SharePoint 2013 Azure IaaS Dev Environment


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SharePoint 2013 Azure IaaS Dev Environment

  1. 1. Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 VM Environment using Azure IaaS Building a full farm install in Azure
  2. 2. Session Evaluations • Schedule and evaluate each session you attend via our mobile app that can be used across devices at • You will be able to evaluate a session 25 minutes before the scheduled end time • Evaluations are stored anonymously and your feedback is appreciated • The app will be the only method available to submit session evaluations for the event and we hope you find it intuitive and convenient
  3. 3. Room Survey • Do you have an MSDN subscription? • Do you know how to install SharePoint 2010/2013? • Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint? • Have you ever setup VMs using VMWare / Hyper-V? • Does your work PC have 16gb ram or less?
  4. 4. Agenda • • • • Azure IaaS Intro Azure Networking Azure Virtual Machines and Cloud Services Azure Storage • Build It!
  5. 5. Try it for Free
  6. 6. setting the scene Introducing Azure IaaS - Quickly
  7. 7. Introducing Azure IaaS Azure capabilities allows building an entire infrastructure in the cloud. Being able to use this power to build a development environment enables large servers and general access where local VMs typically fall short, without incurring huge costs as part of the MSDN benefits.
  8. 8. Azure Networks Azure Networks allow for two needed components. • DNS • Allows Cloud Services to map to internally assigned IPs • E.g. 10.0.0.x • Virtual Network • Connects VMs together on the same Subnet inside of Azure. • Think of this as your “Host Network”
  9. 9. Cloud Services and Storage • Cloud Services • Required • Creates mapping from external host name • Allows VM to be stopped, but when started remap to same host name (different external IP though) • Allows EndPoints to be opened (FireWall) • No cost • Storage • Creates BLOB container to hold all VHD files. • Always costs to store VHDs
  10. 10. Virtual Machine Gallery • Quickly create images of systems which have been sysprep’d
  11. 11. Housekeeping • Follow SharePoint Saturday St. Louis on Twitter @spsstlouis and hashtag #spsstl • Play “Sponsor Bingo” to register for your chance to win one of the many great giveaways at the end of the day • Schedule and evaluate each session you attend via our mobile app that can be used across devices at
  12. 12. Thanks to Our Sponsors!