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Alpha analytical edd_services_2012

  1. 1. Laboratory EDD Services Mid-Atlantic EQuIS Users Group Meeting Princeton, New Jersey October 12, 2012
  2. 2. Alpha Analytical, Inc. Overview• Celebrating 25th Anniversary• Established in Ashland MA in 1985• Acquisitions (1999-2006): CDM Lab, Matrix Analytical, Woods Hole Lab, ENSR Air Lab• Facilities: Westborough Lab Routine Services and Mansfield Lab Sediment/Tissue/Forensics• Accreditations: NELAP (w/ NJDEP primary), plus Federal DOD-ELAP, plus state certs• Serving: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Nationwide 1
  3. 3. Laboratory Routine Services• VOAs - Est. 4,500/month• SVOCs - Est. 3,000/month• Pest/PCB/Hydrocarbons - Est. 3,500/month• Metals - Est. 4,000/month• Wet Chem - Est. 14,000/month• Air / TO-15 - Est. 1,000/month 2
  4. 4. Laboratory Specialty Services• Air / Vapor Intrusion Analytical Services• Sediment / Tissue Analytical Services• Forensic Hydrocarbon Services 3
  5. 5. Laboratory IT Infrastructure• Over 50 Servers support Company Operations• Servers for Web Site hosting, Instrument operations, Sample Data Processing functions (EnviroQuant), Quality Assurance Tracking, On-Line Data Access, Accounting and Invoicing• LIMS System on one server (SEEDPAK)• Oracle Data Base for LIMS Data Storage• Windows User Environment 4
  6. 6. Client User Interfaces• Web Site - Overview of Analytical Services, Webinar Notices, Events Listings, etc.• Project Set-Up Tools - Web Portal for Bottle Orders, Courier Requests, Chain of Custody Forms, Certification Information, etc.• ADEX - Secure Web-based Data Access for static file downloads• Data Merger - Secure Web-based Interactive Data Tool with Regulatory Criteria 5
  7. 7. LIMS Project Set-Up• Client Account (Name, Address, etc.)• Project Name / Location• Test Codes / Methods• Sample Matrices• Data Deliverables (Report type / EDD type)• Project Communication Form (scope details)• Documents (RFP, Quote, QAPP, EDD Spec, Project-Specific Compound List, , etc.) 6
  8. 8. Project Sample Log-In• Courier scans COC Form and sends web-mail to Lab PM and Log-In Team for pre-log-in• Samples received and logged into LIMS• LIMS sends Sample Receipt Confirmation and signed COC Form and Draft Invoice• Sample Containers immediately Bar Coded for Custody Tracking thru LIMS• Samples Stored / Refrigerated 7
  9. 9. Sample Preparation• Samples moved to Prep Lab (containers)• Samples tracked in LIMS (barcodes/scanner)• Samples grouped with QC (batches)• Samples Extracted / Digested / Prepped• Data entered electronically into LIMS from balances/instruments (some manually)• Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) connected to LIMS (Analyst types into LIMS / not on paper) 8
  10. 10. Instrument Analysis / Data Review• Sample Extracts loaded onto Instruments• Analytical Data acquired from Instruments• EnviroQuant Data files processed and transferred to LIMS• Analysts conduct Data Review in LIMS• Data 1st / 2nd / 3rd Level Reviewed for Release as “Approved” status in LIMS• Data 4th Review by Reporting Group 9
  11. 11. LIMS Data Reporting• Data Reports created in LIMS• Reporting Group finalizes Reports• Reports emailed from LIMS to Client• Reports posted from LIMS to ADEx (Static Downloads)• Results posted from LIMS to Data Merger (Interactive Reg Criteria comparisons) 10
  12. 12. Electronic Data Deliverables• Laboratory Library of over 100 EDDs• Standard and Client-Specific EDD formats• Federal Programs (ERPIMS / SEDD / ADR)• EPA Region 2 EDD• NJ-HAZSITE and other state-specific EDDs (e.g., NY, ME, NH, MA, etc.)• EQuIS (EZ and 4-file formats) (Est. 200/month) 11
  13. 13. EQuIS EDD Development• Client sends EDD Spec / Valid Values to Lab• Lab Custom-Programs EDD to Client Spec• Lab Runs Test EDD on live Data Set• Client loads Test EDD into data base• Client provides EDD Comments to Lab• Lab addresses Client EDD Comments• EDD Development Process should occur prior to Sample Receipt (est. 2-3-week period) 12
  14. 14. EQuIS EDD Generation• Lab Approves Final Data Report (PDF file)• Lab runs EQuIS EDD a few days after Final Data Report issued• EQuIS EDDs manually validated by Lab thru EDP checker prior to final release to client• Time delay results from manual validation process conducted by Lab prior to EDD release 13
  15. 15. Keys to Success• Advance Project Planning• Detailed EDD Spec• Valid Values Files• Special Rules / Exceptions• Example Data Files• Lab Runs Test EDD / Client loads Test EDD• Plan for 2-3 week Process• Communication is Key 14
  16. 16. Working with Labs• Client Preferred File Formats• Client Interpretation of Data Fields• Lab-specific Instrument set-ups• Lab-specific LIMS Data Calculations• Standard vs. Lab-specific Data Outputs• Client-Specific File Formats (EDD spec, reference values, etc.) vs. Default Values 15
  17. 17. EXAMPLE• Client-specific interpretation of MDL Field in EQuIS EDD Data Results File• Sample-Specific Aliquot entered into LIMS• Soil % Moisture Data entered in LIMS• Sample-Specific RL / MDL calculated by LIMS• Pre-set basis for RL / MDL in LIMS• “Finished” RL / MDL reported from LIMS• MDL defined: 40 CFR Part 136, Appendix B, Rev 1.11; NELAC Standard 2009; DOD QSM 4.2 16
  18. 18. EXAMPLE• Population of “Quantitation Limit” field• Lab default: Sample-specific, analyte- specific, matrix-specific value calculated by the LIMS• Some clients do not use this field• Some clients interpret and/or define this field differently 17
  19. 19. In Summary• Provide a Detailed EDD Spec to the Laboratory• Clearly Communicate Project / Program Requirements• Provide a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) stating project and program Data Quality Objectives (DQOs)• Allow Time for EDD Development Process• Consider Database Purpose when Writing EDD Spec: – Sample Tracking / Relating Data to GIS Features – Creating Data Tables for Data Evaluation / Reports – Conducting Data Validation – All of the Above 18
  20. 20. Questions Thank you Alpha Analytical, Inc. Eileen Snyder Mobile: 610-585-3420Email: 19