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BDD with Visual Studio 2012 and SpecFlow


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BDD with Visual Studio 2012 and SpecFlow

  1. 1. Learn how SpecFlow enables you to do TDD with friction-free plain-English executable tests. Larry Apke Agile Expert
  2. 2. • Who are You? • Who I am and What I Believe • What is BDD? • SpecFlow Overview • Visual Studio 12 SpecFlow Installation • Interacting with Code!
  3. 3. Who are you? •How many .net programmers? •How many using Visual Studio 2012? •How many familiar with TDD? •How many familiar with BDD? •How many using/used SpecFlow?
  4. 4. Who I am: •A Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional with over 5 years experience in Agile development. •A former Director of Software Development, Manager of Software Development, Project Manager, etc. Who I am not: •A .Net Programmer
  5. 5. What I believe: •If you are a programmer and have not acquainted yourself with and mastered BDD/TDD then you are no longer a true craftsman. “TDD is probably the single most important practice discovered in the last 10 years. “ - Robert Martin Founder, CEO and President Object Mentor Inc. •Without automated executable specifications (like those created through BDD), it is nearly impossible to be truly Agile. •Over the next five years BDD/TDD will become THE standard for software development.
  6. 6. • BDD is a software development process based on test- driven development (TDD). Sometimes described as “TDD done right.” • Developed by Dan North as a response to the issues encountered teaching test-driven development. • “BDD is a second-generation, outside–in, pull-based, multiple-stakeholder, multiple-scale, highautomation, agile methodology. It describes a cycle of interactions with well-defined outputs, resulting in the delivery of working, tested software that matters.” – Dan North
  7. 7. • BDD utilizes Ubiquitous Business Language (UBL), which is composed of plain English, to create executable specifications. • Because of UBL, BDD is concerned with the communication between business needs and developers. • BDD allows for frameworks like SpecFlow to automate the running of the executable specifications by using Scenarios written using the Gherkin language (Given, When, Then) - called Gherkin because of Cucumber (a Ruby BDD Framework that inspired SpecFlow).
  8. 8. Input Feature File Output SpecFlow Unit Test File Step Definitions File
  9. 9. SpecFlow Unit Test File Test Results File Step Definitions File Test Results Report Class File
  10. 10. • Easy to install with Visual Studio Gallery • Nearly impossible to get working under Visual Studio Express but you can try • Make sure that you add SpecFlow and Nunit to your Windows path • If you use Nunit you will need something to run the tests – like Resharper– but you can create a batch file that will run Nunit and add it to your Tools menu
  11. 11. • Batch File Copy and Paste: @echo off nunit-console %1 specflow.exe nunitexecutionreport %2 /xmlTestResult:%3 if NOT %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo "Error generating report - %errorlevel%" GOTO :exit ) if %errorlevel% ==0 TestResult.html :exit
  12. 12. • External Tools Setup: Title – Run SpecFlow Command – C:PATH TO FILEnameofbatfile.bat Arguments - $(TargetName)$(TargetExt) $(ProjectDir)$(ProjectFileName) $(BinDir)TestResult.xml Initial Directory - $(BinDir) Check Use Output Window
  13. 13. • Setup Project • Setup the test engine for your project through NuGet • • • • - PM> Install-Package SpecFlow.Nunit Create Feature File Create Step Definitions Run Test(s) Write and Refactor