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How to ease your phobia of flying


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Lalitha Rao Pentapati gives helpful tips for overcoming the fear of flying.

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How to ease your phobia of flying

  1. 1. How to Ease Your  Phobia of Flying Lalitha Rao Pentapati
  2. 2. Know the Myths Myth: Tragic plane crashes happen all the time. Fact: The odds of dying as an airplane passenger are one in 1.2 million. The odds of being killed in an automobile accident are one in 114. Should a plane crash occur, following safety instructions and bracing for impact significantly increase chances of survival. Myth: If a plane’s engines die, the plane will suddenly fall and crash. Fact: Most commercial planes have four engines: two primary and two backup. However, the engines do not keep the plane in flight; they help keep the plane moving forward. A plane can operate as a glider for several minutes in the remote scenario of total engine failure.
  3. 3. Displace Fears Face the fears. The mind naturally seeks protection from unfamiliar circumstances. However, fear can be reduced or eliminated as it is dealt with head on. Often, the fear of flying proves to be more debilitating than flying itself. Associate fear triggers with positive memories or images. This helps the body to produce “feel good” or “love” hormones instead of stress hormones. Research facts on airplane safety. Knowing what to expect reduces fears of “what if” scenarios.