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Acceptance Test Driven Development and Robot Framework


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This presentation is about using Robot Framework automation test framework to implement Acceptance Test Driven Development, BDD or Specification By Example

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Acceptance Test Driven Development and Robot Framework

  1. 1. Acceptance Test Driven Development & Robot Framework Steve Zhang
  2. 2. The benefits of Robot Framework • It is more than just an test tool for developers • It can help us improve our process • It helps us collaborate among different roles: Business people, QA and developers • The whole team will get benefit from it
  3. 3. Acceptance Test Driven Development • ATDD – Acceptance Test Driven Development • BDD – Behavior Driven Development • Specification By Example They are talking about the same thing from different perspective
  4. 4. Specification By Example
  5. 5. • Single source of truth • Ubiquitous language • Executable specification • Living Documentation Specification By Example
  6. 6. User Story Scenario example
  7. 7. Given/When/Then Gherkin Syntax
  8. 8. Gherkin(BDD) syntax example
  9. 9. BDD/ATDD supported frameworks
  10. 10. Gherkin(BDD) syntax
  11. 11. Simple keyword-driven syntax
  12. 12. Data-driven tests
  13. 13. Robot Framework ATDD example Web testing with Robot Framework and Selenium2Library mo/wiki/Home
  14. 14. How can we start ATDD • Write the functional tests at the same time as the production code in each Sprint – Redefine the definition of DONE • When fixing a UI related defect, write acceptance test to reproduce the issue, then make the test pass – ATDD • Write acceptance criteria using Given/When/Then, then make them as automation test scripts
  15. 15. Move tests from the end to the Front
  16. 16. Resource • ATDD using Robot Framework • Specification By Example Slides • ATDD with Robot Framework demo: framework • Web testing demo with Robot Framework