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Ielts Speaking Ppt


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Ielts Speaking Ppt

  2. 2. IELTS SPEAKING PART-1 <br />Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking ModuleFOUR TO FIVE MINUTESYOUR INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERYDAY SITUATIONSPart-1 of the speaking test covers questions on <br /> your introduction,<br /> your personality, <br />your living style, <br />your family and relatives, <br />your hometown and concerned topics, <br />your counter and culture<br />Your favorites as in food, movie, holiday etc.<br />your leisure/ free time activities<br />Apart from all this, it may include questions on everyday situations like- how you celebrated your birthday, how people in your area commute, importance of money in life today etc.A list of some questions given below can further clear your idea of the preparation needed for part- 1 of the speaking test. <br /><br />
  3. 3. IELTS SPEAKING PART-2<br />PART 2 OF THE IELTS SPEAKING MODULE<br />This is the Cue card section. You are given one rectangular card. On it is written one topic with 3-4 questions on it. You are given a minute to prepare. You have scrap paper to jot dot down the main point for each of the 3-4 questions on the topic. After a minute ends, the examiner asks you to start speaking. <br />You are supposed to <br />1. Introduce the topic in a line or two.<br />2. Answer the 3-4 questions one by one in the right order of link as mentioned. Your speaking material on each part of the question should be substantial. Together, it should make a sound and sufficient reply on the complete topic.<br />Read the Two samples of Cue cards as given below to understand the concept of cue card in IELTS Speaking.<br /><br />
  4. 4. IELTS SPEAKING PART-3<br />Cue cardDescribe a recent happiest event you had.<br />What happened?<br />Who all were involved?<br />What importance it has in your life?<br />Discussion1. What moments make other people happy?2. What moments are happy for elderly?3. Are rich people happy?<br />Sample answer for discussion<br />1. Success, love and various celebrations including weddings, birth give happiness to people. When hard brings success, it gives happiness. When we are loved by family, friends and people around, we feel happy. Important occasions in life like special birthdays, weddings, birth of children in the family make people happy.<br />2. For elderly, happy moments are when all their children are around. When they receive love or when their children are happy and prosperous. Elderly people are the happiest with their grand children. <br />3. Yes, money does provide us with all basic needs to keep us happy. So rich people are supposed to be happy. But then man needs love and affection as well. So we cannot say that only by being rich one can be happy or rich people are always happy. <br /><br />
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