Trio, which is ideal to treat upper arm, stomach and thighs. You see a typical result after 6 weeks – twice a week with the Body Galvanic and ageLOC body products.
    These kind of visual results clearly help, so the products almost sell themselves.
  • We could take much more time to talk about Products but that will wait for your follow up information. But before we leave this area, I just want to emphasize that Nu Skin has a massive product pipeline coming up.
    Soon we arrive at the next frontier,
    -> which is weight management system based on Gene Expression Science. A new and exciting category where Nu Skin will once again bring major innovation to the market.
  • OK, so until now we have covered lots of information about Trends, the Company and Products. It´s time now to talk about creating income and The only way to achieve what I call real prosperity
    -> This is by building a Business Asset
    -> that will provide a CASH FLOW long-term
    -> and that means not only for you but also your children and future generations.
    And this is what I have personally experienced with the business building over the years. And this can also become your reality.
  • When I see this picture it reminds me on the days when I used to work for somebody else.
    As I see it, working to build someone else´s dream.
    Do you sometimes feel that whatever you do – you still end up at the same place?
    That feeling of being constantly busy but not getting anywhere is unfortunately very common. And this situation is often called the Rat-race.
  • So I want to show you how this business can provide a leveraged compensation.
    Leverage means that you build a foundation that gives you income long after you have build it.
    Just like a writer who writes a book once, but gets paid every time that book is sold any time in the future. Great example is J.K. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter books.
    Same applies for world class singers selling songs or you earning interest on your investments and there are other examples. This usually involves either people with extraordinary talents that is hard to copy or sizeable amount of cash to start with.
    The opposite to leverage income is linear income, where you exchange time for money or get paid for a certain job.
    You might not know this – but understanding the value of your social network is a Big Business. You for sure know a few people – and they all know a few people each.
    ->The question you need to ask yourself is “who do I know?”
  • Let´s now look at compensation. People participate with Nu Skin at different levels or stages. You can approach this business with a small, medium or a large thinking.
    -> Small is what we call to become a Distributor, and this is where everybody starts. You goal may be to add some extra income to your life or simply to become a wholesale consumer with an option to sell occasionally.
    -> Here you can earn a suggested 43% retail markup on the wholesale price that you as a Distributor can purchase at. You can also as a Distributor connect or sponsor other people into your team. From those people you have personally sponsored (or connected) – and we call your first level– you can earn a 5% commission override on all their personal purchases. Nu Skin is recognizing that you have created consumers.
    -> Medium is where you decide to become an Executive and this is really the Key goal to get serious about the business. To qualify as an Executive will take you 1-3 months and this is the prime time when you are learning and having support to build the base of your future business.
    -> You can earn all what a Distributor can earn, but also add the 9-20% commission on the volume of your total team. We refer to this as your group volume and these are all distributors who are part of your Executive organization. It´s important to realize that you are no longer limited to the first level, so here we can talk about tens, hundreds or even more individuals in your own Executive group.
    -> Large is the step when you start creating new Executives within your own team, by teaching, training and educating about the business and products. This is where leverage starts building and you may see organizations emerge in many countries. This is where you will build financial freedom over time with successful support to your Nu Skin organization.
    -> You can earn all what an Executive can earn, but also add the powerful 5% Leadership commission on Executive groups – all the way to 6 levels deep into your Executive teams. It´s important to realize the difference in earning from a group of individual product users versus having the opportunity of earning commission overrides from tens, hundreds or more Executive teams – all of them having sizeable amount of distributors and customers.
    In this business, your income or compensation is in direct proportion to the effort and determination you put into it. So in summary:
    You can decide to earn some extra pocket money or you could build an Executive organization and start generating more regular and higher income.
    Finally you could decide to build an international empire by helping others to build their business units.
    -> Whatever you decide, you can have lots of support from both your direct upline sponsor and the One Team Global support organization. More on that later.
    Let´s now take a look at this third phase in more details, where you will be building and supporting new Executives within your team.
  • So now we can assume that you already became an Executive and you have your first Executive come up in your team. You will earn the 5% Leadership commission on total volumes of this new Executive team. This commission could also be 2.5 or 10% depending on criteria that you will learn about at a later stage. But you should keep the 5% in your mind now.
    This new Executive is represented by the yellow box in the slide and you have now advanced to become a Gold Executive yourself. Meaning you are an Executive and you have 1 Executive in your team, who is another person or a couple that have successfully gone through the Executive Qualification and accomplished their volume goals.
    Nu Skin publishes official average yearly income figures for US Executives at different Executive levels and as a Gold you are part of a group of people who on average did earn over 9.000 $ in 2011. It´s important to note that these figures are commission income and they are exclusive of any retail profits that you may also earn.
    -> We use the $ amounts as they are official Nu Skin figures but for clarity we also present the Monthly averages in Pounds which we have converted with some average currency conversions for 2011.
    The monthly figure for Gold Executives in 2011 was nearly 500 £. This can surely be a nice extra income, but it´s just the first step and much higher income is realized as your business grows and starts to mature.
  • Your next step is to advance and become a Lapis Executive. That means you have either 2 or 3 Executives on your first level. Some of them might already have Executives on their first level – and those would be your second level Executives. Here again you get the 5% Leadership commission on all Executives, but now on your first 2 levels. What is happening now in your business is that the number of customer and business partners is growing and therefore logically your total volumes and your income should do the same.
    And as you see, the average figures for Lapis in 2011 was nearly 16.000 $
    -> and that translates into about 800 £ as a monthly average for Lapis. Again this is a stepping stone and you hopefully continue to build further.
  • Next step is becoming a Ruby Executive. Here you have trained and supported at least 4 or 5 Executives on your first level and that gives you access to your third level and the 5% Leadership commission on all Executives on your first 3 levels.
    Here you see the average income continue to grow and actually to double and it´s well over 1.600 £ per month for Ruby. The doubling is a sign of the growth in your total customers and business partners and the volume that they produce through sharing the products.
    This is a crucial benchmark to aim for, as Nu Skin invites new Ruby Executives to their headquarters in the United States. This is a 5 day trip where you meet with corporate management and many new Rubys.
  • Next is Emerald Executive. Here you have trained and supported at least 6 or 7 Executives on your first level and that gives you access to your fourth level and earn the 5% Leadership commission on all Executives on your first 4 levels.
    Here you see also the average income double again and it´s well over 3.300 £ per month for Emerald.
  • Now the next step is to become a Diamond Executive. Here you have trained and supported between 8 to 11 Executives on your first level and that gives you access to your fifth level and now you earn the 5% on all Executives on your first 5 levels.
    Once again you see the average income nearly double and it´s over 6.600 £ per month for Diamond.
  • To maximize the compensation plan you can advance to become a Blue Diamond Executive. And here you have trained and supported 12 or more Executives on your first level and that gives you access to your sixth level and now you earn an exciting 5% on all Executives on your first 6 levels.
    Again you see a big jump in the average income which is over 30.000 £ per month for Blue Diamond Executives.
    It´s not my intention to present these higher figures to hype any possible success with the Nu Skin opportunity. Clearly not everybody succeeds to the highest levels and individual successes vary, but it´s my experience that there are no predetermined levels of education, income or background that are necessary for becoming successful with Nu Skin.
    These figures are again just the facts that Nu Skin presents officially and furthermore I have experienced all these levels and can vouch that they become real over time as you put in the effort and time.
    What made this compensation plan so real for me early on - was to understand that it takes in most cases quite some time to reach to the higher levels. Figures from Nu Skin tell us that those who actually achieve to become Blue Diamonds, on the average have taken about 3 years to get there and in most cases probably need several more years to achieve the average income figures.
    What I would like you to take away from these income discussions is the fact that Nu Skin pays extremely well and many people benefits, but this is NOT a quick rich scheme in any way and that real success is build over time with consistent and honest work effort and ethics.
    What is exciting is that Nu Skin´s official vision statement is to pay more income to its distributors than any other direct sales company.
    So far Nu Skin has paid over 8.5 billion $, that´s over 5.0 billion £, in commissions and it seems quite likely there will be a major milestone in 2013 with over 1.0 billion $ paid in commissions for this year alone.
    The great result is that thousands and tens of thousands earn every year, either nice – very good or even extremely significant income through commissions. Nu Skin´s compensation plan is also very unique as it has created nearly 1.000 individuals or couples who have earned more than 1 million $ as their lifetime commissions.
    And every week, on average, there is one or more joining that group of people somewhere in the world. I am not aware of any other comparable opportunity.
  • So let´s take it to the end by looking at the Timing today.
    It´s very interesting to look at Nu Skin´s footprints in Europe. Around year 2000, there were about 500 Executives in the whole of Europe.
    In 2012 the yearly revenue had increased more than 10 times and there were well over 4.000 Executives.
    It´s one of Nu Skin´s official goals to get Europe to a Billion dollar revenue in the next years.
    -> With the kind of growth we have experienced and continue to see, it´s a question if this is reached by the year 2020 or even earlier. I believe this can be achieved.
    Behind a billion dollar revenue there will most likely be about 25.000 Executives with 700.000 active distributors.
    The question is basically, how big a portion of that would you like to have in your business? We are on the verge of even faster growth in Europe and now is the right time to take action.
  • One important factor in this growth future is to have a strong and proven system for new people to connect to and learn from – free of charge.
    It´s our experience that the multi lingual and step-by-step duplication system, that we at OTG West Europe team offer you, is second to none.
    This is all about getting good information, built on a business strategy that has a foundation in honest and ethical working habits. We invite you to learn more about the OTG System 7 from the person who invited you to this presentation. The system has truly been created by some of the most successful individuals in our industry.
    You can start to Earn while you Learn.
  • So to summarize, let´s look at the 5 key points we started with.
    1-> First we looked at some Trends and -> what is clear is that there is great and increasing demand for our products as well as our business opportunity.
    -> and What we see in front of us are huge and fast growing markets.
    2-> The second point was Partnership and -> we can be very confident that we have extremely solid and ethical business partner in Nu Skin.
    -> furthermore their innovation continues to be an extraordinary strength.
    3-> Then we looked briefly at the Products -> and what stands out is the science approach that brings both patented and unique products in extremely consumable categories.
    -> and some of our key products offer clear visual and instant results.
    4-> When you start understanding how Nu Skin´s compensation plan offers a leverage income potential -> you really start to see an unbeatable plan emerge – and that is truly my believe.
    -> and just one of those success signs, is the fact that soon we celebrate having 1.000 people who have earned more than 1 million $ in their lifetime earnings with Nu Skin.
    5-> The last point was the Timing and you can hopefully see the continued growth in Europe and how a proven Europe-wide duplication system is critical to strengthen that growth even further in the years to come.
    -> It´s clear that the times with Nu Skin have never been better than now.
  • So with confidence I can tell you that the Timing is very right for Nu Skin. The only question is: Is the timing right for you?
    Your next step is to get right back to the person who invited you to listen – as he or she will become your prime supporter in launching your new business and then connect you with our OTG System 7 duplication and support.
    This is the end of my presentation - I thank you for listening and wish you the best of success.
  • Bop jan 2013 with pound uk

    1. 1. ENGLISH
    2. 2. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY …to create a desired QUALITY OF LIFE W …to achieve long-term ECONOMIC SECURITY …to live a LIFE OF INFLUENCE
    3. 3. OUR NEED TO SHARE Word of mouth
    7. 7. THE BIG DIFFERENCE Traditional business model Our social business model
    9. 9. The anti-aging industry is expected to reach 1 TRILLION DOLLARS by 2025
    11. 11. THE FACTS • • • • • • Global opportunity, operating in 53 countries Publicly traded company (NYSE: “NUS”) “5th most trustworthy company” (mid-cap) by Forbes Record revenue $2 b (2012) Dun & Bradstreet 5A1 Success since 1984 MORE THAN $1.25 BILLION ALREADY INVESTED IN YOUR BUSINESS!
    12. 12. THE HEART Established 1996 More than 280 million meals donated
    13. 13. THE SCIENCE     75+ on-staff scientists Collaboration with 150 scientists at 25 universities Extraordinarily high standards and quality ”Scientific Advisory Board” led by Prof. Carl Djerassi, the man behind ”the pill”
    18. 18. INNOVATION DONE RIGHT 1998 1999 2001 2007 2010
    19. 19. THE NU SKIN WAY THE “APPLE” OF ANTI-AGING P O 2005 O P R UN T 2006 TY I 2008 EW EN R AL 2009 2010 2011
    21. 21. THE DIFFERENCE DEMONSTRATED After 4 weeks of treatment, 3 times a week Results after 1 treatment Individual result my vary. These results are not typical.
    22. 22. THE DIFFERENCE DEMONSTRATED Body Galvanic one arm demonstration UNTREATE D Results with ageLOC Body Spa Products TREATED
    23. 23. THE NEXT FRONTIER Weight management system based on Gene Expression Science
    24. 24. THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE PROSPERITY …is to build a BUSINESS ASSET that will provide a long-term CASH FLOW – for you and your heirs
    25. 25. THE INFERNAL RACE Do you feel that whatever you do, you still end up at the same place?
    26. 26. “LEVERAGE” AND COMPENSATION “Paying forward” this information to help people in your social network means big business WHO DO YOU KNOW?
    27. 27. COMPENSATION LARGE – XXL MEDIUM SMALL Distributor • Extra income RETAIL, +43% 5% COMMISSION, FIRST LEVEL Executive • Replace income • Help your distributors RETAIL, +43% 5% COMMISSION, FIRST LEVEL 9-20% COMMISSION, ALL LEVELS Business-building executive • Create new executives • Build organizations • Create long-term wealth • Freedom RETAIL, +43% 5% COMMISSION, FIRST LEVEL 9-20% COMMISSION, ALL LEVELS 5% LEADERSHIP COMMISSION, 1-6 LEVELS Where do you want to go?
    28. 28. YEARLY AVERAGE INCOME FOR EXECUTIVES, 2011 £ pr. month 480 £ (IN US DOLLARS, RETAIL PROFITS NOT INCLUDED) 827 £ 1.656 £ 3.368 £ 6.627 £ 30.286 £
    29. 29. YEARLY AVERAGE INCOME FOR EXECUTIVES, 2011 £ pr. month 480 £ (IN US DOLLARS, RETAIL PROFITS NOT INCLUDED) 827 £ 1.656 £ 3.368 £ 6.627 £ 30.286 £
    30. 30. YEARLY AVERAGE INCOME FOR EXECUTIVES, 2011 £ pr. month 480 £ (IN US DOLLARS, RETAIL PROFITS NOT INCLUDED) 827 £ 1.656 £ 3.368 £ 6.627 £ 30.286 £
    31. 31. YEARLY AVERAGE INCOME FOR EXECUTIVES, 2011 £ pr. month 480 £ (IN US DOLLARS, RETAIL PROFITS NOT INCLUDED) 827 £ 1.656 £ 3.368 £ 6.627 £ 30.286 £
    32. 32. YEARLY AVERAGE INCOME FOR EXECUTIVES, 2011 £ pr. month 480 £ (IN US DOLLARS, RETAIL PROFITS NOT INCLUDED) 827 £ 1.656 £ 3.368 £ 6.627 £ 30.286 £
    33. 33. YEARLY AVERAGE INCOME FOR EXECUTIVES, 2011 £ pr. month 480 £ (IN US DOLLARS, RETAIL PROFITS NOT INCLUDED) 827 £ 1.656 £ 3.368 £ 6.627 £ 30.286 £
    34. 34. THE TIMING IN EUROPE IS EXCEPTIONAL! NOW is the time to take action!
    35. 35. EARN WHILE YOU LEARN A simple, PROVEN step-by-step duplication system, made by the most successful leaders in the industry. Learn more about this now!
    36. 36. KEY POINTS TRENDS Increasing demand Expanding market PARTNERSHIP Rock solid company Innovation since 1984 PRODUCTS Patented and unique Instant results LEVERAGE/COMPENSATION Unbeatable plan Close to 1000 millionaires in $ TIMING Never been better!
    37. 37.