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Ielts Brochure

  1. 1. KI COMPREHENSIVE COURSE FOR IELTS THE NEW IELTS 45 DAYS WORKSHOP is a comprehensive IELTS preparation crash course aimed at speedy preparation of the course. Learn through KI L th h IELTS is a standardized test which tests proficiency in English language.
  2. 2. Schedule for a 2 months IELTS preparation course on a weekly basis is as follows: An Introductory class again familiarizes you with the exam structure and then follows regular daily classes. In daily class, two modules of the exam are covered. On weekly basis, MOCK IELTS is also WEEKLY conducted to make you confident of SCHEDULE taking the final exam. FOR A DAY MONDAY MODULE Reading- study of passages and various TIME 3 hours TYPICAL q question types yp Speaking- Your introduction etc. 2 TUESDAY Listening- Listening to recordings of foreign 2 hours accent English Writing- Letter writing MONTHS IELTS WEDNESDAY Reading-continued study of passages and 3 hours various question types Speaking- Speaking on particular topics (cue cards) PREPARATION THURSDAY Listening-Answering questions from 3 hours recordings Writing-Explanation of a graph COURSE FRIDAY Reading- continued study of passages and R di ti d t d f d 2h hours various question types Speaking- Discussion on daily topics SATURDAY Listening- Answering questions from 2 hours recordings Writing: Essay- Writing (on issues i.e.; debatable topics)