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Security | Safe in cloud - essentials | LCloud

All the essential tips you need to focus on while keeping your data in the cloud safe.

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Security | Safe in cloud - essentials | LCloud

  1. 1. Safe in cloud – essentials
  2. 2. Security in the cloud. What you need to know to be safe.
  3. 3. Basics
  4. 4. Is it worth it? With the development of new technologies, doubts arise. The reliability of cloud computing and its many advantages are the main reason to take advantage of its capabilities. One of them is security.
  5. 5. Why not to give it a try?
  6. 6. Firstly, deciding to use the cloud, at the same time you get all the amenities in the package that will allow you to take care of your safety.
  7. 7. Second, during security planning you should include access controls and enable notification alerts. These will show the attempts to access by unauthorized entities.
  8. 8. The third aspect is the ownership of your data. You do not lose it using data migration services. It is important to adapt the legal requirements to the cloud service provider.
  9. 9. Fourthly, find a competent supplier who will reliably carry out the task. Partners in AWS Partner Network have documented applied solutions. LCloud is one of them.
  10. 10. The fifth aspect is automation. It allows you to increase the efficiency of the entire infrastructure and reduce costs while ensuring continuity in access to data.
  11. 11. Sixth, the continuous development of technology allows the introduction of new solutions and opportunities in the cloud.
  12. 12. Want to upgrade your SECURITY? We can help you! Feel free to contact us Presentation prepared on the basis of the Data Safe Cloud ebook available here. Thank you for your time!