Stress and intonation


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Stress and intonation

  2. 2. Student 1: Excuse me, I need to talk to my club mate. May I be excused for a while?Student 2: Probably you can have that later. This is important.Student 1: This is important, too.Student 2: You know what, I guess you don’t know your priorities. Leave if you want. Anyway, we are good without you.Student 1: Are you saying that you don’t need me in this group?Student 2: I am not the one who said that.Student 1: If that is the case, take me out of the group. I quit!Student 2: Good riddance!
  3. 3. STRESS AND INTONATIONSTRESS – is the relative force with which a sound or syllable is spoken. - The emphasis placed on the sound or syllable spoken most forcefully in a word or phrase. INTONATION - is the rise and fall in one’s voice.
  4. 4. A. HETERONYMSHeteronyms are words with the same spelling but with different pronunciations. NOUN VERB PROject proJECT CONtent conTENT COMbat comBAT CONduct conDUCT CONvert conVERT DEfect deFECT DEsert deSERT OBject obJECT PREsent preSENT REcord reCORD UPdate upDATE
  5. 5. B. The Role of TWO THREE Suffix SYLLAB SYLLAB -ion LES LES For two-syllable words NAtion eMOtion with the suffix –ion, the stress is on the first MOtion eRUPtion syllable. For three- to four- LOtion soLUtion syllable words with the suffix –ion, the POtion conDItion second to the last NOtion comPLExio syllable just before t n he suffix receives the word stress.
  6. 6. SENTENCE PURPOSE/ FEELING You want flowers. State a fact. You want flowers? Ask a question.Eric, your friend, gave me flowers. Emphasize the giver.Eric, your friend, gave me flowers. Emphasize the relationship of the giver to another person. Eric gave you flowers? Turn a statement into a question. Eric gave me flowers! Indicate excitement. Eric gave me flowers. Indicate boredom or disappointment.
  7. 7. INTONATION1. Rising Intonation means the pitch of the voice rises over time [↗].-In sentences such as interrogative, we use rising intonation. Answerable by “yes or no”.2. Falling Intonation means that the pitch falls with time [↘]. -If it is a declarative or statements that use simple assertions, our intonation is falling.
  8. 8. You’re My Partner! Set 1 - Interview with a Famous Actor Interviewer: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy schedule to answer a few questions about your life! Brad: Its my pleasure. Interviewer: Could you tell us about an average day in your life?Brad: Sure, I get up early - at 7 in the morning. Then I have breakfast. After breakfast, I go to the gym. Interviewer: Are you studying anything now? Brad: Yes, Im learning a new film called "The Man About Town". Interviewer: What do you do in the afternoon? Brad: First I have lunch, then I go to the studio and shoot some scenes. Interviewer: Which scene are you acting today? Brad: Im acting a scene about an angry lover. Interviewer: Thats very interesting. What do you do in the evening? Brad: In the evening, I go home and have dinner and study my scripts. Interviewer: Do you go out at night? Brad: Not always, I like going out at weekends.
  9. 9. Set 2 - The City and the Country David: How do you like living in the big city? Maria: There are many things that are better than living in the country! David: Can you give me some examples?Maria: Well, it certainly is more interesting than the country. There is so much more to do and see! David: Yes, but the city is more dangerous than the country. Maria: Thats true. People in the city arent as open and friendly as those in the countryside. David: Im sure that the country is more relaxed, too!Maria: Yes, the city is busier than the country. However, the country is much slower than the city. David: I think thats a good thing!Maria: Oh, I dont. The country is so slow and boring! Its much more boring than the city. David: How about the cost of living? Is the country cheaper than the city? Maria: Oh, yes. The city is more expensive than the country. David: Life in the country is also much healthier than in the city. Maria: Yes, its cleaner and less dangerous in the country. But, the city is so much more exciting. Its faster, crazier and more fun than the country. David: I think YOU are crazy for moving to the city.Maria: Well, Im young now. Maybe when Im married and have children Ill move back to the country.
  10. 10. Set 3 - An Interview at the Shopping Mall Interviewer: Good evening, I hope you dont mind answering a few questions. Alice: How long will it take? Interviewer: Just a few questions. Alice: I guess I can manage to answer a few questions. Go ahead. Interviewer: Id like to ask your opinion about consumer electronics. As far as consumer electronics is concerned, which is the most reliable brand? Alice: Id say that Samsung is the most reliable brand. Interviewer: Which brand is the most expensive? Alice: Well, Samsung is also the most expensive brand. I guess thats why its the best. Interviewer: Which brand do you think is the worst?Alice: I think LG is the worst. I really cant remember using any of their products that I liked. Interviewer: And which brand is the most popular with young people?Alice: Thats a difficult one to answer for me. I think that Sony is probably the most popular with young people. Interviewer: One last question, Have you tried using any HP products? Alice: No, I havent. Are they good? Interviewer: I enjoy using them. But I didnt stop you to tell you what I think. Thank you for your time. Alice: Not at all.
  11. 11. Set 4 - Whats in Your Office? David: Ive got a new office now…  Maria: Thats great! Congratulations. David: Ill need a desk and some cabinets. How many cabinets are there in your office? Maria: I think there are four cabinets in my office.David: And do you have any furniture in your office? I mean other than the chair at your desk. Maria: Oh yes, Ive got a sofa and two comfortable armchairs. David: Are there any tables in your office?  Maria: Yes, Ive got a table in front of the sofa. David: Is there a computer in your office?  Maria: Oh yes, I keep a laptop on my desk next to the phone. David: Are there any flowers or plants in your office? Maria: Yes, there are a few plants near the window. David: Wheres your sofa? Maria: The sofa is in front of the window, between the two armchairs. David: Thanks a lot for your help Janet. This gives me a good idea of how to arrange my office. Maria: My pleasure. Good luck with your decorating!
  12. 12. Set 5 - What Were You Doing? Betsy: I telephoned you yesterday afternoon but you didnt answer? Where were you? Brian: I was in another room when you called. I didnt hear the phone ringing until it was too late. Betsy: What were you working on? Brian: I was photocopying a report that I needed to send to a client. What were you doing when you telephoned? Betsy: I was looking for Tom and couldnt find him. Do you know where he was? Brian: Tom was driving to a meeting. Betsy: Oh, I see. What did you do yesterday?Brian: I met the representatives from Drivers in the morning. In the afternoon, I worked on the report and was just finishing when you telephoned. What did you do? Betsy: Well, at 9 I had a meeting with Ms Anderson. After that, I did some research. Brian: Sounds like a boring day! Betsy: Yes, I dont really like doing research. But it needs to be done.  Brian: I agree with you on that, no research - no business! Betsy: Tell me about the report. What do you think of it? Brian: I think the report is a good. Tom believes its good, too. Betsy: I know that every report you write is excellent. Brian: Thank you Betsy, you are always a good friend!
  13. 13. Set 6 - On a Business Trip - A Presentation Betsy: Hi Brian, this is Betsy. How are you doing?Brian: Ive just returned from the Head Office. The weather is great! Boston is a great city! Betsy: Have you met Frank yet?Brian: No, I havent seen him yet. We have a meeting at 10 oclock tomorrow morning. We are going to meet then. Betsy: Have you made your presentation yet? Brian: Yes, I made the presentation yesterday afternoon. I was very nervous, but everything went well. Betsy: Has management given you any feedback yet? Brian: Yes, Ive already met with the sales director. We met immediately after the meeting and he was impressed with our work. Betsy: Thats great Brian. Congratulations! Have you visited any museums yet? Brian: No, Im afraid I havent had any time yet. I hope to take a tour around town tomorrow. Betsy: Well, Im happy to hear that everything is going well. Ill talk to you soon. Brian: Thanks for calling Betsy. Bye. Betsy: Bye.
  14. 14. Set 7 - Introductions (At a party) Peter: Hello. Jane: Hi! Peter: My name is Peter. Whats your name? Jane: My name is Jane. Nice to meet you. Peter: Its a pleasure. This is a great party! Jane: Yes, it is. Where are you from? Peter: Im from Amsterdam. Jane: Amsterdam? Really, are you German? Peter: NO, Im not German. Im Dutch. Jane: Oh, youre Dutch. Sorry about that. Peter: Thats OK. Where are you from? Jane: Im from London, but Im not British. Peter: No, what are you?Jane: Well, my parents were Spanish, so Im Spanish, too.Peter: Thats very interesting. Spain is a beautiful country. Jane: Thank you. It IS a wonderful place.
  15. 15. THE END ^_^