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Tips to fix food finickiness


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Lalitha Rao Pentapati gives tips to fix food finickiness.

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Tips to fix food finickiness

  1. 1. Tips to Fix Food Finickiness Lalitha Rao Pentapati
  2. 2. Choose a New Food Every Week The most difficult part of trying new things is making the decision to. Many finicky eaters stay away from certain foods because of how the foods look or feel. Pick an unusual ingredient to try and add it to the grocery list. Try at least three bites before concluding whether to love or leave it.
  3. 3. Mix it In Introduce a new food by combining it with something familiar. A casserole dish such as pot pie or macaroni and cheese is an easy place to hide new foods. The “yucky” food gets to partner with a “yummy” food, hopefully cultivating a positive correlation. Soups are another tasty avenue for bringing in new foods that can be finely diced or pureed. These are effortless ways to sneak in more or different vegetables and other edibles that are normally avoided or left on the plate.
  4. 4. Give It Another Chance Just by trying a food a few times, it can lose its un-appeal and become a staple. One study found that after children had been exposed to unliked foods 10 times, they had learned to enjoy the foods. If a food was disliked during childhood, sample it again as an adult. It is quite possible that one’s preferences have changed.