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  1. 1. WINDOWS CONTRACTORS : CARPET CONTRACTORS : SECURITY CONRTRACTORS:WEDDING CONTRACTORSSTORAGE :RENTALS: PHOTOGRAPHY: CLEANING DOORS: BRIDALGOWNS:LAWNCAREHow it Works!Free service, when someone calls, he or she will be able to evaluate a variety of businessaccording to whom they are looking. You will be able to get evaluations; prices;appointments, work history etc. Service magic will tell you the names and owners ofbusiness either through cell phone or text message. All information on the business willbe email directly to your home.FInd contractors or businesses directly in your area.When a family makes the decision to renovate or add to their home they are taking onquite a lot. The end result will hopefully be worth all that you will go through but the factis renovations and additions are very big investments not only as far as your finances areconcerned but also in what your family will have to deal with during the weeks or evenmonths it will take for the project to be completed. We did a lot of renovations one yearand we actually had to camp out in back yard for three nights because it was not safe tobe in the house.Making sure you hire the right contractor is very important. You need to work withsomeone who you can depend on to do things right and who is going to make the stresson your family as low as possible during the renovations. Finding a good quailifiedcontracter Is very important but you also do not want to pay more than you should fortheir services.First of all when interviewing potential contracters make sure they are licensed, all oftheir employees are bonded, and that they carry insurance in case one of their employeesis injured while working on your home. If you do not get a contractor who takesresponsibility for theirs or their employees injuries you could end up being responsibleand you don’t want that. They should also have liability insurance in case somethinghappens to your home while they are working on it.Get three different quotes interview at least 3 different contractors. You can then use thelowest quote to negotiate chances are a contractor will lower their rates to be competitivewith other contractors trying for the job.Make sure you feel comfortable with the contracter. This is especially important for thelady in the house. This person is going to working on your house, possibly workinginside of your home and seeing them on a daily basis is going to be unavoidable. If acontracter or his employees creep you out and make you feel uncomfortable it is going tobe a bad experience for you. So be sure to go with someone who does not make your feeluncomfortable. Avoid a contractor who does not act professionally in your company, if
  2. 2. he stares at you during interviews or flirts with you in a way that makes uncomfortableyou may want to pass on that contractor.It is best to not make your decisions based on emotions. Some contractors are really goodat creating dream scenarios for your home. While you may love the idea don’t be socarried away with it that you don’t keep a close eye on the numbers. Keep everythi ng ina business like manner. Approach all negotiations like you are CFO of the project andthat there is a bonus for you if you keep costs down as low as possible. Of course thebonus will be not overpaying, but look at successful negotiation as your goal. Don’t paymore because you like someone. As nice as the contractor may be he or she is there to doa job and make money not to be your friend.Have your blue prints and plans all drawn up and ready before you start interviewingcontractors. You should also interview three different architects expect to pay a lot ofmoney for the blue prints. We really shopped around for an architect to draw up ourproject and the best architect for the best price was $4000 so definitely factor that costwhen planning your project budget. Basically it can take you a few thousand dollars justto find out if you can afford the rest of the project. Make sure the architect allows you afew free changes to the plans as undoubtably the contractor may need to change a fewthings around.When interviwing the contraters be sure to ask each contracter what types of suppliesthey plan on using, who their suppliers are, the materials they will be using, whatsubcontractors they will be using, and also make sure that everything you wanted isincluded in the quote.It is also recommended that you pay the suppliers and subcontractors your self rather thengiving all the money to the contractor and then pay the contractor seperately. That wayyou will be protected if for some reason your contractor decides not to pay the suppliersand they come to you looking for money that you paid out already.After all the decision is made brace your self to start paying up and having your livesdisrupted for the length of the project. If you have a really good contractor they will tryand make this whole process as smooth as possibleRentalsWeddingFurnitureauto repairoil changetilecleaningroofingpumpswater heaterssidinghot tubplumbingtileapplianceselectrical
  3. 3. flooringstorageantennaehome theatremoversfans insulationelectricalhvacplumbingcleaningflooringpaintingsecuritygarage doorgaragecarpethardwoodtileconcretecateringphotographyweddinggeneratorslightingcountertopsgranitewindowscabinetswallsdeveloperengineersarchitectshouse plansdoorsframingService Magic Terms •Additions & Remodels - Addition, Bathroom, Kitchen •Architects & Engineers •Bathrooms •Cabinets & Countertops •Carpentry •Carpet •Cleaning & Maid Service •Concrete, Brick & Stone •Decks & Porches
  4. 4. •Driveways, Patios, Walks & Steps •Drywall & Insulation •Electrical & Computers •Fences •Flooring & Hardwood •Garages, Doors, Openers •Handyman Services •Heating & Cooling •Kitchens •Landscape •Lawncare & Sprinklers •Maid Service •Painting & Staining •Plumbing •Remodels •Roofing & Gutters •Siding •Swimming Pools, Spas & Saunas •Tile & Stone •Walls & Ceilings •Windows & Doors •" src="/images/seal/gh/circle_arrow.jpg" width=11 height=11 All CategoriesServiceMagic is a free service to homeowners, where they can search for professionalsnationwide. We have over 80,000 contractors in our network that can be matched to thesehomeowners, from remodelers, architects, plumbers, and many more.Homeowners can be matched up to 4 professionals for each of their projects, for free!Consumers can have contractors compete for their business. By being matched to severalpros in their area they can review other customer’s comments on each contractor, andpick who is right for them.
  5. 5. ServiceMagic is a free matching service for Home Owners to Home ImprovementProfessionals. We give you piece of mind when looking for a contractor because we puteach of our professionals through a 10-point Screening Process. ServiceMagic verifiesstate level licensing, general liability insurance, runs both criminal and civil backgroundchecks and more!FreeBy calling to speak with one of our customer service representatives, the homeowner candescribe his/her need to ensure the best match available. The homeowner is then matchedto up to 4 service pros in their area who can properly assist them- perfect for homeownersto have multiple contractors competing for their business!ServiceMagic is an Internet based database of service contractors, which is designedassist you in finding a high quality contractor. This list offers information, reviews, anddetails on 40,000+ professional contractors of all areas such as contractors, plumbers, re-modelers, architects and so on.Pros of Service Magic •Huge database - It has a huge list where you get information about any type of professional service you would need anytime around your home. There are more than 40 thousand contractors from all over the USA indexed in the database. •Free to use – ServiceMagic does not charge anything from you – the customer. They charge a token fee from the contractors who pass the test and become eligible for inclusion in the list. •Fast Matching Service For Homeowners •Screening Process •Verifies State Licensing •General liability insurance •Runs Criminal and Civil Background Checks •Able to Use From Home Phone and Cell Phones •No more looking through Phone Books •Receive Instant Text Messages •Find the Best Prices •Pick the top Rated Contractor in Your Area •
  6. 6. •Efficiency Bar - To make it to the list each contractor is screened and graded; which means you would get an idea about which contractor could give you the best of service. There is a ten point qualification round that each contractor should pass in order to be included in the list. The contractors also receive rating from their customers, so a prospective customer could get a good idea about their ability to deliver. •Extremely user-friendly - You need to fill in a free request form where you fill in the details of your job. SeviceMagic then matches your needs to the information available in their database and voila – you would get the contact telephone number, profile and rating of the professionals who would be best suited to your job. It is as easy as that. The contractors listed know that they would receive reviews that would be posted on the Net – so they usually do their best. •Extra support - They also offer a number of tips and expert advice to ensure that you get the best of service and contractors at all timesWhy Join?Overall rating You’ll see my comments comparing Service Magic to Angie’sList below, but overall I feel that these are two different services targeted at two differenttypes of customers. Service Magic is great because its free to use, has a really largedatabase of contractors, and provides good customer support. However, you don’t get theratings and reviews and some of the details that Angie’s List provides. That said, it’s afree service, and it’s definitely worth checking out before you pony up the money to signup with a paid service like Angie’s List.Bathroom Remodel, Basement Remodel, Kitchen Remodel, Garage Remodel, Major Renovation-Multiple Rooms, Minor Remodels, Outbuildings & Structures, Recovery Services- Disaster, SitePreparation, Specialty- Disability, Chairlifts Elevators, Swimming Pool-Remodel, Air Conditioning& Cooling, Central Air Conditioning-Install, Central Air Conditional- Repair or Service, FansSwamp Cooler-Install or Replace, A/C Unit-Install, Outdoor Mist Cooling system-Install, OutdoorMist Cooling System-Repair, Refrigeration System-Repair or Service, Swamp Cooler-ServiceRepair, Window A/C Unit_Service or Relocate, Architects, Builders, New Home, Engineers,General Contractors, Land Surveyor, Construction Manager, Developer, Drafts Person, CADD,Permit Service, Bathroom Remodeling & Design, Cabinets, Countertops, Painting, Staining,Plumbing, Tile, Electrical, Flooring, Glass and Mirrors, Hot Tubs, Spas, Walls and Ceilings,Windows, Doors, Carpentry, Decks, Fences, Ramps, Doors, Finish Carpentry, Trim, Molding,Framing, Closets-Build, Cabinets-Repair, Rooms, Organize, Garage Organizers- Install, MaidService, Carpet, Draperies, Window, Exterior Home, Interior Home, Property Cleanup, Ducts,Vents, Chimney, Fireplace, Post_Construction Cleanup, Waste Material, Junk Removal,Driveways and Floors, Patios, Walks, Steps, Foundations, Siding, Brick, Stone, Stucco, Tile andCountertops, Waterproofing and Drywells, Other Concrete Services, Walls, Porcelain Tile-Install,Laminate Countertops-Install, Solid Surface Corian Install, Natural stone Tile-Install, Stone,Grout-Clean, Ceramic and Porcelain Tile-Repair, Laminate Countertops-Rpair, Solid Surface Corian,Concrete-Repair, Natural Stone Tile Repair, Designer-Kitchen, Designer-Building, InteriorDecorator, Designer Landscape, Reisidential, Interior space Planner, Consultant-ProfessionalHome or Office, Organizer,Bathroom Designer,Feng Shui Designer, Interior Lighting Plan,Window Treatments Designer, Disability Planner, Drywall Install, Drywall Repair, Batt, Rolled
  7. 7. Insulation, Reflective Insulation, Blown-In Insulation, Soundproofing, Spray Foam Insulation, Builda Deck, Build a Porch, Build a Patio, Clean a Deck, Clean a Porch, Build an Arbor, Build aPergola, Build a Trellis, Build a Gazebo, Repair a Deck, Repair a Porch, Repair a Gazebo, InstallOutdoor Play Equipment, Repair Outdoor Play Equipment, Outlets, Panels, Switches, Wiring,Cables, Networks, Telephones, Electronics, Computers, Home Media, Systems, Appliances,Generators, Heating, Thermostats, Home Security, Alarms, Lighting Design, Energy EfficientHome Heating, Home Insulation, Weatherstripping, Home Solar Energy, Energy EfficientWindows and Doors, Home Energy Audit, Energy Efficient Appliances, Geothermal Energy,Bands, DJs, Catering, Event Planning, Event Venues, Photography, Videography, Wedding,Wood Fence-Install, Vinyl Install, PVC Fence Install, Aluminum Install, Steel Fence Install,Aluminum Fence Repair, Steel Fence Repair, Barbed Wire Fence Install, Barb Wire FenceRepair, Chain Link Fence Repair, Chain Link Fence Alter, Gate for Driveway, Gate for Security,Install Gate for Driveway, Install Gate for Security, Replace Gate For Driveway, Replace Gate forSecurity, Vinyl Fence Repair, PVC Fence Repair, Wood Fence Repair, Wrought Iron FenceRepair, Wrought Iron Fence Weld, Brick Flooring, Stone Flooring, Carpet, Hardwood, LaminateFloor, Vinyl Floor, Concrete Floor, Sport Surfaces, Tennis Surfaces, Tennis Surfaces, SyntheticGrass, Electrical, Bricak and Stone, HVAC, Plumbing, Cleaning, Flooring, Lawn andLandscaping, Windows and Doors, Handyman Servieces, Painting, Roofing and Gutters,Security, Foundations, Concrete Foundation-Install, Concrete Foundaiton Repair, ConcreteFoundation Raise, Install Foundataion Drainage, Replace Foundation Drainage, Build Garage,Remodel Garage, Install Garage Door, Replace Garage Door, Install Garage Door Openen,Install Garage Organizers, Repair Garage Door, Repair Garage Door Opener, Adjust GarageDoor Opener, Waste Material, Junk Removal, Home Solar Energy, Energy Efficient Window,Energy Efficient Doors, Home Insulation, Weatherstripping, Energy Efficient Appliances, EnergyEfficient Heating, Home Energy Audit, Green Home Improvement Projects, Home Skylights, RoofSkylights, Geothermal Energy, Handyman Services, Carpentry, Gutters, Handyman for MultipleSmall Projects, Painting Drywall, Staining Drywall, Electrical, Plumbing Sprinklers, OtherHandyman Services, Boilers, Radiators, Central Heating Systems, Electric Wall, Radiant HeatSystems, Fans, Water Heaters, Ducts, Vents, Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves, Barbecues, FuelDelivery, Storage, Insulation, Thermostats, Accessories, Other HVAC Types, Additions, MajorReomodals, Renovations, New Home Construction, Outbuildings, Structures, Site Preparation,Appraisal-Real Estate, General Appraisal, Home Inspector, Roofing Inspection, WaterproofingInspection, Install Home Theater System, Install Media Center, Insall Home Automation, ServiceHome Automation, Install Home Theater Surround Sound system, Install Home Theater Wiring,Repair Home Theater Wiring, Conceal Home Theater Wiring, TV Wall Mount, Antenna, InstallElectronic Drape, Install Shade Opener, Install Blind Opener, Install Home Theater Accessory,Install Home Theater System, Install Media Center, Install Satellite Dish System, Install UniversRemote Install Satellite Dish, Repair Satellite Dish System, Repair Universal Remote, RepairSatellite Dish, Home Insulation, Weatherstripping, Energy Efficient Home Heating, EnergyEfficient Windows, Energy Efficient Doors, Clean Cheminy, Clean Fireplace, Repalce Chimney,Replace Fireplace, Winterize Roofing, Winterize Gutters, Winterize Lawn, Winterrize Landscape,Home Energy Audit, Clean Gutters, Clean Downspouts, Snow Removal, Moving and Storage,Professional Moving Services, Rental Services, Consultants, Move Related Professsionals,Home Security Alarms, Wiring, Cabling, Telephones, Kitchen Remodeling, Kitchen Design,Cabinets, Countertops, Kitchen Painting, Kitchen Staining, Plumbing, Remodel Appliances,Remodel Electrical, Remodel Flooring, Remodel Walls, Remodel Ceilings, Remodel Windows,Remodel Doors, Landscape, Yard, Garden, Landscaping Design, Landscaping Installation,Maintenance Landscaping, Lawn Landscaping, Sprinkler Systems, Pool Features, WaterFeatures, Porches, Gazebos, Play Equipment, Outdoor Patios,Steps, Walkways, Oudoor Walls,Retaining Walls, Exterior Painting, Exterior Staining, Interior Painting, Interior Staining, SpecialFinishes, Paint Preparation,Paint Removal, Paint Cleaning, Paint Decorators, Paint DesignersWallpapering Designers, Drain Clearing, Faucets, Fixtures, Pipes, Septic Systems, Sewers,Water Mains, Water Heaters, Plumbing, Boilers, Radiators, Hot Tubs, Spas, Pumps, WaterSoftening, Water Purification, Install Roofing, Replace Roofing, Install Heating Cable, Install Roof,Apply sealant, Apply Roof, Paint Metal Roofing, Senior Care, Adult Day Care, Senior In Home
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