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Millennia Design booklet


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Millennia Design booklet

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  2. 2. c lc Hello, we’re Millennia Design and we do things differently. hf When we create your long awaited dream website, brochure or business card, we dont start by opening up a template or using something thats been done before; we’ll talk about what you love,what you hate and what you absolutely, totally dream of and then we’ll start. nj cd fc gd
  3. 3. “Builda dreamand thedreamwill buildyou.” - Robert H Schuller
  4. 4. WEB DESIGN * clow costGetting yourself a web presence is easier than you think; our low overheads allow us to offer discounts far beyond our lccompetitors. We provide custom built websites, fast! all at a price that your Grandmother would be happy with.hassle freeKeep it simple? You bet! We’ve taken the pain out of getting your own website seen online. Just follow our simple steps hfand you’ll be up and running in no jargon njNo geek-speak. Promoting your business is hard enough without having to learn a new lingo. That’s why we promisewe won’t be filling your head with mindless jargon. We’ll keep things nice and simple. We prefer it that way.custom design cdOur design guru’s and programming geeks are always striving to be the best at what they do, thats why we know yoursite will be a cut above the consultationThere’s a lot to think about with a website and a lot of decisions to make. Give us a call and book a free one hour con- fcsultation and together we’ll decide the best way forward for you.GRAPHIC DESIGNThomas J. Watson Jr. said “Good design is good business” So keep us in mind when your having a bad business gdday, we’ll help change it to a good business day.
  5. 5. low costTrying to run a business without a website is like trying to run a business without a telephone. These days, having awebsite is crucial. That’s why over 70% of businesses have one.If you’re in the remaining 30%, you’ve come to the right place. We can get you an online presence quickly that suits yourbudget.If you’ve already got a website which is dated, lets you down or just looks a bit rubbish, we can help.Have a good look around our site or give us a call to arrange a free consultation.
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  7. 7. a livehassle freeWe want to build a website that you’re delighted with. We don’t want to take things for granted, or make assumptionsabout what you’d like. That’s why we’ve taken the “hit and miss” out of website design and simplified the process.We’ll start by asking you loads of questions to make sure we get a really good operational brief. When we’re happy you’vetold us everything you need to tell us, we’ll ask you to sign off your operational brief and we’ll start work. We’ll create amaster page mockup and ask you to sign off on that. Then we’ll start constructing your website. When we’re done, we’llask you for a final sign off and your website will go live.
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  10. 10. c lc hf * njno jargon cdOnce you know the basics, life is so much simpler. So here we go, a website in a nutshell. Deep breath...First we decide on a Master Page layout. This stays pretty much the same throughout your website. You’ll choosewhether you want your menus at the top or side, how thick your header bar is, where your text and images will sit and afew things like that.Then we’ll work out how many Menu Pages you’ll need. A Menu Page is accessible from the Menu Bar on every page – fcthings like About us, News, Contact Us and Home.Finally, we’ll decide how many Linked Pages you’ll need. A Linked Page doesn’t appear on the menu bar. Instead, it’slinked (ah, I see) from anywhere on your site. You might click a text link to get to it, or an icon, or maybe an image.We go through all of this in more detail in our Step-By-Step Guide to creating your own website. gd
  11. 11. custom designWe create intuitive, aesthetically captivating website designs that will effectively communicate your marketing message toyour customer base. We take the time to analyze and understand your business model, target market and both short andlong-term goals. It’s that attention to detail and distinct focus on excellence that takes our clients’ websites from Internetplaceholders to fully functional marketing forces.Like any brick-and-mortar storefront, just getting potential consumers to your web space isn’t enough. We effectivelydesign, develop and integrate your website with your business, all with an eye toward facilitating rewarding customerexperiences.Most importantly, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to help take their online presence to the next level. We’re here tohelp bring your vision to life by combining our expertise with yours.
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  14. 14. c lc hffree consultationIt’s our aim to make it quick and easy to get your website online. If you’ve read through this guide, you’ll see there’squite a lot to think about.Call now and book a free one hour consultation. We’ll find out what you really need and talk through the options. At the njend of the consultation, you should be clear about what’s involved and the way forward.After you’ve got your consultation in the diary, discuss your website with everyone who’s got a say in your business –your partner, your sales team, your mother-in-law – ask them for ideas. Think about what you want to get out of it, andhow your website should help your business. cd * fc gd
  15. 15. graphic designPoor graphic design, branding and promotional material can loose you valuable businessYour branding and image is the first thing the customer sees and can set you apart from the competition. Would youuse a business that had cheap looking amateurish logos and marketing?From logos and printed stationery through to brochures, photography, printed adverts and exhibition displays, we canhelp you get your image across.
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  17. 17. “Build a dream and the
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